Fire, Its Uniqueness, Assurance, burning

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I'm fire, I am the same for all ages, I do not change, I change things. I burn the past of the things to carry it (burned) to the future. I am unchanged through space-time, but I grow you old with ultimate assurance. forever

Submitted: January 16, 2014

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Submitted: January 16, 2014



Fire, Its Uniqueness, Assurance, burning


1) The air with its myriad moves

Caught in an overdose of energy

Emitting light

The fire does not plan

Its burn

As all the fires of the world have done

It has been burning through millions

Of years and of light years, of

Spaces and times.


2) Fire fares flares

Wood or skin (it) hardly cares

Once I was scared to go near

Now it is touched with distance and care


3) Assurance of fire to burn things

Can hardly find its likes in

Human Love or Language.

Papa fire

Or its heir

Will always burn the past, just

Since time.

Futures hence, are more burned always, than its fellow pasts


4) Fire burn things near

Afar it fiddles with fellow faces

And we see each other


5) Across the road

I grow old

Human is now older and burned

Rupture in space

When reflects as folds in skin

Know I’m fired out to the future, disfigured as when we travel faster

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