House In The Farm

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This story is about a boy who went to his ancestral for vacation, there he encountered lonely house in a farm which happen to be haunted. He went to that house where he encountered something ghastly and he tries to find out the history behind the haunted house.

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012




Month of the June has arrived; the sun was raging out fire like never before. Heat has taken its toll everywhere, and Delhi was no exception. Rohit who was studying intermediate in Delhi, was finished with his extra classes. He had no idea what to do in a month vacation but he certainly does not want to spend his vacation in the scorching heat of Delhi.

On suggestion of his parents he planned his trip to his native village in Uttarakhand near Dehradun, a place called Pokhri. Pokhri is a village on the footsteps of Himalayas (called the Terai region), it is not entirely a hilly area but hills can be seen in the vicinity which makes it a picturesque place.

Rohit’s ancestors used to live here in Pokhri, they have a huge old house there, where his uncle (father’s brother) lives with his family and take care of the acres of land that they inherited from our ancestors. All sorts of farming were done in those farms.

As he reached his village, he got warm welcome for him from his chahca-chachi(uncle-aunt) and their two children. It was a long time since he has been to his village, he couldn’t even remember his last visit which was probably with his parents when he was a kid.

He was enjoying his days with expansive meals and pure cow milk, feeling bit bored by this monotonous routine; Hhe urged his chacha to venture him through their farms. But due to busy schedule of the day chacha promised him for another day. Out of curiosity, he decided to go by himself. Almost all the farms belong to them as far as one can sight, and he could find anyone working in their farm to volunteer him if needed.

Rohit makes his way out to the farms, he was enjoying every bit it. He could see different type of plantation for the different food grains and how skillfully they are been planted by those skilled farmers. He could now realize the hard work been put in by these farmers to nurture and nourish those delicate crops. He noticed the small cluster of huts nearby farms which ought to belong to the farmers working there in the field. As he passed through many fields he could see the same pattern of few farms and clustered huts. All those farmers were employed by his chacha to work on their field.

As he walked deep into the farms he saw a jungle approaching at a distance of around two miles. As he approaches closer, to his amazement his eyes caught a house brick which looked old and unfrequented. That house looked creepy from its appearance; it was a very old fashioned house and look quiet uninhabited. Interestingly, there was no farming on few yards around that house which looked a bit unusual.

Rohit asked a farmer who was working at some distance from that solitary house. At first reluctant, farmer with a frightening voice tells that no one lives in that house for many years and the house is haunted with some evil souls. He told Rohit to not to hover near that house especially at the time of night, he has seen fire burning in that house in the night time and heard awe-full cries of a woman . Rohit does not believe in the farmer’s words as he always felt that people who lack knowledge always believe in unbelievable and being a science student nothing works for him other than a proof. He is not a fearless guy but curiosity kills fear. When Rohit asked the history behind enchantment, farmer didn’t answer, his face went pale and turned to do his work. He wanted to go inside the house in order to end his curiosity but farmer firmly forbid him to go there, and warned him of the dire consequences.

Rohit had a great day until he saw that estranged house; he was amazed to see a lone well build house near a jungle area where there is nothing but far stretched fields and few scattered huts which were at some distance from that haunted house. An array of questions dawned upon him as he trudges back, who used to live in that house, what happened to them, why is the field around it unfarmed…… He went back to house with mind-full of question but no answer. It was late in the evening when he reached the house. His chacha asked him about his whereabouts to which he said he went for an outing but he couldn’t ask which he wanted to, at that point of time.

In the late evening Rohit and his chacha has sat for dine, chachi was in the kitchen. Chacha asked him about his odd behavior ever since he has returned. Rohit, from his world of imagination gathered himself back and turned towards his chacha to ask him the questions which were troubling his mind ever since he has returned.

Rohit told his chacha about that haunted house and asked for the story behind that house and those rumored enchantment. As chacha heard of that house his face went pale and his voice skunked. He did not answer his questions but gazing on saw inquisitive face of Rohit, he said, whatever farmer said is true and he should not go to that place again. That was not the kind of answer Rohit was expecting, he could make out from his chacha’s face that he knew something amiss.

Rohit couldn’t sleep the whole night, image of the house keeps on scanning his mind. He spent his night turning over from one side to another. In the next morning he decided to go to that haunted house again in order to know the truth about that mysterious house. But he knew that in the day time farmers working there won’t allow him to go to that house. He waited for the dusk to arrive; all the farmers went to their respective huts after the day’s work. In the meantime he tried to ask some other farmers about the house but couldn’t gather anything substations.

As the dusk start to fall, Rohit made his way towards the haunted dwelling; he was slow and apprehensive in his steps as the house was approaching. As he reached near the house he felt a bit shivered but he was still skeptical about that ghost thing. There was some force which was pulling towards that house and uncaringly he went towards that house. He was at touching distance to the house, instantly he heard a sound of someone from the other side of the house. As he advances to the other side, he saw old, well dressed man caressing and watering his plants. He couldn’t imagine that a nasty looking house can have such a beautiful garden on the other side; he just believed his eyes and nothing else.

As he walked forward in apprehension the man noticed him. The man looked at Rohit with a welcome smile; he had beaming eyes and a grinning face. Rohit asked about his presence there. The man as if in astonishment about the proposed question, told that his name is Colonel D’emello and this is his house. Rohit startled a bit, told him about the rumors about his house to which colonel laughed and shrugged them while saying they all are cowards, scared of the house near jungle.

Rohit seemed to be attracted towards colonel’s demeanor. There was a great exchange between them. Colonel asked him for a coffee to which he agreed. As he stepped inside the threshold through the door, he was looking at a well decorated house, every nook and corner was well kept, not what, one can expect from its outside look. He could hear the noise in the kitchen of someone doing some chores, she was his wife. She came out, greeted him, an old lady with white hairs over head and looked skinny. Colonel went inside the room as the telephone bell rang from inside and his wife followed him.

Almost five minutes has gone passed but colonel didn’t come back. Now, he also couldn’t hear the murmur of both of them which was coming earlier. Rohit was becoming restless. It was dead silence there in the house. Suddenly there was a loud shout of a man mingled with a shrill of a woman as if they were hauling in pain. The hideous cry was coming from that room as he went towards the room, he noticed through the window flames burning two helpless creatures, with smoke oozing out. As if colonel and his wife were burning alive. He ran towards the room and pushed open the door but as he opened the door he realizes something which he would never forget in his whole life.

There were the painful cries still continuing from the room but there was no one there simply no-one except for pitch black darkness. Everything he saw from the window was vanished in air except for the voice. Rohit’s head went reeling, he was shell shocked. As the senses got back to him he ran towards the lobby where he was previously sitting only to find old half burnet furniture, no signs of the couch on which he was earlier perched. There was nothing like decorative there now, everything there was creepy and half burnt. He ran out of the door and to add to his fear there were no signs of the garden only a barren uncultivated land. His legs were trembling with fear that he couldn’t even bear weight of his body. He was feeling stifled as he saw two half burnet bodies are coming towards him. He ran for his life from that place. He reaches the door of his house and fell unconscious there.

When Rohit opened his eyes in the morning he saw his chahca and chachi sitting beside him with concerned faces. Rohit still had the feeling of anxiety and restlessness. They didn’t ask him anything but caress him and he turned to sleep again. Rohit fell severely ill for some days. When he regained his strength back he felt good but that incident was still embedded in his mind.

One day when his chacha was alone, he narrated the whole incident to him. Chacha looked concerned but was not surprised at all. Rohit was curious and asked the history behind those ghastly souls in haunted house. He knew that his chacha know something about that estranged dwell.

On the constant urge from Rohit his chacha agreed to tell him the untold hideous truth about that house and why it is haunted. According to him, around fifty years ago that house and land around it belonged to a Retired colonel Joseph D’mello. His (chacha) father wanted the colonel to sell his house and land to him as rest of the land around that chunk (colonel house) belongs to him. But the colonel blatantly refused to make any deal with him. His father got miffed with him. He tried to lure colonel with lucrative deals but all in vain. He saw colonel as a canker in his eyes, that chunk of land became the matter of self-respect to him. He deployed many means but couldn’t dislodge the colonel. He then decides to do the hideous crime that one could ever think of. He burnet the colonel and his wife alive in the house and usurped the land. It was the crime just out of vacuous self-respect.

That house was possessed by their soul from that time. Even after the death of the couple, their souls are still guarding their house. His father tried to mutilate that house many times but he couldn’t. Something inauspicious always happens to one who tried to wreck that house. Many labors were killed mysteriously in the attempt of mutilating the house. Even the land around the house is barren, nothing grows there. No one tries to go near that house either.

Rohit was shuddered to hear that horrifying story and felt sorry for the colonel and his wife. Chacha too sunk in grief as he told that heinous story. It was really a horrifying story of that unfortunate couple who were killed for nothing.

Rohit was routing back to Delhi; on the way back in his journey he was still calling back that incident that took his soul apart. He wondered how those trouble souls will get the peace…..or they ever will…. 

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