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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
This Poem of mine is Slightly On a Sad Side . .
I wrote it with my complete Devotion and based on some not good episodes in my life .
Hope You'll Enjoy It .... :-)

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011




"There Was Something Between Us" It Was Said By You ,

Didn't Realize This Lie , And I Choose To Be With You ..



I Was Guided On A Path Of Deceit “Of Your Love" By You ,

Such A Fool I Became And Began To Believe This Untrue ..



All You Gave Was A Definition Of "True Love" ,

Which Was Just The "Opposite" Of What Was There Between Us ..




For You It Was A Game That You Played,

Which Lead Me In A State Where My Love Decayed ..



You Knew I Was Nothing Without You In My Bad Time ,

My Good Time Without You Can Never Be Defined ..



You Were My Angel , You Were My Life ,

I Was Looking For You When I Had No Place To Hide ..



To Hide In The Shade Of Your Love And Affection ,

But What I Saw Was Not Even Your Reflection ..



I Screw My Happiness To Bring You Everlasting Joy ,

Went Beyond My Abate And Got Lasted In A Decoy ..



I Know I Cannot Love Anyone Else Like I Loved You ,

Still ,I Would Be Happy With A Fact That She Will Never Be You ..




I Gave My Best To Bring A Smile On Your Face ,

How Ever It Was Never Enough At The End Of The Day ..





I Was All Shattered When You Left Me And Just Walked,

Couldn't Think Any "Better" Because You Were My "Best" Thought ..



The Pain Of Your Love Took Some Good Time To Heal ,

Now , I Am All Numb For Any Sorrow To Feel ..



I Recover From Your World In Me Every Day And Every Night ,

And Cherish The Thought Of Being Loved By You And Feel Delight …..





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