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This is a Poem Depicts a Relation Between Our Life And Music .

I was inspired by a friend of mine(Neha The Nick Nicky ) to write on this.

Thank You .... :-)

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011





Whenever I Am Alone Whenever I Am Sad

Its Music In My Life , Which Heals Me From My Bad .


A Love For Music Is An Article Which Never Ends ,

Its A Brew Of Those Spices Which Makes A Perfect Blend .


Music Originates From A Heart And Goes To Many ,

Can Cure Any Mind , Like A Tossed Down Penny .


Every Individual Is Different And Has An Aberrant Taste,

The Vastness Of Music Is Such That It Covers Every Heart Ache.


Every Beatitude Or A Bleeding Heart Has A Music Affixed ,

Only Multiplies The Joy And Minimize The Ache Within A Click.


Everybody Needs Air To Breathe, To Stay Alive To Walk And Jump,

So Does A Soul Needs Music, To Give The Heart A Reason To Pump.


For Blood To Pump Not Only To Run In The Veins,

Nevertheless To Provide A Reason To Fall In Love Or To Cry In Vain.


Every Music Erupt A Memory Lived In One Heart ,

Can Make You See Your Past Running Before ,To Make You Laugh Aloud Or To Tear Your Apart .



A Memory Of Missed Graduation Friends ,

A Promise Of Loved One To Stay Till The End ,

A Memory Of  Brats Giggling At The Last Bench ,

A Memory Of A Last Hug Made Before The Big End  . . . . .


A Memory Of A Soldier Who Never Returns Home ,

A Memory Of An Orphan Child Whose Left All Alone  ,

A Memory Of A Soldier Friend Who Died Before His Eyes ,

A Memory Of A Kid Whose Parents Never Returned With The Returning Tide . . . .



Music Is Love , Music Is The Soul , Music Is The Mystery Forever Unfold .

Music Is Peace , Music Is Life , Music Is A Gift Which Is A Valued Pride .


Music Is An Assembly Of Every Felt Emotion ,

Should Be Treated With A Respect And Played With Devotion . . . . !






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