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The story revolves around the lives of 3 persons, an assassin, a lawyer and a cop. As the story goes, the secrets within their lives are revealed which completely changes their lifestyle forever.

Submitted: June 22, 2012

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Submitted: June 22, 2012









All the characters in the story are purely fictious. Any resemblance to any other characters in any other story is purely a coincidence! Oh believe me, I didn’t copy this story!!!! And please forgive me for the mistakes I’ve made! May God’s grace be with you (as long as you think I am a good writer).











The story revolves around the lives of 3 persons, an assassin, a lawyer and a cop. As the story goes, the secrets within their lives are revealed which completely changes their lifestyle forever.


























I walked out of that door with utter despair. I felt that the whole world was laughing at me. All my life, has been turned to a piece of shit. What next? I kept asking myself. There’s nothing out there real for me. I felt hatred for the rest of the world. In a matter of time I’ll be erased from this world. My mere existence will be gone, just like that. Should I try to prevent that? By any means? Should I? Would that be fair? I don’t think there is any time to check whether my fight for survival is fair or not. My mind felt like a formatted memory disc. Without any plan or more precisely, not doing what to do next, I kept walking straight, to my home. What will happen next, only fate will tell.










There are many things which can alter a human being’s life. Pleasures like women, liquor……..but my case was nothing like all the other normal humans…… I was different, I think different, I am different.

What was that I thrived then one may ask. I have a gift. I was always potent about that. I only have a glimpse of my childhood. Though I have some good old memories, they are not clear though….. but that suited me. My life in the forsaken past is history. The road in which I am going is not a friendly one; as a matter of fact it’s dangerous, that too in an immodest way!!!

Who am I?..... There were some lines that clinged onto my mind all these years. Every day I woke up hearing those words growling inside my head- “forgive me padre, for I have sinned” First I thought it must have been the guilt inside me. But I have never felt it on my nerves. It took me sometime to realize where those words came from! It was from a video game named “HITMAN….” Where one plays as an assassin killing sketched people for money. It was then I realized where my thirst came from. My memories were mostly blurred. But it stroked me. My childhood must have been filled with games like those and violence (both in movies and life). I don’t remember my parents, what must have happened to them? Nothing……. I lived a life filled with solitude and grief with nothing or no one to hope for. But I liked it!!!


Who am I?... Yes, it was nothing other than ‘cold-blooded murder’ that grew in me. And it was not the blood splashing and all that had me going. It was the killing, not any animals that walk this plain world for survival or any birds that wished to conquer the sky… but humans! It wasn’t for the blood; it was the way of killing that throbbed me, the style in it!!!!  The impact of the games and movies must have been exhilarating for me. The impact must have been deep. It pulled me together and pulled me into my current stand.


Who am I?.......... Yes I am an assassin. One of the toughest in the business. Over the years I have improved my style and one shall say that ‘I am in the prime form of my life’.


I don’t always keep count, but I am sure that my list of kills would be enough to cover a new story. I am not exaggerating about me but I am very quick and have a perfect body to sustain any type of conditions. I have never missed a target, and I never will. The day I became a professional I took an oath to myself ‘if I ever fail to complete a mission, I will end my sufferable life instantly’. But it has never happened. And it never will. As they say out in the world ‘I AM THE PERFECT WEAPON’.


I started my ‘assassin’ career few years ago in the early 1990’s.I was very confused. Didn’t know where to start. I felt the whole world was laughing at my sorry face, all alone with no one beside me. I came to find about an agent who was involved in underground business. Didn’t want anyone to recognize me. So ‘indirectly’ I contacted him. He wondered why I called him in the first place. I was aware of the demand of good hitmans in those times. Victor, the agent was my first client, surprisingly. He told that he will assign me clients if I get his job done quickly and silently. That’s the method of a good assassin as I said earlier and those were some of my qualities. It was a drug dealer who threatened to rulen victor’s carrier in the underworld.


The next day victor woke up hearing his enemy’s death. From then everything went according to my script. Now I top the list of assassins in the underworld and outside. My last venture was yesterday. Victim………….. was an old man. A judge. He was to announce the result of the ‘Manhattan bridge murder case’ which was also one of my ventures. My client tried to bribe him in almost all the possible ways he could, but failure was the result. When all his hopes passed away, he turned towards me again. I was glad I got another assignment this quickly.


This judge guy though he didn’t fell for bribes was one heck of a scardy cat. He knew his life was in danger. He didn’t leave the house at any time. Except for the court. There was tight security escorting him to the court. Security never mattered to me. But it was the fact that he never left his house that choked me. Killing him on the way to the court is not a good idea. Even snipers could prove costly. I could kill him with a sniper but that would expose my client’s guilt in the public. So I was left with no other choice. But to sneak into his house and kill him.


Sneaking was not an easy part. I had to pass the 3 security guards on the gate plus a random number of security officers and maids and his family members undetected. It was the first time I was doing an ‘indoor’ killing. But it promised great thrill to me.


I lived upon certain rules, the rules that guided my life. Breaking them would be like shattering my life to tiny bits. One of them is never to kill anyone else but the target. But this time I had no choice. As one says ‘rules are supposed to be broken’. The guards were my first victims. Knocked them over one by one with my 9 mm pistol, with a silencer. I realized that silencer would be the best weapon in such a case. So I used the best one I had, 99nmp 2107 Russian made. Though I hate Russians I always admired their taste of finishing and elegance. It was perfect. The map I had of the monstrous house proved to be handy. I took the shortcut through the basement, on my way had to kill 2 male maids. Didn’t feel guilt there either. The judge’s room was at the 2nd floor. I sneaked through to the 2nd floor undetected. Finally I encountered his door just across the stairs as said by the map. I stood in front of the door. Took my pistol out. Pointed it at the door. I heard footsteps from the other side of the door. I assumed it was the judge. No matter who was behind the doors I intended to kill him. I calculated the position in which the judge would stand when he opens the door, using his height and depth. Then I knocked the door.

“Who’s it?” came a shrieking noise from the other side.

I modulated my voice with a slight pro English language.

“It’s the water you wanted sir!!!!!”

“Water? I didn’t ask for water.”

“I am afraid you did sir. Please open the door sire so that I could place the water inside the room.”

“Odd………… But oh, leave it. Wait, I’ll open my door.”

I heard the release of the lock. The door started pulling backwards with an unfriendly noise. Even before the judge could see my face I pulled the trigger. A small clap noise came out of the silencer and the bullet stroke through the judge’s head before he knew it. He fell down to the ground. I took a good glimpse of the judge. He was around his later 60’s, with a big moustache that covered a good part of his wide opened mouth. I wondered for a second whether he was the judge. This was one of the drawbacks of not wanting the picture of the victim. I always took it as a challenge.


After ensuring that it was the judge who got murdered by my sinful hand, I quietly sneaked out of the room. I slowly walked back until I saw a small young boy standing in front of me. I panicked a little bit. But I raised my gun and pointed it at the kid’s head. The kid was like in a comma. He wasn’t able to feel his senses. I pointed the gun at the kid for sometime wondering whether to pull the trigger. But the kid won the competition.


I realized that the kid wanted to scream but his voice must have been stuck in his vocal cord due to the sudden panic. I saw the panic in the kid’s face. That reminded me of the solitudal life I was having. Tears started to shred from his innocent eyes. I had to make a decision, and I did. Wave was turning towards the kid. I decided to leave him and sprinted down the stairs. To my luck the kid didn’t scream till I got out of the house. It wasn’t until I reached the main gate I heard a scream “GRANDPA……………” I saw lights flashing across the house. But I was already out by the time everyone came to realize what had happened!


Those images flashed across my mind. Especially that of the innocent-faced child. Has guilt started to conquer my mind? Has my heart started to gain control over my rigid body? No……….it can’t happen! It shouldn’t happen! All those years of training cannot be turned as a waste at a time like this! If my heart continues to win the exhilarating mind-heart battle, the next time I lift a gun my strong hands will shiver. It’s an unimaginable moment……..my life, my oath, my aim……….everything will be ruined! So I decided to make my mind more dominant towards the body, thereby avoiding such mistakes.


It was then my cell phone rang. I created a private number for my own use, using some methods I learned over the years. Only one person pays a visit to this number. MY AGENT. I never allowed Victor to retrace the path of conversation to my personal details. Any leak of information to this guy, the next day you will find yourself blackmailed and harassed to the maximum extent. I was always aware of that. He is still at zero-level when it comes to me.


I picked up my cell and heard the thriving rigid voice of victor.

“George????........” I told him to call me by name of George. If anyone goes behind that name, he will find himself strangled as it is the most common name in the entire New York. “Yup….” I replied in the most inconvenient tone.


“Sorry to disturb you again, but my client wants another hit, that too before the 3rd of May.”

“Victor, you know my rules. I abide them. One of them is that I never take more than a hit from one client. I have already taken two for this ‘client’ of yours! Now you want me to take more. Not goanna happen Victor.”

“Oh, come on George, you can do one more. What change will it bring? Just one more. He specifically wants you to complete this task. You started it,………so ‘obviously’ he wants you to end it. One more, and everything will be sorted again.”

“This is a big risk. What if this client wants to trick me and get me killed or caught?”

“George, come on trust me on this. He just wants to finish all this quickly as possible.”

“Oh Victor, you are so persistent aren’t you?.......ok, I will do one more hit for him. But I want to triple my pay for this.”

“Triple, George isn’t that a little too much?”

“No arguments! And I want the cash in greens by Monday morning.”

“But you always take checks. Why in greens now?”

“I told you, no questions. Agreed?”


“Who’s the lucky guy?”

“The last protestor against my client, one Mr. Robert Frutnis. An advocate from the jury. If he’s removed then the case will shift in favour of my client. Got it? I will fax his details.”

“Ok……….. Robert Frutnis, you lucky son of a bitch! You will be my next prey…….huh!”


* *********************
















The alarm went off early today. I must have forgotten to set it at the right time. Another day of despair and tension I presumed. Being a lawyer was never easy, but I found it interesting. This carrier has upgraded me to a next level. Every day I wake up with the disbelief that I have achieved all this by myself, no one beside me to support. And I am proud of that.


I checked the calendar; 20th April seemed to be rounded by a marker. It had to be. This was supposed to be the 3rd hearing of the ongoing newsmaker “Manhattan Bridge” case. I was assigned the charge of the case. The conditions have been even for both the groups. But I was sure that today’s hearing would get us onto the front line. I can’t just let a murderer get away that easily. It was not on my cards. The murderers of Mrs. Watson will pay. The strange and the most unexpected fact about this case was that her husband was in front line in case of the culprits. Funny world!!!


So I had special interest in that case. I was damn sure that the judge was in my favour. The tide was shifting towards my side. It was then I received a call.

“Mr. Frutnis?”

“Yes, may I know who is speaking?”

“I am from the jury sir. I called you to inform of something drastic that happened today.”

“And what is the sad news?”

“Sir, it’s about Judge Williams………”

“What about him?”

“He was killed yesterday night, in his mansion.”

The news struck me like a twister. It was indeed drastic news. I was sure that it had something to do with the Manhattan case. Now what is going to happen? Poor Williams! That sarcastic old man was just doing his duty. I was indeed starting to realize that the world is a dangerous place to live in.

“Sir, the jury wants you to attend his funeral representing the company. Will you be there at the funeral sir?”

“Of course, I will be there. Not only to represent my company but also as one of his accomplice.”

“Very well, sir. The funeral is scheduled at 1:30 today at the church graveyard.”

“Ok, thanks. Do you know who’s investigating the case?”

“Yes sir. Detective Thomas Williamson.”

“Thank you.”



Instead of going to the funeral, first I went up to the mansion where Williams was killed. I went up to his room. The only thing I found was the trace of his body instead of the cops. I didn’t have any trouble in finding the detective who wasn’t very keen in talking to me.

“Sir I am an advocate from the ADMI Company and also a newly added member of the jury. Can you explain what happened sir?”

“Why in the world should I tell you anything about this case?”

“Sir, I think I might be able to help you with this case. And I suspect I am their next target. So please sir……”

“Who are you talking about?”

“First tell me about the incident sir, and then only will I be able to help you.”

He gave me an intense look and then started talking.

“Ok. It was a pre-planned murder. The killer must have known very well about this house. He shot the Judge in the head. Right at the center. Looks like a professional’s work. Didn’t even give the Judge any time to respond. He sure was damn quick.”

‘Yes, yes it’s the same damn way.’ I kept murmuring in my mind.

“I believe this is the work of the killer boy!” said Thomas.

“Killer boy?”

“Yeah, we have been on his tail for some time, he’s a hit man. A very good one. This seems to me like his work.”

“Sir, can you show me the bullet that struck the Judge?”


“If I am not wrong, it’s the same guy who’s behind the Manhattan case killed the judge.”

“What in the world made you say that?”

“Sir, on 21st of January this year a women named Sarah Watson was shot at her head….”

“Yes, yes the “Manhattan Bridge” case, I know…. I am familiar with it.”

“Yes, well Mrs. Sarah was killed in the same manner. I investigated about the bullet that struck. No branded company owns it. It was purely hand made for personal use. Only the killer has that kind of bullets. So if it matches the bullet that struck the Judge yesterday, then I am goddamn sure that it’s the same killer who has been on the hunt.”

“But I thought her husband was the killer, or in trial for it.”

“Yes, but he didn’t kill her. He hired a professional. This is what I have been trying to prove in the court. And I was so close. I am sure a professional cum dangerous assassin is behind this. I am the only one left against Mr. Jonathan in this case now. So it’s a matter of time, he’s going to arrange a hit on me. That’s why I said that I was next in line. So please help sir!”

“Ok, come to my office tomorrow morning and we will sort it out. Don’t worry. I’ll be with you.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Then I drove to the funeral. Lots of members of Williams’ family were there. So were members of the jury. They were all murmuring about the incident and were feeling sorry for Williams.

‘Poor Williams, what sin did he do to get such ruthless punishment’ said an old lady who was trying hard to control her tears.

‘I am feeling sorry about the child too. The cops said that he must have seen the incident and that must have given him the shock. Poor kid, watching his grandfather die in front of his eyes must have been ……….. well horrifying for the lad. He now screams at almost everybody he sees. He is in a mental shock. This is kind of a double blow for the family.’ Said Mr. Hante, a member from the jury.

 After a few minutes the Father started to read the departing words to the crowd. After that he placed a coin on Williams’ lips for the ferryman. I watched hastily as his corpse was laid about 6 feet beneath the ground. Everyone paid their respect to him in gratitude and threw the roses down.

On the way back to my car I tripped over someone and fell down. I stumbled and got up to find a young boy staring at me. The next thing I knew, he began to cry out loud. I was almost shocked to infinity. The kid went on crying till his mom came up to him.

“Sorry sir, pardon my son. He is Mr. Williams’ grandson. He hasn’t recovered from the shock of seeing his grandpa die, yet. He vaguely screams at almost every person. Please pardon him.”

“Oh, it’s ok! I understand. I am Sorry for your loss. Mr. Williams’ was like a dad to me too. And please do take good care of your child.”

I saw them get into a car. But the child continued to stare me in a deadly manner. That unsettled me. Forgetting all those events, I decided to get back to my apartment and take the rest of the day off.







I couldn’t find this guy yet. It’s getting weird. By this time I would have found my target. I would have figured out about his looks. But nothing yet! Am I losing my touch? No, I must stop thinking so silly about my abilities. I tried to collect his address from the company. As a matter of fact I did. But it was a fake one. Did Mr. Robert gave it on purpose or was it a part of company’s security plan? Either way I haven’t been able to find this guy.


May 3rd is coming next week. I haven’t gotten anywhere. I think I have to be more optimistic. Suddenly the alarm ran. It was 4’o clock in the evening. Time for my daily walk! One might wonder why an assassin like me is posing myself in the public. As I said, I always like challenges. If the NYPD is vigilant and sublime as they say they are, let them find me. They have now given me a name – KILLER BOY! It’s kind of cool, but childish name for a guy like me! I got into my walking dress and started walking down 3rd avenue. Everything was there as usual. Nothing special again! But on the contrary, who needs specialty these days?


My legs started to feel the heat when I crossed the Brown Street. It’s not usual for my legs to wear out so quickly. But it wasn’t just my legs! My whole body started to tremble. I started to sweat profusely. I felt like throwing out on the street. But I realized the fact that it wasn’t safe for an outlaw like me to get attention in an open street. My strong mind has started to lose its control over the body. I realized that some people have started to concentrate their attention on me. I smelled danger. I somehow jolted to a corner where I wouldn’t have been easily spotted. My eyes started to enter the ‘world of darkness’. I still wasn’t able to figure out the reason for this sudden drop in conscious. And the next thing I know I lost my conscious!





I woke up to see a hall room. I was alone in there. It had the looks of a clinic. With all the clinic equipments sliding here and there. But how did I get here? The last thing I remembered was losing my conscious. I really didn’t have a clue about how I got there. I got up from the couch and started walking towards the door. I went up to the door and pulled it. But to my shock it was locked, from outside. I didn’t have a clue about what was going on! Suddenly I saw a certificate, I meant a doctorate. To one Mr. Philips, MD (psych), a psychiatrist? What the fuck am I doing with a psychiatrist? What’s going on here? My voice came out loud and created a sort of a noise around the room.

“Vincent, are you awake?”

A strange matured voice said from the other side of the door. I assumed that it was the doctor.

“Vincent, reply! Are you awake? Did you make the sound? Is it ok for me to come inside?”

Vincent? Who the fuck is Vincent? Suddenly I had the feeling that I was in an entirely different world, with a different name and personality, or is it a dream? Like the ones I used to have? Then this is one damn realistic dream! No it’s not a dream. This is real as it gets. I somehow got here after losing my conscious. Totally unreal! Furthermore I am now Vincent to the guy who’s a psychiatrist. How weird can it get?

“Vincent? I am coming in now! Hope you are awake.”

Suddenly I felt fear, probably for the first time in my life! What’s going to happen next? Suddenly he came in. Philips, as I assumed his name was, was in his mid-ages! He was wearing a black coat with tight blue pants. He surely had the looks of a psychiatrist!

“Are you ok? Did he trouble you?”

He? Whom did he mean by ‘he’?

“How are you feeling now? Are you feeling dizzy? Say something Vincent!”

“I am ok! He? Whom did you mean by ‘he’?”

“Who else? Your other personality! The dangerous guy you were talking about!”

There! There’s the truth I was looking for! All this ……. mayhem as I should say had an answer. And at the end of this entire dilemma, I shockingly realized that I had dual personality disorder. It must have been it. There was no other explanation for it.

“Oh yes! I forgot about him for a minute!”

“You said that you woke up from a corner of an alley right? Then I guess the other person must have gone out at the same point. I think you have reached a critical stage in your condition. And I suggest you to enter the treatment as soon as possible.”

That took me by a shock! I was a fake person? I am not real? No, this isn’t happening! Please tell me that this is all a dream! All these days I have been living inside the body of another person, shadowing my personality? No, what if………what if the other guy, the doc was talking about, was the fake one? What are the odds against that?

“Vincent, you just said that your other personality was dangerous, but you haven’t told me how? Has he committed any crime that you are aware of? You do know that this is some serious shit right?”

“Yes, I know I know! I’ll tell you later Doc!”

“Why? Look Vincent, you have been under my treatment for the past 2 years. And don’t take me wrong, but you have been the most undisciplined patient I have ever encountered!”

“2 years?”

“What, now you have forgotten…………..wait a second? Are you Vincent? Are you?”

He gave me an instant as well as a scared look. I realized the fact that a question has raised in his mind regarding whether or not it’s the so-called Vincent or his dual which is currently standing in front of him.

“Answer me? Are you Vincent?”

“Yes doctor. I am Vincent. Are you suspecting me?”

“I don’t believe you. If you are Vincent then tell me your number?”

“Number? What number?”

“Patient number…………..what’s your patient number here?”


The slight hesitation I made led in increasing suspicion as far as the doctor was concerned. But initially I had no answer. I thought of saying a random number, but that would only lead to my fall. Suddenly from nowhere an answer popped out of me.


I don’t know where that came from. But to my surprise it was the answer.

“Hue………sorry Vincent, I thought it was the other guy.”

I did know that that number was not a random one. I am here now, so I might as well get some answers.

“Doc, I wanted to ask you something. Doesn’t the…………well the other person in me………he has full access to my mind right? Then it means that he can answer this question as well right?”

“Well, Vince, your case is different. Your mind is so stable and powerful, so even though you have dual personality there’s a barrier between you and the other guy. Most of the cases, the ‘other person’ will try to read your mind and do things associated with that. But in your case he doesn’t want to. By that I meant that, he wants to get isolated from you. I am still unaware of the fact that whether or not he knows that he’s just a fake. In the past 2 years, we’ve undergone through about 60 sessions and about as many times I tried to read your mind. Made many attempts in bringing the dual one out. But as you know failure was the result all those times. That’s what made me say that he might not know anything yet. Such cases are rare, but not impossible.”

That answers most of my question. 2 years? So I guess Vincent realized about this just 2 years ago. Now I know why there are only glimpses of events in my memory. Those are not mine, its Vincent’s. I was just using his body. All these years I have been living a life with no meaning. What a waste! So what should I do now? The fact’s inevitable! I don’t exist in the world! Not a pleasant news for my ears though.

“Vincent, you must admit it’s gone a little too far. It’s time you get admitted into my hospital. Every second you waste, gives more time for the criminal to cause more havoc around.”

“Yes Doc. I get it. I’ll come in as soon as I can. I am going now. I must get some rest. It’s been a rough day.”

“Okay, I get it. Call me next week and I’ll tell you the date. Until then, try to control your feelings. It will help you concentrate your mind on yourself. Act normal, and avoid public as much as you can. Ok?”

“Okay! Bye Doc. See you!”


I walked out of that door with utter despair. I felt that the whole world was laughing at me. All my life, has been turned to a piece of shit. What next? I kept asking myself. There’s nothing out there real for me. I felt hatred for the rest of the world. In a matter of time I’ll be erased from this world. My mere existence will be gone, just like that. Should I try to prevent that? By any means? Should I? Would that be fair? I don’t think there is any time to check whether something is fair or not. My mind felt like a formatted memory disc. Without any plan or more precisely, not doing what to do next, I kept walking straight, to my home. What will happen next, only fate will tell.




After getting back home, I searched my home for the slightest evidence of the existence of Vincent. Failure is now being a unique option for me. It was all mine. Nothing in my home belonged to Vincent. God, what the hell is going on? If only I could contact him by any means. Is that possible?

Suddenly I got a vague feeling inside me! What if I could provoke him to come out? What if……….?????  I could have a go. But how can I see him or feel him? Then again, it struck me. Yes, the mirror will do.

I went up to my man-size mirror and looked at me gravely. Will this work? I asked myself. It has got to work. I stood up in front of the mirror and shouted at myself.

“Vincent, you there you coward? Come out now. I want to speak to you now. I want to know some truth. I know that you can hear me. Come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

No response. Is he mocking me? He ought to be! I tried to provoke him many times. But I couldn’t. Then I decided to go a step further.

“Fine. If you are not coming out, then I’ll make you struggle your way out.”

Without any haste, I made my next move, which I am sure must have made a deep impact on Vincent. I lifted the glass vase on the table beside me and pounded it straight on to my head. It created a sudden banging noise. The vase was so heavy that I lost my balance and folded down to the floor. But I managed to stand up.

“You see, this is what I am going to do, until you come out. No more tricks.”

I waited for another couple of minutes. Still there wasn’t any response. I couldn’t stand it. Next thing I pounded on my head was a silver plate. I could feel the blood spilling from my head. Drops of blood started spilling from my nose one by one.

“You ain’t coming out huh? Guess both our lives ends here. I’ll count up to ten……..no 3, that’s amble time for you. Either you come out or we die! One…two ….thre………..”

I couldn’t complete counting; suddenly I had a dizzy feeling in my head. I realized it was the same feeling I underwent when Vincent came out the last time. But this time I was pretty glad with it. It did work!

I could feel someone luring inside me like a vicious snake crawling upon someone’s body. Within a few seconds my vision was blurred. Then from nowhere I heard him talk to me.

“I am here now …what do you want?”

The satisfaction was growing inside me. I rose up to the occasion.

“Who are you? How do you know that you are the real one? When did you find out? Do you know everything about me? Where do you live? I couldn’t find any of your stuff but mine here! I want answers! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Then there was the silence again. I must admit I have foreseen that it would happen. But I decided to leave him by. I waited for another ten minutes, until his reply came.

“Well, this is quite awkward. Talking to myself in front of the mirror. Little do anyone know that I am talking to my dual person inside me. It’s like talking to a ghost, coz they don’t exist!........hmm………!!!!!!

That stirred me like an Owen. I realized that he was referring to me like I don’t even exist. Well, I don’t belong out there in the real world itself, as I am a silent assassin. But I wasn’t ready to give up.

“What made you think that you are real? Huh?”

“Well …George……I still don’t know whether that’s your real name, do you remember your childhood?”

 That took me by force. He got me. I paused for a moment.

“You don’t do you?”

Every single second I wasted in thinking of a reply contributed to the fact that he was telling the truth. But yet I wasn’t ready to give up.

“I…….I was ……..was an orphan………..I was raised…ah…..in….”

“Oh, come on ‘George’, you are an assassin, you can do better than that!!!!!”

Oh sweet mother of lords, he knows that too? What am I dealing with here? This guy’s cornering me like a bully! I don’t know shit about him, and on the contrast he even knows my darkest secrets! I am completely outsmarted here. Sooner or later I will have to surrender!

“Come on…….do you? I know you don’t. But I do. I even remember the tiniest of instances. As a matter of fact I might even know the reason behind your mysterious origin.”

That is it. No more hiding. Those blurred visions that woke me up in the nights, those nightmares, they must have an origin! I can’t bear with them anymore……it has got to end one way or another!!!!!! I realized the color change in my pupil, during our transitions. I scrawled back to my sofa and implanted the mirror in front.

“Tell me………tell me what you know?”

“Huh...Hmm…………….I knew you would come around finally! Well, here goes nothing. Your skills, your technique, your cliché…all those abilities, well they came from my father!”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Yes, my father is…… or I should say was an assassin.”

Oh just great! Just the thing I wanted to hear.

“He was a renowned professional. Most of his hits were famous among the top guns. Though I didn’t have any glimpse of my mother I am sure he showed a picture of a woman, which must have been her. I clearly remember my childhood, filled with remorse of seeing my dad’s ventures. Bloodsheds, they were the first thing that came to my mind when I closed my eyes those days. Dad used some of the most sophisticated tools available those days. Though the sight of my dad killing a total stranger did make me restless, it had an impact on me. His technique, his style was something that made me ecstatic. That made me closer to my dad even more than I wanted to be. It was like an adrenaline rush. But the impact was deeper than I thought. I started hurting other kids and even animals to see them bleed. I know that I had to be in control of my mind. And the only way to do that was by running away from my dad. And I did. I figured that dad was living inside his own world, his own style of living. But I was wrong. I joined an orphanage two states across. I started realizing that I was back in control. Then one day he came for me, in the orphanage. That to me was shocking. The orphanage management had no choice but to let me leave with my father as there wasn’t a single evidence proving that I wasn’t comfortable with him. I was afraid that he might hurt me, but he didn’t. As a matter of fact he showed more concern for me. But I wasn’t convinced with him. I knew that I was living with a blood-savage animal rather a homo sapien.  A few days passed away without much terror.  I tried to stay away from him as much as possible, though I knew it hurt him a lot. But I had a feeling that as I get closer to him I was revealing the beast within me. Then one day, he came to me. Apologized for everything he had done wrong. He even promised me that he won’t kill anyone again. I had no choice but to forgive him, he was still my father, I had to. But the next day he came with his hands flooded with blood. Another kill! I lost my self control that time. I got mad at him. I was so angry that I didn’t even bother to hear what he had to say. The next thing I know I started running to the door, ran away from him, from the house, I heard him screaming from behind me. I realized that he was after me, and I started running faster. I crossed two corners and suddenly a truck came from nowhere and I stood there frozen. I couldn’t move my legs ‘cause of the fear. Within a split second I was pushed aside as I saw the truck hit my dad. He was thrown away into the residing wall. I stood there in silence. I saw my dad engulfed with blood all over him. It was a……..was a terrifying moment for me. It took me sometime to realize what I have done. I went up to my dad’s shivering body. Even in his dying moments he was concerned about me. I saw the fear within his eyes. But I was too young to figure it out at that time. I saw the light fading slowly in his eye. I know it’s too late, but I wish I had just listened to what he had to say.”

“Then how come I have these glimpses of past, why are they torturing me instead of you?”

“I don’t know. I just don’t know.”

I wanted to resist his story even though I was not able to abide the fact that he was telling the truth. What else is there to know? But these facts are heart-breaking even for a tough man-hunter like me.

“Do you not still believe me?”

I heard his question while I was looking at my….or his figure, decent physique, 5’9” height, good looking. This is God’s greatest gift to a human. Yet they complain about how god mistreats them. We consider ourselves prime and always want to rule the earth which belongs to the entire earthly bound creatures, not just us. But we never cared for them. We just pitied them. Just the feeling ‘Vincent’ has for me.

“I don’t think I have a choice. You win.”

“This is not a contest; I was just trying to prove my existence.”

“I know. Tell me Vincent, what do you do for a living?”

“So now what? You want to be buddies? You are still not feeling it. This is my flesh, my life…you must not exist. You have already bound me with so much kills, no more! You must dispel.”

There it is! He just asked me to evacuate his body, just like that!

“Look pal, I am not a fucking genie, so I can’t just disappear just because you asked me. I have never heard about two personalities’ talking to each other like this, and I don’t believe that I can disappear with the flick of a wand. I was just asking about you.”

I wasn’t even confident about the words I said, but I had to…..I had to put some form of resistance against him, at least I intended to.

“I am sorry, but I bet you that the amount of pressure you have inflicted upon me within the past two years is immense.”

Still not even comparable to what I have been going through for the past few hours!

“Anyways I work as a sales executive in……at Bloomsdale. Have been working in that spot for the past 3 years. Salary is not spot on, but is enough to lead my dismal life.”

“Any relatives? Companions?”

“No family, but have a few friends who hangs around with me only when I get a bonus or become the employee of the month.”

“Have a girlfriend?”

“Had one. Two year long relationship. But I broke up with her the next day I realized about your existence. Didn’t want her to get into any sort of trouble because of me. Do you understand?”

I felt his nerves swirling within me, his anger, trying to burst out like tiny bubbles.

“Do you understand how much trouble you have caused me? That’s why I said that you should go away. And I won’t rest until that day comes. I won’t………”

I could hardly realize the feeling growing inside me, but I was sure that I was feeling remorse for the first time. Never thought that, that would happen. But the whole world is changing around me, so it’s not a big surprise that my feelings will be affected too.

“Look, I am sorry…………….”

Why the fuck am I apologizing? I have never apologized for a single kill over these years and now I am trying to apologize for a cause which I wasn’t involved, at least consciously!

He’s still not responding. Why? How? Human nature is one of the most complex things in nature, solving it is like solving thousand puzzles at a time. And split personality? How much more complex is that? No matter how much we decode it, it still prevails as a shuffled Rubik’s cube! Vincent’s gone. I am back alone. I sat there besides the door thinking about my own future! Who knows maybe in a parallel world, I might be the real one.





I have been sitting beside the same door for the past three hours. All these years I had a pride that my mind was pretty strong. Well………guess not! Wait I am stronger than this. This is just another game of life. No matter what the outcome is, I must play along. I must! But I had that terrible feeling inside me. All those amazing odors I have smelled, beautiful rings I have heard and even the air I breathed……….everything was at the mercy of another man. I guess God knows how to make a man pay for his deeds. I felt sorry for all those souls I have separated from their flesh and now I don’t even have a body of my own. Well, talk about fate! God has a funny way of doing things.


I finally decided to rise up from the ashes and then started roaming around the hall. I checked the clock – 9:20. God, time does fly even if you are real or not.


Just then I heard a ring. As I listened carefully, I realized it was a phone ring. My cell doesn’t ring like this. And I was sure that nobody lived in my neighborhood except for an old guy who has poor eye-sight and doesn’t have a straight mind, in this case……just like me! But I was sure that he doesn’t own a phone. So where does it come from? I searched the whole place, but couldn’t find the source. Then I realized that the ring was coming from beyond the walls! Strange as a fact it is, it was the best concept I could come up with. Just when I thought that I was getting closer to the sound, it stopped. I could feel that I was damn close. But then again, things haven’t been going my way lately.


But there was the ring again. Guess luck favors even the darkest one. I followed the ring, which in turn led me to the big safe where I kept my weaponries. I opened it. It wasn’t coming from there. Well I didn’t take much time to realize that the ring was coming from behind the safe. As I placed myself closer to the back of the safe, the ring became more and more clear. As hard as a fact it is, I decoded the cipher. I leaned back and then pushed the safe to the left. There it is as I guessed! An opening, sort of like a corridor. I went up to the other side. I didn’t waste any time to look around; instead I found the phone on top of a desk. A landline! Then again I am not that lucky. The ring stopped. But I sensed that it would ring again soon enough. Till that happens, I decided to take a look around. There were two bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen. Amazingly, my house was isolated from this place all this time…….that too successfully! I wondered how Vincent kept this place hidden from me. And why? That’s the million dollar question! He had 3 shelves embedded with books, well mostly law books. Why the fuck does he need all this law books for? Suddenly I felt that he was the dangerous one out of the two of us.  Suddenly the phone rang again. This time I didn’t even hesitate to pick up the phone. I waited for some time to check what the person on the other side had to say. After a short pause, came an unexpected question.

“Hello? Is this Mr. Frutnis?”

I paused for some time. Lots of eventful thinking came across my mind. Finally I decided to answer him.

“Yes……..who is this?”

“Sir, it’s me Henrique. I know that you told me not to call this number under any circumstances, especially in night…huh, well sir this is quite urgent. Please forgive me. Detective Thomas told me to inform you that he wanted to meet you tomorrow morning at his office. He said it was urgent. That’s all sir. Again, I am sorry sir for disobeying you.”


I stood there for a moment. Then I decided to walk towards my cabin. I went up to my drawer and opened a green envelope. Within the envelope was some information about my next target sent by Victor. The title read like this



At that moment I realized about all the events happening around me. There isn’t any sales executive named Vincent. The person sharing the same body with me goes by the name Frutnis, who was bound to be my next target. Oh that son of a bitch! All those lies! I felt the sudden rise of rage within me. I felt like tearing him apart into pieces. Within no time I gathered up my withered body and called for him. I had hoped that he would have realized his mask was torn apart. Oh my! The game has changed! It has changed indeed. The hunter has become the prey now. I was pretty sure that the bastard would come out any time. And as usual I was right.


“Why the fuck did you lie to me? Why?”


“Well what did u expect me to tell? That I was the man u were hunting? I was going to be your next victim? I may not be a silent assassin, but am not a stupefied mindless junk….unlike some.”


I expected him to be a little more nervous, but I didn’t care. My rage was fueling me big way.

“I may have lied to you about my identity, but I sure was damn right about my past. I am still the real one! You got it?”


“The fuck I care! So that’s the reason why I haven’t been able to find you. You were within me all these times. Un-fuckin-believable! On the better side, I finally found you! It’s time for completing my task………..killing you.”


“You have got to be joking right? Hey doofus, I am you. So what? You are going to kill yourself? Killing me will also end your fucking life. Don’t be a fucking moron!”


“Ah………..now you are begging for your life eh?”


“Why should I? I know you well. You are not that sadistic. You won’t kill yourself mate. I am sure of that.”


“Well, I have some codes. Some principles that guide my life. One of them states that if I ever fail to complete a mission, I will end my life. I can’t break those principles. So if I don’t kill you, which points to the fact that I failed my mission, which in turn literally means that, I should kill myself!”


“Oh fuck those codes. Don’t do anything stupid. You can always change them. Besides I don’t believe that you are sadistic enough to kill yourself.”


“Oh I am not sadistic of course! I won’t suicide………………….but count on this mate, the game has reached the finale and in the final leg, * I WILL KILL YOU.*”















I woke up with a heavy headache. After what happened last night, I was bound to get much more. That blow in the head really caused some serious injuries. I better get it dressed today itself. Oh my god, Robert really lost it yesterday. He really did indeed. I walked up to my bathroom and carried on with my daily activities.


I knew I had to get up early so as to meet detective Thomas. That idiot Henrique ruined everything, I thought as I was spreading the butter on the bread. Boy, he sure did picked the right time to call me. I forgot to turn off the phone ‘cause of the events. I was indeed doing well. But all put to veil. I will surely get that moron for this. Well, I found it hard to remember the final words said by Robert before I passed away. ‘What were they?’ I thought as I was engulfing the bread pieces. ‘Oh yeah, now I remember! He said that he won’t suicide, but will kill me! What was it that the asshole meant?’ Suddenly I felt an impulse passing through my body, as I finally realized what he was meaning to say ‘he meant that he won’t kill himself when he’s the one awake, but somehow……..will kill me……….when I am the one aw……’ suddenly I threw the bread away and the pushed all the other items to the end of the table.


‘That asshole could have poisoned it. Oh my god, how could I be so stupid? After I passed out yesterday, who knows what he has done to get me killed. In his urge to kill me, that idiot doesn’t realize that he is going to get him killed too. I don’t think it’s safe for me here.’

I leaned and pushed the chair backwards. Suddenly, I heard a string break and within a split second a knife passed across me from nowhere, missing my nose by inches. A trap set by him! I knew I was damn lucky. I slowly moved myself across the corners. One by one at a time. I could almost smell death everywhere. The psycho has turned this whole place into a booby trap. As I reached the farthest corner I reached out for the door for the main hall. I slowly opened the door and there to my front I saw three 9mm pistols lined up in a row facing towards me. The triggers to the 9mm was almost pulled up. If I had pushed the door with a little more force, I would have found myself struck with 3 bullets to my chest. Guess today was my luck day. Escaped his traps for the second time. I slowly continued towards the door. I was aware of the fact that more of his traps were yet to be revealed. I checked my every step and leaned forward. Suddenly I heard a click and stopped. I stood still. Beneath my right leg was a minutely thin wire connected to the both ends of the corridor. The wire was extended to the top of a drawer and was connected, to my fucking bad luck, a mine. (A bomb used by soldiers during wars by placing them underground. If anyone steps on it, the bomb will explode). I realized that if I lift my leg an inch above the ground the key to the mine will be removed and in a second I will be turned to ashes. This time he really got me! I was really trapped. No one to help, nothing to be done. Guess this is it. One way or another I will, intentionally or otherwise will lift my leg and then “KABOOM”.

It was then I heard a knock at the door.

“Anybody there?”

Asked a man with a rough voice.

“I repeat, is anybody there?”

I didn’t know what to do. Then I decided to silence myself thinking that it is one of Robert’s plans to make sure I was dead. But the next thing I heard was an order and it was a shocker for me.


Three words suddenly popped out of my mouth, three soft little words.



















*This is DET. Thomas Williamson’s house. I am sorry but right now I am not able to attend the phone so please leave a message after the beep……**beep**…….*

“Sir, this is Roger. We got him, we got Victor. Caught him red handed from an alley near the Elm street. He is under custody. And as you mentioned we are not allowing him a lawyer neither did we release the news of his capture. We are holding him till your arrival. So please call me when you get this message, Sir.”

Det. Thomas was just out of his bed when the message arrived. He was too dizzy to listen to it. But he did get excited when he heard the name ‘Victor’. He’s the only one linked to the assassin. Thomas washed up his face, then came back to listen to the message. Though he was amused by the fact that his troop has caught Victor, the fact was that he is just a droll. Thomas was quite sure that they are not going to get much out of that scumbag. He finalized that he would return Roger’s call.

“Roger my man, it’s me!”

“Good morning sir.”

“Right now I am not your senior officer, I am your old friend who used to throw you into the dustbins and steal your girlfriends.”

“Ok pal, you don’t really want to hop onto that train right now. So hear this, we got some hot news from Victor.”

“Hot news? What do you actually imply by that?”

“Well, listen to this! Our chump victor here is totally unaware of our killer boy. Not even his looks. His only contact to our guy was a number which is eventually untraceable!”

“As I guessed!”

“There is more. Victor always had an eye out for this guy. But failed most of those times. During his last deal the killer boy asked him to leave the money in the public park. But Victor here had a plan. He set out 5 guys to trace the killer. All the guys were given cameras. But none of them did get a clear shot of him. But they did get a photo of ou

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