The Greatest Journey

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One of the poems descriptively associated with my beliefs and characters. and one of the most "exposed" poem of mine. This poem summarizes my whole philosophical thoughts. Each line reflects on the meaning of life and in our journey in this unending puzzle of life.

Come and join me on the journey....

Submitted: August 15, 2007

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Submitted: August 15, 2007




by rado gatchalian

Nobody told us where to go
And what to find;
And nobody ever dared us to
Step in the footsteps of noblest monks.

Because no destiny
Could change the fate of our totality
And no medium
Would ever tell us what we see and speak.

We are our own world,
We are the creators of our own metaphysics,
We are the hands that shape our own culture,
We are our own gods in our own simple life.

The truths may live and die
The humblest looks may worship and desist
The holiest man may reach the prophetic nirvana -
But our own experiences will tell us what we really are.

It's not the thing we do that matters most
It's how we live with other beings that counts
It is not how far we reach our goals
But it's how we easily extend our hands to other people.

We may be poor and not as good as other man
We may not know how to spell success
We may not meet the demands of world
But nobody could stop us in experiencing simple happiness by
simply doing what we think is good for all of us!

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