The Thesis of Irony

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The poem which aspires to discuss the perplexities and ironies of existence. It is an insight on how the cycle of birth and death, joy and sadness, inpires or even destroys man's definition of himself and his world. An existential poem which hails the main dictum which says: "We are our own world!"

Submitted: August 09, 2007

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Submitted: August 09, 2007





by rado gatchalian



no more - fix your eyes

to path no one can see


do not bring

the candles - enlightened by tears

of the past


do not murmur

untold tales - conceived

by gods of the earth


go straight

to the door of immortality

and experience


the inexperienced

wonders of life and death

of joy and pain


do not cross the bridge, then,

that gives life to death,

gives joy to pain


the irony creates sin,

mind starts to think: whether

man's life is man's own pain!


walk, now, without cane

care not what people say -

believe in yourself: abandon your fear!


suffer no more -

follow the heart that speaks,

listen to voice - inner and deep


now, inhale the breath of life

and see in your eyes the way

where all people aspire to find


a place where tears and laughter,

pain and glory, sex and celibacy,

exist as One


- a place,

which in the first place,

no one can explain


this is the irony unspeakable:

exist and cease

be free and become slave


this is the irony inevitable:

now - you begin

tomorrow - you will end

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