Human Soul

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this is a very short article on human soul.we all know the word soul.but very few of us can understand what does it mean in a true,i tried to establish my opinion about the meaning of soul.

Submitted: July 11, 2012

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Submitted: July 11, 2012





  Soul is a little creature confined in a cage called ‘Human body’. Soul is a candle in a dark room. We have eyes to look the superficial world. But soul is a sense which offers us  inner visions. What we don’t know about ourselves, our souls know.

Soul reveals the real person behind the mask. Plato’s conception about soul is: soul is based on three energies: reason, emotion and appetite. He said that soul is governed by reason, and that the only person is the person who is ruled by reason.

According to Hinduism soul is the other name of ‘Jiva’ or ‘Atma’.It is an integral part of God. God blesses us if we properly nourish our soul gifted by God.

In conclusion what is essential to state is: all theories of the world define the soul as a vivacious spirit consisting both good and evil sides of human being.


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