The Relevance of Literature in society

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This essay reflects my few ideas about the relevance of literature in our society,our life.

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



The Relevance of Literature in society



The growth of human civilaization is closely related to the growth of literature.So,naturally,human society is also related to literature.The study of the relationship between literature and human society always claims our interest.This study establishes the the assumption that  literature illuminates past and and present  social reality and anticipates  future of society.In fact,in some cases,diaries,journals,family letters,short stories,novels become significant and resourceful in the study of human  society in different phases.In any literary work,we find the artist's relationship with his society.The artist  is an inhabitant of his society,so his social life and manners are reflected in his works.


Literature is a special type of art.Its main content is human life.An artist of literature paints the ease and sorrow,smile and cry,joy and affliction and vivid longings and prayers of mankind on the canvas of his literary creation.Long lasting social effect pusates the vivacious spirit of literature.Then how can  the appeal l of literary works of different regions and cultures be universal?The view and lifestyle of the inhabitantss of one particular region may be different from other regions.In this context we must know one thing,in literature,there is a basic difference between the truth and the truth of life.Man has no limit of incompletionin his domestic and social life.Man's satisfaction in his desires never comes during his whole life.we can get the reason of it from the great observation of Rabindranath Tagore:What i want,that i want by mistake;what i get ,that i dont want to get.Here,the conflict between man's desire and what he gets in return is the real tragedy of human life.


This tragic human  experience of life is universal.An artist blooms this tragedy with the background of his society in the garden of his literary works.In this way regional literature attains universal appeal.In other words,in this way,literature makes communication between inhabitants of different countries.Literature can make unity in vividness.


Once man made the society.And by the passing of time,that society starts to influence the mind of man.Society-conscious artists introduce the inner conflict of man and woman.Social influences add spirit in these conflicts.


Which literature is addicted to excessive materialism ignoring the spirit of life,that can never be called an idol literature.Not only society influences literature but also literature influences society and drives it into different paths.Literature keeps imperishableness alive in human society.All the high thikings,imaginations,researches,present in literature,serve the purpose of giving an impression of contemporary society to the successors.

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