December 25th

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It all started with an affair

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011



It was December 25th, 1756 in London when that fateful night happened.  I do not recollect much of the night, but what I do remember is that the night ended with bloody murder. It wasn’t supposed to go that way – at least according to what I had planned.



“Ye be dancin’ tonight, Eliza?” the young man, Teddy – or that’s what we, the girls that danced for him, called him – shouted out at me that night.  The cobbles were hard against my heel; the buildings surrounding me were large and concrete.  The direction of Teddy’s shout was from the alleyway behind the jewelry store I had just exited.  My cheeks became hot with embarrassment.

“Excuse me?” the voice came from Robert, my fiancé.  Robert stood a head taller than everybody else who lived in London.  He had short black hair, but he always wore a wig.  He was growing plumper each day, so that he could show off his wealth.  “I do not think that my Elizabeth will ever be dancing with you peasants ever,” said Robert.  I smiled and winked at Teddy as Robert pulled me along.  Teddy winked back.

“Now, that sure was odd, was it not, dear?” asked I while looking into a puddle.  Robert pulled me to him.

“Dearest, please do not associate with people of that caliber.  They are despicable.  They are filthy; they are dirty.  They are, God forbid, sinners of the highest caliber!” whispered Robert into my ear.

“Now, dear, you, for one, know that I, I least of all, will ever, God forbid, ever associate with peasants like that!  Do ye doubt me?” said I as I stared into his eyes.  Robert stared back.  I could feel his chest heave up and down with every breath he took.

“I trust you on that one, dearest,” said Robert as he finally let go of me.  He laughed as his hand held mine.  “We best be going now, dearest,” continued Robert as he looked back at me.  “I swear there is something about you in which it captivates me.”

“I suppose so.  Maybe it be witchcraft?” said I.  Robert looked at me for a second and then laughed.  My hands began to sweat, for I knew I spoke the truth.  I did practice a little witch craft here and there, but it was nothing to be afraid of yet.

“I know you were joking, right?” asked Robert as his eyes kept darting from me to something at the corner of his eye.  I nodded while trying to glimpse what he was seeing.  I probably saw a girl around the age of fifteen standing at the corner in rags.

“What may you be looking at, dear?” asked I as Robert jumped at my voice.

“Nothing,” answered Robert under his breath.  He shook his head.  I turned my head to see that fifteen year old girl staring at my Robert and smiling like a slut.  I turned back to see Robert wiping his forehead with a dirty rag.

“Dear!  What is that filthy rag you are using?  Use my handkerchief instead!” screamed I as I snatched away the rag and wiped his forehead with my handkerchief.  I threw the rag into a puddle by my feet.  “Oh! Goodness!  My dress has a stain on it!  Dear, we must hurry back home to change my dress!” exclaimed I as I lifted that part of my dress.

“Sure,” muttered Robert under his breath again.  My fists clenched and I gritted my teeth together.  There was something wrong with Robert.  I had to get to the bottom of it, or my Robert would be taken away from me somehow.



“Robert, dear,” said I as I sat on his lap in his office.

“Dearest, please do not do this.  Rumors will start about us.  You know how much mother hates bad rumors,” said Robert.  I stood up and glared at him.

“What do you mean ‘mother hates bad rumors’?” screeched I.  His attitude towards me had changed since I saw that girl a few days ago.  “You said you wouldn’t mind me sitting on you!  You said that before we were engaged!  You’ve changed so much now, Robert!  What is wrong with you?” continued I as I walked towards the door with my arms flailing up.

“Dearest, I’m sorry, but this is for our own good, you know?” said Robert.

“What?  What do you mean for our good?  I don’t know you anymore, Robert,” said I before completely leaving the room.  My hands ruffled my hair.  I heaved a heavy sigh as I walked towards my bedroom.  I took out my handkerchief and wiped my face, for it had accumulated persipitation.

“Mistress, what ails you so?” asked Rosemary, my personal maid, as she approached me.

“My dear Robert has changed so much in just a few days!  It must be the doing of that woman out in the streets a few days ago!” whined I to Rosemary as I grabbed onto her arms.

“Oh, it must not be anythin’ serious then.  Change is good b’fore the marriage.  Now, go get some sleep, mistress,” said Rosemary as she smoothed my hair.  I thanked her and entered into my chambers.  I glanced around quick to make sure nobody else was in my chambers.  I sighed in relief as I saw that no one was there.  I trudged over to the fireplace on the opposite side of the room, and I started a fire.  Each time I breathed, I could see a different shape form from the mist.  I put my hands near the fire while rubbing them together.

“Robert, oh, why, Robert, why?” whispered I into the fire.  I heard a knock at the door.  “Come in!” hollered I.

“Mistress, this man be screamin’ that he knows you,” whispered Rosemary as she dragged a raggedy man into my chambers.

“Leave that man there and go.  I shall deal with him however I wish to,” said I as I stood from the fire and turned to face them.  Rosemary left the room and shut the door with a thud.  “Now, what do you want from me?”

“Eliza, dear, ye be sayin’ that ye would dance the other night, but ye not be comin’ by to dance!  Ye be a liar now?” asked Teddy as he rose to his feet.  He stood one foot taller than me, but he did not seem as tall as Robert since he was always slouching.

“I-I did not say that I would dance!” screamed I.  “Robert!  Robert!” yelped I as I ran towards the door.  Teddy grabbed me by my waist.

“You lied, Eliza, you lied,” whispered Teddy into my ear.

“No!  I did not lie!” screeched I as I struggle to break free.  Teddy chuckled.  “Robert!  Robert!” screeched I, but the door never opened.

“If you wanted to quit, you could have told me,” whispered Teddy.

“You!  When did you start speaking proper English?” screamed I at Teddy.

“Well, I have always spoken like this, Eliza.  So, did you want to be free?”

“Yes!  I want to be free from you!” hollered I as Teddy pushed me to the ground.  He laughed, which made me flinched.

“Then kill your dear Robert!” hissed Teddy to me.  My mouth dropped open; my hands began to tremble; my body began to shake.  “That, my dear, is the only way to truly be free from me!”

“I…I…I…” I managed to croak.  It was as if my throat was paralyzed, for I could not speak.  My face began to grow hot.  Teddy hooted as he left my room.  “I…I…I…cannot…I…” wailed I.



“Robert, dear, would you go eat dinner with me?  It is almost Christmas,” said I.

“Dearest, you, you for one, should know how busy I am at this time of the year,” said Robert without glancing up from his work.  I puffed out my cheeks in a pout.  It had been three days since Teddy had proposed his offer.  This was my perfect chance to kill Robert, but if there were to be someone looking up through the window, I would have been caught.

“How about you spend Christmas with me?” offered I.

“No, I have something planned on that day,” replied Robert.

“What?  You did not bother reserving that day for me?  What am I, your mistress?” asked I.

“Dearest, you should not degrade yourself like that.  You are not a lowly mistress.  You are my beloved,” replied Robert.  I did not believe him.

“Yes, whatever,” said I as I left his study.  I knew he had no time for me, but I had tried anyway.  Then, I saw Teddy.  “Teddy!” gasped I with my hands over my mouth.  Teddy chuckled at my reaction to seeing him.

“I see you have not killed him yet, Eliza.  You are not free yet, so come dance tonight,” said Teddy mockingly.  I puffed out my cheeks and walked away.

“I will have nothing to do with you!” shouted I.

“Ye come dancin’ tonight, an’ I be forgivin’ ye for last time, ya?” shouted Teddy.  I waved him off.



“Robert, will you not spend today with me?  It is Christmas, dear,” said I as I clung on to him.

“No, I have a rather strict schedule to follow today.  I will be meeting with a very important client later on,” replied Robert.  I puffed out my cheeks and left his study.  I thought I heard him sigh with relief the moment I left the room.  I was determined to follow him the entire day today.  I dashed to my chambers after ordering a maid to fill the bath with boiling water.  I threw on a thinner and dirtier dress.  I threw an old cloak on and exited through the open window.  The snow made a crunching sound under my shoes.  I heard a guard yelling.  I turned to face Stan, the guards’ captain.

“And who might ye be?” asked Stan.

“I be a humble beggar, sir,” said I as shrewdly as possible.

“Well, ye be comin’ to the wrong parts to beg,” said Stan as he dragged me to the gates and threw me outside of the them.  I cursed him and staggered away while rubbing my sore bottom.  I began to trot in the direction of Teddy’s alleyway.  I heard light footsteps behind me.  I began to sprint in fear of it being something evil.  I could hear the light footsteps tapping on the cobble stones behind me as I ran past the stalls and the stores.  When I reached Teddy’s alley, I spun around to find nobody.

“Me dear Eliza!” cried Teddy.  I turned my head to look at him.  My chest heaved up and down from all the running.  “Ye be dancin’ tonight, ya?”

“Teddy, there’s something wrong about Robert!” gasped I as I clasped onto Teddy’s cloak.

“What?  Ye not see Robert an’ Rosemary together?” asked Teddy.

“What?” asked I as I let go of Teddy’s cloak.  Teddy chuckled.

“Robert an’ Rosemary be skippin’ together an’ he be buyin’ her stuff.  He be buyin’ her tons of stuff.  Like he be buyin’ her diamonds an’ rubies.  She pr’bly got lots of ‘em jewels by now.  Ye can even check in her rags,” whispered Teddy.  I gasped.  “They pr’bly be right around th’ corner now.  Look how happy they be, Eliza,” whispered Teddy as he slipped a dagger into my hand.  I looked around the corner and saw my Robert with that maid, Rosemary.  They were smiling and holding hands – the things that Robert told me was not proper.  My cheeks grew hot and my fist clenched the dagger.  Then, Robert and Rosemary did the unthinkable – they kissed!  “See how he be gay with th’ dog?” croaked Teddy.  My breath staggered.  I could not believe what my eyes were seeing.  “‘Tis th’ perfect moment to kill him, kill Robert.  He be betrayin’ ye behind ye back, ya?” coaxed Teddy.  I let out a long heavy sigh before stepping out of the comfort of the shadows.  I approached Robert and Rosemary.

“I beg for a shillin’,” grunted I with my gloved hands underneath my cloak.  Rosemary searched her pockets.

“Dear, give this beggar a shillin’.  I not be havin’ any on me,” whispered Rosemary.  Robert grunted.

“Love, do not associate with peasants such as this.  They are filthy and dirty,” said Robert, making me snort at that, considering that Rosemary is a peasant herself.  “Let us go, love,” whispered Robert as he held Rosemary’s hand.

“Ye be regrettin’ that, Robert,” muttered I.

“What?  How do you know my name, peasant?” asked Robert.  I let my gloved hands be shown.

“Ye recognize me yet, Robert?” asked I.  Robert furrowed his eyebrows, but concluded that he did not know me.  Rosemary slapped my hands.

“What does a beggar like you want?  We to be married soon, so we a happy couple,” said Rosemary.  I scoffed at that woman.  “What ye be laughin’ at, beggar?”

“Ye not recognize me yet, Robert?  What if I were to pull down my hood?” asked I.  I pulled down my hood as he gasped.  “Ye recognize me yet, dear Robert?”

“Elizabeth!” gasped Robert.  Rosemary screamed in shock and in fear.

“What ye be doin’ now, Eliza? Why it be takin’ ya so long?” shouted Teddy from around the corner.

“I see ye been unfaithful, Robert,” muttered I as I pulled out Teddy’s dagger.  Robert turned away and began to run.  I threw my shoes off and began to run after him.  “Teddy, take care of that woman!” hollered I.  My feet began to throb over the hard cobblestones with each time my feet collided with them.  I kept my eyes on Robert’s coat tail.  Did he forget that I was swifter than he?  “Ye been unfaithful!  Ye been unfaithful!” hollered I.  Robert’s hands grasped a cart as he abruptly stopped.  I had forgotten that I had that dagger in my hand as I rammed into him.  “Ye been unfaithful,” wailed I as Robert staggered into a stall.  “You deserve to die, Robert,” I sniffled.  Then I noticed the dripping blood.  I screamed in horror.  Robert held his wound caused by the dagger.  He pulled out the dagger and threw it onto the cobblestones next to his feet.

“What has happened to you…Elizabeth…” whispered Robert as he crumpled to the ground while holding his wound.  His hands were now bright red, crusted in blood, his own blood.  My hands began to shiver.  My feet began to shake.  I did not know if I had experienced fear or if it had just been cold that particular moment.

“Me dear Eliza, I took care of the bloody whore,” shouted Teddy as he walked closer to me with a bloody corpse in his hand.  “I took care of Robert’s will as well.”

“Theodore!  You associated with this woman?” gasped Robert as he lay bleeding on the ground.  My heart grew stone cold again as I set my foot onto his wound since he was lying face up on the ground.  “Elizabeth, what are you doing?  Why did you kill Rosemary?  She did nothing wrong!”

“What?” asked I.  “I saw with my own two eyes what you were doing with that whore!” screamed I.  “I saw how you loved her more than me!  You never once called me ‘love’ because you said that it was to be looked down on in society!  You man-lying-whore!” continued I out of frustration.

“Eliza, remember what I told you,” whispered Teddy as he began to exit the scene.  I felt my chest heave up and down from exhaustion.

“You were lying to me when you said those things to me!” hollered I as I lifted my foot.  My foot swiftly fell down onto the puncture wound.  Robert screamed in agony as I twisted my foot in his wound.  I laughed as I grabbed the dagger and began to stab Robert repeatedly.  When I was sure that Robert had no consciousness left, I dropped the dagger and then ran.

“There she is!  She’s the one who was stabbing this man!” hollered a peasant who had run to get the police.  I sprinted into my residing property.  I scrambled into my chambers to quickly bathe myself.  Right when I jumped into the bath filled with warm water, my bedroom door swung open.

“M’lady, I am afraid to report to you that there has been a murder today near the mansion,” announced a maid.  “The murder concerns your fiancé, Lord Robert,” continued the maid.  “It appears that he was murdered and the police want to investigate you, so they wish to meet with you now,” said the maid.  I told her to tell the police that I will meet with them after I finish bathing.  As soon as the maid left my chambers, I hastily scrubbed myself down.  I threw on some decent enough clothes before entering into the hall.

“M’lady, my name is Wallace, and I am the chief of police,” said the man dressed in a heavy trench coat.  “I am afraid to report that your fiancé, Lord Robert has been murdered.  We would like to ask you a few questions concerning his life to see if there would have been any persons, in which, would have targeted this young lord,” said Wallace.  I agreed upon this investigation, so that I would not have seemed suspicious.

“M’lady, it is not good for your health to be dressed such as that. It is so thin and it is so cold out here,” said Teddy as he shuffled into the room.

“My, have you come to state the deeds, Theodore?” asked Wallace as he took off his hat, put it to his chest, and then took a bow.  Teddy also took a bow.  I sat down with my hands trembling and sweating.

“Wallace, I would like to have a word with you, and only you, so could you kindly send your accomplices away?” asked Teddy.  Wallace grunted and then left the room.  “Do not fret, dear Eliza.  I shall take care of this hearty matter quickly so as you do not dirty your hands such as earlier,” whispered Teddy.  I glanced at him and noticed a smirk painted across his face.

“I am sorry about that, Theodore.  I have returned.  What did you want to talk about?” asked Wallace.  I felt pity for the poor fool.  He did not know what was in store for him.  Teddy gestured for him to go closer, so he did, only to have his throat slit.

“Teddy!” gasped I.  Teddy laughed as he let go of the fresh corpse.  Wallace fell to the ground as if he were a rag doll.  My eyes darted from Wallace’s dead body to Teddy.  His smirk spread wider.  He began to come nearer to me.

“Do you want to know what happens to people who try to escape from me, my dear Eliza?” asked Teddy as he crept closer and closer to me and his smirk still growing wider still.

“No…no…don’t…don’t come near me!” screamed I as I held my hands up to shield me, but it was futile.  I had been stabbed multiple times by the man I had so much trust in.  He threw me aside and threw a piece of paper at me.

“Here’s the will from your dearest Robert, Eliza,” Teddy chuckled as he ran over to the window.  “It’ll only be valuable if you stay alive,” Teddy scoffed before jumping out the window.  I clawed at the imported rug, hoping that it’d be enough to help me stay alive.  I gasped for air as I tore open the envelop and opened the will.  I laughed in victory as I felt the life returning to me.  Everything had been done so everything that had belonged to Robert would belong to me.  But then, I furrowed my eyebrows as I saw a small piece of paper fall out.  I opened the note.

“Merry Bloody Christmas, Eliza.  I love you,” said I as I read the note.  I let out a loud laugh. “You? Loved me? Truly pathetic,” mumbled I before standing.  I stumbled onto a chair.  “I need no love to survive now that my dear Robert has proven to me that all men are liars and all maids are whores,” mumbled I as I clenched my fists.  “No man would ever truly love me now,” said I before closing my eyes and letting a tear roll down my cheek. “It truly is a Bloody Christmas now.”



--10 years later--

Elizabeth sat in her manor and looked out the window to admire the view.  The snow had covered all the streets and the roofs.  She could see everything she had always wanted to see as a little girl whenever it had become this time of the year again.  She smiled as she leaned back into her chair as she remembered what had happened on this day ten years ago.  The door of that room opened to reveal a small boy holding onto the handle.  Elizabeth turned around and spread her arms wide, gesturing for the boy to come to her, and he did.

“Mother, I have finished my studies, so may I go play now?” asked the little boy as he closed his eyes and inhaled his mother’s scent.

“Tommy, I have told you many times that you can never study enough of the human body,” said Elizabeth as she let go of the little boy.

“Mother, but I cannot study it any further.  It is too grotesque, and I don’t like it,” said the little boy as he puffed out his cheeks and crossed his arms.  Elizabeth clenched her teeth together and glared at that little boy.

“You will do as I say, or you will be whipped,” hissed Elizabeth.

“I cannot do it anymore, mother!” whined the boy.

“You have made your decision then, boy,” hissed Elizabeth as she pushed the boy to the ground and slipped out a dagger from her desk.

“Mother, don’t kill me!  I promise to be better than the others from now on!  I’ll work harder!” screeched the boy. “Mother!”

“You’ve been a bad boy, and bad boys need to be punished and replaced,” whispered Elizabeth before sinking the blade into the boy’s stomach.  She pulled it out and slit the boy’s throat.  “Oh, Tommy, you were just like the other little children I have brought here.  You were reluctant to do what I say. You were just like my dear Robert.  We cannot have more Roberts running around, now can we, Theodore?” said Eliza as she craned her head back to look at the corner of the room.  “Ah, yes, we cannot have people like you running around either now, can we?” said Elizabeth as she smiled at the body hanging from a rope, struggling to break free from the rope.  Elizabeth frowned as she noticed the struggling.  She stood and walked over to the body.  She smiled again as she saw the face of the man she had spent ten years to track down.  “Now, now, no need to make that face, Theodore. We don’t want your handsome face to be ruined when you’re dead, now do we?” coaxed Elizabeth as she caressed the man’s face.  “Oh? Being difficult, aren’t we?” whispered Elizabeth as she raised the dagger in her hand.  “Oh, don’t worry, I promise it won’t be painful any longer,” said Elizabeth before slitting the throat of Theodore.  “Now you can truly say you love me to death,” whispered Elizabeth before sinking the dagger into Theodore’s chest and then slitting his front open.  “Now this is what it means to love me enough to die for me, not loving me enough to try to kill me and then run away, wouldn’t you agree with me more, Theodore?” whispered Elizabeth as she let go of the dagger and smeared blood onto Theodore’s face.  She smiled as she saw the permanent look of terror on Theodore’s corpse.  “Now, that’s not the face you would have shown me ten years ago when you tried to kill me.  But we are even now, aren’t we, my love?”

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