Running So Far

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The journey to love

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Submitted: February 25, 2013



I've ran so far,

I'm tired but i can't stop.

I have tried to hit par,

But everytime it turns to slop.

I can feel it closing around me,

It is near, so very near.

So hard, it's so hard to see,

Somehow i find energy amung the fear.

It's too late, for i am consumed,

It has taken me whole.

I feel as if i am doomed,

I have lost my soul.

Yet as i lose all hope,

I am struck by a bright light.

The darkness faded, not knowing how to cope,

I suddenly find the will to fight.

I start towards the light in a dash,

As i get closer, i feel overwhelming warmth and happiness.

But then the light begins to flicker and flash,

My happiness and warmth grows less and less.

My sense of urgency grows evermore,

I am close, so close.

Faster, i run as my tears begin to pour,

The light grows evermore dim.

Yet it grows oh so near.

I take a leap as if on a whim,

I fall through the light and feel oh so queer.

I hit the ground with a thud,

And notice a woman so gorgeous and bright.

She sits there in the mud,

She smiles ever so slight.

Yet that perfect smile is one of sorrow,

Which fills me full of grief.

It is a pain that will be there all the 'morrow.

I wish to grant her instant relief.

Her gorgeous eyes reveal something foul,

It is for her i must take a stand.

I must not throw in the towel,

No matter what taint my soul must brand.

Just in that instant,

The darkness broke into the light.

It is oh so persistant,

For this woman i must summon all my might.

I must face this foe,

For this woman i would do all.

It sizes me up head to toe,

That's when it sees i will not fall.

Thus it begins its retreat,

Back into the black abyss.

For it knows that it is me it cannot beat,

And its pressence i will not miss.

As i tuen back around,

The woman is there.

In the air, there's not a sound,

I gaze upon her face so fair.

The sorrow gone from her face,

Where now only happiness resides.

In a gown of white lace,

Everything would move for her, even waters tides.

She beckons me forth,

I am helpless but to obey.

I am eager to prove my worth,

For she is as beautiful as the flowers in May.

As i draw near,

She grabs me in embrace.

And i shed one single tear,

My heart beating like a drums bass.

It is now that i know all will be ok,

For i found happiness and love.

Everything will go its way,

But from her i will never shove.

Nor her from me,

Our bond will never sever.

That's how it will always be,

Now and forever

© Copyright 2019 Aaron Ellis. All rights reserved.

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