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...they took me away, stole me...

Submitted: October 14, 2009

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Submitted: October 14, 2009



Save me, momma, save me,

they stole me from her arms.

Save me, papa, save me,

they dropped him to the ground.

They took me away, stole me,

then they showed me what pain is.

Bone snapping,

mind breaking

heart bleeding pain.

Endless torture made to force me insane.

First they brought my momma in,

they broke her in front of my eyes.

Then I had to break my papa,

break him till he could not break anymore.

I had prowess, gifted in torture,

indeed, I was skilled in this art.

So I captured my new one,

a strong young man

who was worty of my finesse endowment.

I taught him to scream, I showed him the pain,

inflicted on me all those years.

A twisted kind of camaraderieship,

developed in between us.

"Please, don't Mistress Denna,

don't want you hurting no more."

And when my Lord beat me,

flailed skin right off my back,

he loved me like a man should.

Finally the day came, when I knew I was to die,

he came to me, eyes full of sorrow,

Truth's blade glowing white.

If I was to die, I'd die as Denna,

not some Mord-Sith slave.

" Would you wear my agiel,

something to remember me by?"

"Yes, my love," he whispered softly,

putting an arm around my shoulders.

His eyes held mine.

"I forgive you."

And then he took my last breath

as his blade ran through my heart.

Thank god, I thought

as a tear ran down my cheek.

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