The bright blue eye in the woods

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A girl explore the woods everyday until a terrible accident happens. The accident will haunt her even when she is older and working.

Submitted: January 31, 2014

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Submitted: January 31, 2014



It was my 9th birthday. After waiting two years I was finally allowed to go into the woods behind my house again. I wasn’t the average little girl. When I was six I used to always go hiking in the woods with my father. My mother never liked us going into the woods because of hunters, but she knew how much we loved it. The day before I turned 7 my dad passed away from a car accident. My mom never talks about it and pretends like I never had a dad. A few weeks passed and I asked her if I could go explore the woods alone. She said I would only be allowed down there if I had a friend, but when I turned 9 she would let me go alone. I had no friends so I patiently waited the 623 days for my 9th birthday.

The morning of my 9th birthday, even before my mother woke up, I ran into the woods. It wasn’t as spectacular as I remembered but I still loved it.

I spent all my free time pretending I was on a huge adventure. There was one thing I wouldn’t do. I was too scared to cross the stream. I knew on the other side there were more trees and maybe houses.  But that was where the hunters waited for deer and my mom never wanted me to go over there.

When I was 11, during a disastrous windstorm a tree fell making a perfect bridge over the stream. I took the risk and climbed the tree bridge to get to the other side. A few days later I was exploring the other side and I heard a noise. I thought it was a hunter and I became very frightened. I heard a loud scream and ran in that direction to see what has happened. It was from a girl who looked about two year older then me. She screamed because she thought I was a hunter. I knew I shouldn’t talk to strangers but this girl was different. I felt very comfortable around her. We began to talk about our lives. Her name was Taylor and she lived about a mile away in a glamorous mansion. Both her parents were alive and dint care much about what she did. We decided to meet in the same spot the next day at the same time. This became a tradition and it went on for months. Taylor would tell me stories about all the vacations she took with her family. One place she went frequently was an island named Zora. She made this place sound fantastic and said we would visit there one day. It seemed a bit suspicious to me that she would always tell me these stories but she would meet me everyday in the woods and never went on any trips. I ignored that thought and kept getting closer to her. I knew so much about her life yet I didn’t know the basic facts such as her age.

One day we were watching the sunset and she took my hand. I pulled it back fast but she looked me in the eye and said she liked me more then a friend. Being 12, I wasnt sure what that meant but she didn’t give me much time to think. Her lips were on mine before I knew it. It felt like fireworks were going off. Days went by and I slowly fell in love with her. I had no idea this meant I could be a lesbian. I knew my mom hated gays but since my friend Taylor was a secret it was like I was in a different world with her and didn’t care about anyone else.  

After being in love for about 4 months we were walking around the woods on a frosty night and heard gunshots. We knew it was a hunter and tried to escape. Then the worst thing possible happened. A shot hit Taylor in the head and she died immediately. Even though it was pitch black outside I could see the man that shot her. I never forgot his face and bright blue eyes. He screamed to me “Don’t tell anyone about this or I promise I will kill you too!”

From that day on I never went back into the woods and tried to forget about Taylor. A few days after Taylor went missing there was a newspaper article about her. My mother asked me if I knew anything about her since it said she went missing in the woods that I loved. I said I didn’t know anything about it and just went on with my life. My mom was oblivious to the fact that I spent everyday for the past four and half years hiking the woods everyday and immediately stopped going into the wood after the report about Taylor.

I grew up, I changed and I slowly forgot about Taylor. To this day I still honestly still believe I was in love with her since I haven’t felt that way about any other human yet. I went to college, graduated, and began working for a large non-for profit agency. It was impossible to get to know all the employees of the organization. The one time of year the whole agency got together was for the holiday party. The party was going great until I noticed a man with the bright blue eyes. I instantaneously had a flashback to when Taylor got shot. I wanted to leave the party right then but I had to stay until the end.

I raced home frightened and when I got to my door there was a note. The note said “The promise still stands and I will murder you if anyone finds out about your friends death.” This time was different. I was more mature and also extremely terrified since I worked with this strange murderer. Over the long miserable night I debated about what my next move would be. I decided to bring the note to my local police station and explain everything and hope there would be an easy happy ending. The events of the next day were much different what I could have ever imagined.

On my drive to the police station I saw a car coming straight towards me. I swerved off the road and noticed the car coming towards me was the strange man with the bright blue eyes. He ended up having a head on crash the car that was behind me. Little did I know the strange man was spying on me since I began working for the agency and he had always wanted to kill me. That morning on my way to the police station he attempted to kill me but did not succeed. I was frightened and left scene of the accident right away even though I knew it was illegal.

I just wanted to forget all about it. I drove to work and tried to distract myself the rest of the day because I had a huge event to plan. When I got home that evening I was watching the news and a report about that morning’s accident was on. The news reporter said the two people died at the scene of the accident. The strange man with bright blue eyes was still unidentified at that time of the report. It was later found out that the man had no family and friends and his life was forgotten about. It was believed he was driving without a license and had a psychological problem.

The worst part of the crash was the person he killed my mistake. The woman he killed was Kendra Zora. The name Zora was very familiar but I couldn’t remember where I heard it before. A few days later it came to me. Zora was the island Taylor always talked about. I was curious so I went on the Internet and looked up the island of Zora. Nothing came up in the search results. I started to think everything Taylor told me was a lie. Either way it doesn’t matter now. After finding out Zora Island was imaginary I searched Kendra Zora.  I found her obituary and discovered she used to have an older sister, Taylor, who went missing 15 years ago. At this point in my life I was 27 and it was exactly 15 years since the last time I saw Taylor. I knew the Taylor mentioned in Kendra’s obituary was the Taylor I knew and loved. To this day I have wanted to contact Taylor’s parents and tell them about their oldest daughters death, but I keep avoiding it since I believe something devastating will happen to me once I share my secrets.

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