Mr. Linden's Library

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
Katrina Linden is a seriously misunderstood person. Sure she killed her mother and brother and was put into an Asylum owned by her father but that doesn't make her a bad person, right?

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011





 The asylum was located on an island fifty miles all ways, outside of a largely populated city. Originally, it was the founder, Mr. Linden’s, own personal haven away from the tragedies of the modern world where the media always had the greater opinion. Stories of a mentally ill person escaping from an institution here, and another there; nothing was ever truly done to help the poor, tormented souls. So, in an act of pity and the hopes of helping a few lives Mr. Linden dedicated his time to building an asylum where the mentally ill and disturbed could be placed.

The Linden Asylum’s hallways were dismal and empty. The air smelt of rust and the exposed pipes leaked from the ceiling.  The faulty lights had a rather bad habit of flickering due to wires that hadn’t been properly installed.  All of the doors on the hallway were made of a heavy metal and had a tiny glass, rectangular, barred window at the top. The night security guard was accompanying Doctor Hines, one of the many doctors who worked with the patients, through the main Penitentiary where the most severe patients were held under high surveillance.  They were on their way for a patient interview; technically a patient therapy session. The guard was dressed in heavy protection gear and a face-protecting helmet, similar to what a local S.W.A.T team would wear, and the doctor wore a lab coat and glasses. Her red hair was pulled into a bun and she carried a clipboard and a pen. He pushed a large cart that contained different medications that the patients had to take. The guard made his way down to all of the doors setting the medications on the little tray that slid in and out of the rooms and he hoped that the patients understood to take them.

 At the end of the hallway there was a door with a large warning label and extra locks. The guard looked to the doctor and motioned to the door.

“Why are there so many locks on that door?” he asked as they made their way to the door where the patient was kept. “Who’s in there?” Doctor Hines shook her head.

“This patient is highly dangerous, if you haven’t noticed we are in the Penitentiary.” She pointed out. “Katrina Linden is the patient in here.” The guard’s jaw nearly dropped.

“Yes, you heard correctly. This is Mr. Linden’s daughter, the one who killed his wife and son.” She said in a rather ominous tone.

“But, I don’t understand why we’re here at night. Aren’t these therapy sessions suppose to occur during hours? ” He paused. “It would make more sense I mean there’s more day officers than night officers.” Doctor Hines nodded in agreement.


 “Yes but the patient refuses to be talked to during the day, she claims that He is going to get her.” She said shaking her head. The guard looked confused.

“Who exactly is He?

“I’m not too sure myself to be honest. Some of us doctors including myself think it was the man that made her end up here, her father.” They stopped at the end of the hallway.

“Didn’t Mr. Linden go crazy himself?” Louise asked. “His story is one I’ve heard many times. An inmate killed his wife and son and he slowly slipped away his mind ending in oblivion. ”

The doctor nodded solemnly “That story is very true. Except most people leave out that the inmate was his own daughter. ”Her voice was rather forlorn “Now I just need you to stand by the door and be able to get her off of me in case she attacks, she’s subject to do so. Oh, and don’t look directly into her eyes, if you look into her eyes, she can grab control of your entire body. She can make you do things you don’t want to do, she can make you think you’re seeing things you’re really not.” She said pulling out the keys.

“In other words, she can manipulate your mind?” Louise asked. “Like a puppet master?” He watched as she stuck the key into the keyhole and turned the key.

“Yes, exactly like a puppet master.” Doctor Hines replied. The tumblers in the locks turned and clicked one by one in till all the locks opened.

The room was dark and had on tiny barred rectangular window near the ceiling. The walls were vandalized with words written in red paint. One of the walls read, “Welcome to my abode.” Another wall read, “Who’s sane but the insane.”  A crouched figure lied against the back wall of the cell, which read, “Let me in your head.” She raised her hand in front of her eyes to block the dim light that seeped in from the open door.

“Hello Katrina, its Doctor Hines.” The doctor said stepping into the room. The patient didn’t answer. The accompanying guard looked at the doctor with a confused face. Doctor Hines raised her finger to her lips and faced back to Katrina.

“Its okay, it’s just time for our weekly meeting.” she said waiting for a response.  There wasn’t one.

“Maybe she doesn’t want to be bothered.” Suggested the guard. Doctor Hines shook her head again and motioned for the guard to back out. He obliged.

“Katrina, Louise left. It’s just you and me now. Why don’t you stand up?  That position looks most uncomfortable.” She said grabbing her elbow to assist her. Katrina’s eyes shot open and she turned her head slowly with a sign of hatred. She screamed as loud as a banshee and swung her arm. Doctor Hines stepped back.

“Don’t call me Katrina!” she hissed violently scrapping at the terrified doctor.

“Okay! Okay! I won’t call you by your name.”  Doctor Hines said franticly.  “Why don’t we walk down to the interview room?” she suggested motioning to the door. 

“I’m not going to tell you how I’m feeling today or anything of the sort.” Katrina hissed Doctor Hines didn’t seem to hear her, as she grabbed her wrist so the doctor couldn’t get a grip on her. “I’m a big girl; I can walk fine by myself.”

“Very well, just don’t try anything. The building is under high security.”  She had Louise open the large metal door from the hallway.  They all walked down the narrow, dimly lit corridor to another barred door. Louise unlocked it and followed them inside. 

“Make him leave!” Katrina snarled as she was escorted to a chair and put under restraints.

“I’m staying here. For your own safety.” He replied.  Doctor Hines ignored his comment.

“What do you want to talk about today?” she asked her patient. “Any thoughts you want to share? Are you happy? Sad? Angry? Tell me what you feel.” Doctor Hines said with full confidence.  Katrina shifted her eyes in ignorance. “Okay, well the last time we had an interview, you said something about a library. Why don’t you tell me more about that?”  It was almost immediately that Katrina’s eyes glistened with excitement.

 “So, it’s my father’s library you’re interested in, hmm?” she flashed a devilish smile. “Well, I can tell you all about its mysteries and its history, if, however, you take these awful restraints off my wrists I’m starting to chafe.” Katrina looked hopefully at Doctor Hines.

Doctor Hines looked at the chain manacles Katrina was wearing and with her eyes, followed to where the chain was bolted to the floor. It did look most uncomfortable. “Well, I can take the restraints off and replace them with fetters instead. They aren’t much different just not chained to the floor. They will allow you to at least bend your elbows.” She walked over to Louise who was holding such a pair of fetters. “Will these do?” Katrina nodded and Louise quickly made the transaction making sure to keep Katrina’s arms down so she couldn’t make a getaway.

“There, is that better? Good. Now, tell me about this library.” Doctor Hines said pulling her thin-framed bifocals onto her curved nose. Katrina leaned back in her chair and rested her head on her hands.

“Well, my father originally built the library off the manor, so he would have somewhere to keep all of his ‘precious’ books. When he decided to turn this place into an Asylum, he had every book moved to the library in the mansion itself. My father was a very knowledgeable man and like most high stance people kept journals. My father was one of those people. That man carried his journal everywhere he went and he wrote down every thought that came to mind no matter how much it was useless.” She paused and licked her lips.

 “Now, my dad was also a strong believer in magic. In other words spells and hexes. None of us believed him per say. I thought some things were true but most of it was twisted to make you think it was true. So in order to ensure his journal would never be able to be open by anyone but him he placed a hex on it.” Katrina shifted her gaze.

“But, no one ever tried to open the book so there was no testimony to if it worked or not.”

Katrina shrugged. “How am I supposed to know? He landed me here! Though, if I had to guess I’d say it would be in his study.”

“What does it look like? Do you know?”

“Why do you want to know?” she didn’t wait for an answer. “Well if you most know, it was old leather bound and it had a single green jewel on the cover. The spine design was embroidered with gold.” She shifted in her seat. “I do hope you don’t plan to go looking for it. The last person to attempt it I never saw again…though I believe it to be a twist of fate.” Doctor Hines shook her head.

 “No, no I’m not going to look for it. The Linden Manor is empty isn’t it? There’s no one there.” She pointed out.

“Supposedly. I mean I’m not one to know you know since, well I don’t know…SINCE I’M LOCKED IN AN ASYLUM!” Katrina kicked the table, which knocked it over on its side. She jumped on top of the fallen table pulling her arms in front of her using the chain like a jump rope. Doctor Hines scrambled to the door and left quickly.  Louise rushed to confine Katrina but before he could get a hold of her she spun behind him and pulled the chain against his neck.

“Now listen here, Louise.” She snarled and pulled his head back to her chest and turned her face down to look at him in the eyes; Her burgundy hair falling into her pale face. “You’re not going to die, if you do what I say. You will do as I say.” He gulped and tried furiously not to look into her eyes as he remembered what Doctor Hines had told him, it was too late.


Louise found himself in the room alone. Finding his strength he slowly stood up and rubbed his head.

“I must’ve hit my head pretty hard.” He said quietly reaching for the light switch. Upon turning on the lights he noticed the walls were soiled with handwritten words written in bright red paint. “Welcome to my wonderland.” Louise read aloud thinking it was rather odd. Next to the sentence there was a picture of a grinning smiley face wearing a hat similar to the Mad Hatter’s from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’. The table was still turned over and the door was shut. Katrina escaped. Louise quickly opened the door and peered into the hallway. Splotches of red paint coated the walls in an arbitrary order.

“This will have to lead me to her.” He thought aloud following the paint down the hallway. Halfway through the corridor the paint vanished. “What the? This doesn’t add up! There’s no way she vanished into thin air.” He muttered.  Suddenly remembering that Doctor Hines was probably still on the island he began to run down the Penitentiary’s main hallway towards the double doors.

The air was cool and sharp and the moon was shinning high in the sky and slightly cover by clouds. The night was silent except of the quiet rustling of the leaves in the wind. Louise looked to the main building on the far left side of the island. All of lights there were off.

“Doctor Hines isn’t there, the lights wouldn’t be off.” Louise said to himself. “Then where is she-- Linden Manor.” He looked over in the direction of the mansion. A faint light flickered from the window a clear indication that there was someone in there. Louise ran through the brush and twigs cracked under the weight of his boots. The only thing he could think about was Katrina possibly having the helpless doctor held hostage.

 The mansions doors were open and the main entry way was dark and empty. Dust was thick in the air and coated the stair rail and everything in the house. There was a faint light glowing faintly up the stairs.  Louise raced through the doors of the mansions and looked around the forgotten house. His eyes traveled around the room slowly scanning for anything that may be relevant.

“This place gives me the creeps.” He mumbled to himself scampering up the stairs. A door at the end of the hallway was slightly cracked and light seeped from the room. Quickening pace, Louise made his way to the end of the hallway hoping Doctor Hines was all right.

Peering into the room proved to be a sight of shocking, horror. A great green vine climbed up the wall and reached to the ceiling. Half the room was covered in vines and leaves.

“D-doctor H-Hines?” Louise stammered slowly walking through the room. Almost certain that she wasn’t there Louise turned to leave. As he did so he noticed a figure laying on the couch in the bow window. There was not a doubt in mind that it was the doctor. Vines covered her body and she appeared to have been strangled by the thick vine around her neck and in front of her was the journal of Mr. Linden.

“No.” the frantic guard breathed trying to move all of the vegetation from her neck. He had warned her about the book but it was too late. Doctor Samantha Hines was dead.

? ? ?

A memorial service was held a month after the horrible incident in a local church. Co-workers, friends, and family mourned the lost of their fallen friend. Everyone seemed to have a series of happy memories of the doctor and happily reminisced. All except one woman who sat alone in the back of the cathedral keeping to herself. As the ceremony ended and people said their final memories a smirk wiped across her face and a single lock of burgundy hair fell in front of her ghastly bead like eyes. Her goal was accomplished. 


© Copyright 2020 RainbowEhko. All rights reserved.

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