He's Watching...Me

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Submitted: May 17, 2009

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Submitted: May 17, 2009



 As I went upstairs and into my bedroom, I had slipped into my pj's. It was dark outside and very hot inside, so I opened my window. I turned off my little t.v and switched the lights off. I hopped into bed. In the beginning of my night was good, but I heard sounds.


 Scribble scribble.


 At first it was nothing, but it got more louder. I just ignored it and let the breeze sway me. But I never went into the deep sleep. I heard the sounds closer to me, and I looked behind me.

 No one.

 I went back to bed. I fell asleep, but the noise came to me again. suddenly when my eyes were open, I felt eyes laying on me. Two dark eyes watching me. I looked behind, and no one or anything was there. I closed my eyes...giving it one more try. I felt eyes laying on my again, this time a person in the corner, sitting watching me over, watching me sleep. So I looked toward the corner direction. Nothing once again.

 ''Ugh.'' I growled, snuffing a pillow in my face. I felt eyes stay still on me...but I tried to ignore them, trying not to spot them. I couldn't bear but to take a peek. No one, nothing, as usual. I came to the conclusion that I was just hallusinating. So I removed the pillow, and lifted the covers oer top of me. I heard someone sit into my computer chair. I looked to see who it was. But it was no one. And then I heard a whisper.

 ''I'm watching you...'' And then I knew. That I had definatley heard something in my ear, that I wasnt hallusinating. That he...he was watching me.


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