Sex Is My Drug, But Love Is Esctacy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Veronica's life was always mizerable. If her bipolar mom, abusive father or slutty sister didn't make her life more complicated then a two million dollar debt, a rivelry between two bands and a older man ordering her on what to do will do the trick.

Table of Contents

What is Average?

Chapter 1 Average. When people hear that word they think of someone who is the same as almost every person in society. Some may e... Read Chapter

Baby The Star Shine Bright

Chapter 2 “Veronica get your fat ass up when it’s almost time to go to school!” Yelled Liliath “I’m coming! Calm your t... Read Chapter

I Shall Sign This Debt To You Little Sis

Chapter 3 Liliath started to walk out of school while wearing her usual short black skirt, black lace heals and her red strapless top... Read Chapter

The Signature To Hell

Chapter 4 Veronica arrived in her three room apartment only to see her mom drinking with her father, again. “I’m home” Said... Read Chapter