The Queen, Mistress, and Viola Player

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This is a story based on actual events a few months ago. No, I am not Queen of Florida.

Submitted: July 30, 2009

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Submitted: July 30, 2009



  Once upon a time, in the magical land of Florida, lived a great queen. Her name, Queen Savannah. The queen ruled over her territory with peace and prosperity, with the welcome help of her second in command, Mistress Alana. And lest we forget the royal, um, viola player, Sir Alex. Who also had a say so in how things were run, even if his antics did cause some, ah, exasperation to the queen and mistress.

Now, Sir Alex had gotten into a spot of bother with Queen Savannah. You see, he owed her money, because the queen graciously did his science homework for him. But, Savannah's generosity did come with a price, and that price was whatever pocketmoney Alex had at the time. He did promise her that, at least.

  Being the slightly forgetful person that she is, Savannah forgot to collect her payment when she handed back Alex's completed homework. A few weeks passed before she finally rememebered.

  The queen, who was not to be denied a promise, decided to confront Sir Alex at the village orchestra concert, were he was performing. Mistress Alana was also there, because her boyfriend, Master Kevin, was supposed to be performing as well.

  The concert itself was spectacular, the orchestra played the most beautiful songs. (The queen's personal favorite being Danse Rustique.) However, the most interesting part came after the show. That was when the queen and mistress confronted Sir Alex.

  "Kind sir," began the queen, "You do realize that you never paid me for my servitude?"

  "I could've sworn I paid you, Your Majesty," Sir Alex said.

  "But I frankly don't remember this transaction," the queen smiled sweetly, "And seeing as I am ruler of this land, I am of higher rank than you. So what I say is law.What I say is, you owe me money."

  "How much do you figure I owe you?" Alex grumbled.

  "One billion dollars."


  "I think he owes me another billion as well," Alana said, stepping up beside Savannah, "Because I helped."

  "So there you have it," Queen Savannah said, glancing up at Sir Alex, who had a height advantage, "You now owe us a combined total of two billion dollars."

  "Do I seriously look like a guy who carries around two billion dollars in his pockets?!' Alex exclaimed.

  "Yes,"came a raspy hiss from beside Queen Savannah. But standing in Mistress Alana's place was not Mistress Alana, but instead stood Demon Alana, who only came out unless she really wanted something. Or maybe it was because Master Kevin had not attended the night's concert.

  "And what if I don't pay?" Sir Alex demanded.

  Alana and Savannah looked at each other, then smiled malicously at Alex as they pulled out their hidden weapons...

  Several hours later, Queen Savannah was kindly explaining to Sir Alex's mother how her son had been killed for the greater good. All the while, Demon Alana was swearing up and down that it was all just an accident.


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