I stare around stone corners

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ending a doomed relationship

Submitted: March 11, 2007

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Submitted: March 11, 2007



I stare around stone corners

and a question leaks out


I try to breathe it back

but it rears up

it has yellow teeth

and impossible angles


so I look at the sidewalk

the roots have heaved

the sand has shifted

and the cracks appeared at night

while we slept

now little bugs crawl in and out

they deceive themselves

with the illusion of great purpose

and make little mounds of dirt

that spill out

I step on them

pushing the dirt back toward the crack

but it won't fit now


you don't see me

you have turned the rough corner

and walk on

past broken bottles

and old bones


now here is a smooth black stone

out of place

I kick it past you


but you only step aside

without noticing

head down

consumed by your own self


so you don't see

that I have decided

to stay behind

© Copyright 2018 Raine Bradford. All rights reserved.

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