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My first attempt, way back in 1996, at writing a futuristic/science fiction story...

Submitted: July 30, 2011

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Submitted: July 30, 2011





Early in the 21st century the Earth increased its population by accommodating Michael Henry 312.  In turn, Mike accommodated the Earth by decreasing its population:  he joined emigrations and flew in one spaceship after another, searching for a home.  Eventually, bored by this activity, he began to seek other means of serving mankind.  He finally decided one night, while babysitting a predictable of robots, to design a new way of life for humans.  He swallowed a “peace bead” and studied his hair which fell to his waist.  First, he plotted, there must be some kind of a new structure for the known ships.  Balls, he thought.  Yeah.  Balls.  No.  The idea faded slowly.  Somebody already did that, he spat into his mind.  Linear?  Infinite linear structures appeared in his mind...  It appealed to him.  The robots slid noiselessly into their compartments and the click of the computer switching off cocked Mike’s eyebrow.  The night had become important to him once more and he went home.  A surprise awaited him.  He switched on his flat by punching his secret code into the alphabetical index on the door.  The door opened and shut behind him.  I think we should have a little music.  Lines, he programmed, while the computer went on its errand, picking up all the nuances in Mike’s mind.  He had a shower.  The black water dried off him in the perfumed air blasts of the drier.  Clad in a silky material, he flopped onto the bed and closed his eyes.  The linear songs were new to him.  “The plans I made for you will seem brand new.  In a chair I sit with the songs I writ and hand them to the queue”, sang the voice… 


Henry opened his eyes to … a … replica of himself…  A stroke of genius.  He sought out the owner of the voice crooning in the background.  Blank.  Who wrote the song?  Edward Lines.  Damn.  He had forgotten what he looked like.  His image stared back at him and the music went on.  He closed his eyes.  After playing the full programme the pleasant sounds stopped. 


Edward Lines checked his credits.  Although he was unable to zero in on the programmer, he got the general theme of the new creation…  Some one out there had required thoughts on linear compositions.  There was a need for him to obtain Zetters, which in case you don’t know, are a pair of beads guaranteed to inspire. One started you and the other ended the process.  All the writers of anything had a wonderful position in life, and had access to the zillion kinds of beads for every possible purpose.  Or, at least, he thought so. 


Ed was a %#&^%t.  He knew it and so did all his fans.  The past was the past, he thought to himself, and jerked.  No more cheap highs for me, he sneered to the fans, and, smiling, went to the drug store.  Martin’s Drug Outlet read the sign.  Welcome, welcome, welcome.  The queue wasn’t very long and soon it was his turn.  He punched his identity code and the doors slid open and shut as they gulped him away.  He went to “z” and picked up a packet of Zetters.  He left the store, stood in the open air.  A new song he sang into his mind as he walked home.  The he psyched the melody onto his portable computer.  He chose a title and viola, popped the 2nd Zetter into his mouth.  The violet morning light illuminated his flat.  He’d waited years for a transparent ceilinged flat. 


He had fantasised about it, but it had never entered his mind that Deuce would actually pay him a visit, but there she was, dressed in the pale light of dawn, stretched across his bed.  He was hungry and chuckled at his luck.  Deuce had prepared him a tuna flavoured dish.  It was delicious.  After consuming the other dish as well - (probably Deuce’s idea of a relationship), and slugging at the milk, pink in colour, if you should know, he left his Universe behind and woke a starving Deuce. 


By this time life was just starting on a planet called Funk.  Let there be junk, ordered ADLEMI.  She had a long task ahead of her and she longed for her bunk.  Her spaceships hung over the ball. “Check”, came the voice of the computer.  Check…  Had time passed so quickly, her earthling mind wondered.  Eventually she made Junkies and went to her bunk and flunked. 


“My lines are straightish, my songs tell it like it is and my creation is complete.  The formula?  ME = G therefore G1 + ME3 = G2, G2 – ME3 = G1, G1 – ME3 = nothing. And so, from nothing to an end.”  ADLEMI tried to keep her eyes open, but it was too much effort, and slipped into another dream while the music pulsed through her veins. 


The computers shivered into life, but life was unaware of them at this early hour of their birth...  Unaware of everything but the all consuming darkness, and in that awareness, there was no awareness of anything. 


So, new life begins.  When the Creators awaken from their peaceful slumber, they live out their dreams and the echoes of their greatness is captured and relayed further into the darkness, breathed into being and suddenly the fires of hell demand an explanation. 


I AM WHAT I AM, whisper the minds of the Gods, trying to keep steady in the streams of firelight fanning the planets long destroyed for their lack of imagination.  I MUST HOLD ON and GO ON…  Once the fires of hell have burnt memories into their psyche, their fear of the all consuming darkness is only overcome by the thought that everything must have been fine before the lights…


I must go now.  I only stopped by to tantalise and tease your brain because it is there.  I do not rule you nor have I any intentions of doing so, for the “madness-inherent” needs only a push at its inertia and momentum follows the rational path to rebirth.  To explain it simply to you, for I know that at this moment you seek the elusive TRUTH:  you are like a worm, and soon you will be a butterfly, and soon you will be an energy and soon you will clothe yourself in your inner reflection of yourself…  Simple as that.


Soon I must fly away and check on my own creations.  Planets without hunger, pain and death…  I hope I got it all sorted out this time.  Your planet hasn’t got long to go.  This is my first time here and already I know that you have been visited countless times and warned, but, that ‘rebelling’ instinctiveness that leads to your destruction could not be curbed.  That’s why I am not here to rule you.  You wouldn’t listen anyway.You’re all deaf:  deaf to the scream of the tree or a plant; deaf to the scream of the beef, mutton or lamb, or pork…  The screams in the air… The promise of this planet turning into a fiery ball…


I feel the lethargy in this body I am occupying and know that selfishly you desire something to happen…  Well, now it is.  This time the momentum is at full G.  Me?  I am three.  You, me and Thee.  Thee had enough a long time ago.  You know Thee cannot tolerate that which Thee has stipulated as being wrong, so Thee is gone.  Anyway, I must go.  You are what you are and nothing and no one is going to change that – except YOURSELF, if you have the guts and the brains! 


Time went by slowly for Deuce.  She liked it that way.  She did everything slowly and methodically, calculating every step of her path to fulfilment.  She hadn’t read his mind for a long time as she had been severely disappointed in what she had heard.  Yet she was with him, at his beck and command, doing what he told her to do.  The credits he offered for her presence had finally tempted her.  Had she given up on trying?  Her many attempts at life had been failures – every last one of them.  Here, with him, she didn’t have to do anything but be robotic and creative in the food department.  She didn’t want to recollect her memories, and she didn’t want to be a part of the future.  Just existing from moment to moment, cutting off life to her creative talents, her imaginary hands choking their last breath out... 


There was no glory for her anymore in watching her mind’s images becoming reality.  She just wanted the pure boredom of luxuriating in the light.  She knew what it was.  Or rather, she knew what it had been.  Something beautiful, but now destroyed forever.  Like she was doing to herself.  That she was aware of.  In her slow, quiet awareness of burning up, she existed only in the moment of now, seemingly untouched by the past, or future.  Her mind had become silent again, after making the food.  Now, only he moved her and filled her vision.  The lights dimmed and brightened, splashing their colours around the walls and escaping through the ceiling as his moods affected the computerised throbbing.  The music that seeped through the walls reminded her of what she had cut out of her life – the mind of the man. 


Suddenly, a song with words as ancient as the darkness shattered her inner silence.  She was awakened and very angry at being so.  Who would awaken her?  Who was it?  She wanted to wring the life out of the persistent whine.  She knew that when she was awakened thus, that her mind would be active and she would remember things best forgotten…


Pain flashed throughout her being.  Her veins began to throb with adrenalin.  I don’t want to be here, she screamed inside her mind.  Deuce woke up. Ed was rubbing her inner thigh. 


“Edward”, she breathed and let out a long sigh.  “I just had the strangest dream.”  She laughed inwardly at her words, sounding so calm, when all she wanted was to escape the lights and sounds.


“Well, why don’t you tell me about it while I explore your delightful body,” he whispered as he continued stroking her.


Deuce was unaware of his touch, as if she were watching some one else’s body.  She smiled sweetly and pushed her head back into the soft cushioning for her head.  She watched herself from the safe haven of her eyes.  Her hair pulled momentarily, but she brought up her head and then relaxed and let out a sigh. 


“I dreamt of music and creation…” she said, in a husky voice, her throat constricted as she drew her head back as far as she could.  “Creation and music…” she mused.


“That’s what it is all about.”  Henry 312 said absently, daring his movements towards her upturned breasts.  Wow, but she is lovely.  Does she know what she does to me? He asked no one in particular, as with his free hand, he brushed away a stray strand of hair from his face.


Ed watched the monitor, greedily putting himself in Henry’s place.  Deuce was the most desirable creatures ever created, he thought to himself, licking away at some drool. 


ADLEMI opened her eyes.  What is going on in this ship?  She flicked her eyes from monitor to monitor.  Ed and Henry were playing with the ships sex kitten. 


Only a hundred light years away, the Earth exploded.  No one on board the ship felt any different from the moment before.  Little did they know that they were the lucky ones.  The red hot lava had little pity on anything and the rocks revelled in their new found agility. 


The darkness studied the ship in the vast empty space.  The occupants were products of the light.  Jealous and hungry, the darkness began to pull at the ship…





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