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I was musing and thought it would make a good conversational piece...

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013




I, too, had a dream...  I asked God to be with me as I dreamed:
I dreamed I had all the money in the world and I was wide awake...  What would I do to end hunger and poverty and crime?
My first thought was to give access to cash to everyone on earth via their own banking atm cards...  (This I'd have to do or else I'd cause envy and jealousy).  I'd own the banks, of course, so it would be easy to set up a system whereby people could use their own banking details to access the unending funds...
Right, I thought, that is solved...  Now everyone has enough money to do what they need to do...
and hopefully, they will help their neighbours who don't have access to banks...
Then, I had to think:  How am I going to keep the flow of money steady for all the needy people?
Of course, I would invest a lot of the money into the businesses that people would be using to make their dreams come true, like buying cars, houses, clothing, luxury foods and drinks...  Then, I thought, the money won't run out as I'll keep on getting returns on my investments...
Ah, so I had to stop and think hard:  Who is going to be left to manufacture and make all the things available to the people?  I mean, no one would NEED to work as they'd have all the money they need...
I thought to myself:  is this the road back to slavery?  Is this why the streets will be filled with gold and rubies and diamonds?  Will it all amount to naught?  Will water be clean and fit for slaking our thirst?  
I was full of questions and had no ready answer to solve the biggest problem of all:  WHO IS GOING TO SERVE THE PEOPLE?
Who is going to be at the hospital to nurse and doctor?
Who is going to be at the restaurant to cook and dish up and clean?
Who is going to protect the good people from the bad people?
...and on and on...
It raised, too, the question of WHAT exactly will people be using the money for?  I'm thinking like a good person, buying food and living well;  BUT, will the drug addict not buy more and stronger drugs?  Will the alcoholic not move up to stronger drugs?  Will the warring sects not buy more powerful weapons to protect their turf?
My dream crashed heavily and I was glad that I didn't have all the money in the world...  No way, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night...  and of course, there wouldn't be much sleeping done once every one had access to an infinite amount of money because there would be no one to serve their needs...
Nope, my silly little daydream turned into a BIG nightmare, and so I turned it off...  
I decided to share it with you, though, because a problem shared is a problem halved, and see if anybody else can relate to this nightmarish dream...
I am happy with the little or lot that I have, depending on who's judging, and I definitely don't want to go down into that little scheme again...  I make a few dollars a day and that is good enough for me...  I don't need more cars than I can drive, and I don't like driving anyways as I'm too darned the best paranoid schizophrenic in the world, and I don't need a mansion because I couldn't clean it myself being a person who wouldn't ever want a slave, and I don't need to impress anybody with flashing clothing or jewels...  
Most certainly, I don't need to dream that dream anymore - I have found it to be most distressing as it raises the question as to WHO controls the monies of the world and how they are dealing with it...  Perhaps they are as scared of what is happening as am I...  
Thank Heaven's I know the Lord's Prayer and have Bible verses in my heart to turn to, and believe that God is in control of EveryOne and EveryThing, and that He alone - and only He - knows how to sort out each precious life.  
I feel sorry that so many people are deprived from knowing the Creator of Everything, and that He is no longer a part of everyday life for many...  Just like God created Mankind, Mankind created the computer, robots and automation, and without ORDER and DISCIPLINE and a LOVE for Creation, Mankind and what he has created will slowly disintegrate...
I can't change the world and its many ways, but I can shine my little light and hope that it may lead one to change their attitute:  YOU CAN'T CHANGE YOUR SPOTS, BUT YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE...
So, that dream of having all the money in the world is scary for me...  Is it scary for you?  Can you see a way to make it all work?

© Copyright 2017 Raine Carosin. All rights reserved.

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