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In the wee hours of the morning, I had to get some things off my chest... why we walk aways sometimes and why, sometimes, we are unable to turn the other cheek... this poem is in two parts... This is the first part...

Submitted: March 18, 2012

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Submitted: March 18, 2012




By Raine Carosin


Started writing in the wee hours…


Every one has a personal reason

For walking away from love

One cannot be blamed

When your love is not enough

For there are reasons we find ourselves alone

There are things you can’t condone

And in the end there’s only me

And I’m sadly, finally, free


If only we didn’t hate each other so

And pretend to love and go

If only our love had been true

I’d be alone with you

But you’re gone and so am I

Life on Earth is the twinkle of an eye

And all mistakes I’ve made in vain

Come back to haunt me time and again


If only I could be the one

Your stars, your Moon, Your Sun

But, Alas, these human bones

Look around at all the clones

I cannot eat but bear to swallow

And in my emotions I dare not wallow

For who else controlled my flesh

To build the cage then cut the mesh


So Every One has a personal reason

For walking away from Love

I’m all appraise for this final Season

For the reason I see above

Even to the Sun I can’t compare

Or at the Moon or Stars to stare

In my lonely moments dare

To feel the sorrow and despair


As I walk away from Love

Smiling softly to ease the pain

I pray for help from Above

To deal with the tears that fall like rain

Although I can’t bear to be undone

I can’t compare to the Moon, Stars and Sun

So I walk away as I do now

Still intact and loved somehow


I know we thought we’d found the one

And we forgot the Moon, and Stars and Sun

We’ve seen the truth between the lines

Let’s not commit any thought crimes

© Copyright 2019 Raine Carosin. All rights reserved.

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