Salesman of Love

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This is actually a metaphorical way of describing the mind of a sociopath . One that is a man, and his victims are woman in which believe he is their soulmate and that they found their prince. Soon there after they learn that it was all fake and simply a routine of his just as much so as a job that he has been working with for many many years, with many many customers .

Submitted: June 10, 2013

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Submitted: June 10, 2013



There was a clever man who indulged upon such alleys of likeliness of the red light district... tabu sorts of buisnes  . A very determined worker who wanted that sale. He sat one day pondering ways of gathering concepts that would carry out one specific design. Receive without asking to the kind ones, the naive, but needed further affirmation that what he was seeking to them was blind. So it was simple and strategic only taking him a very short while. If he could be a charming prince in disguise but intentions strictly that of a thief, he'd leave his " customers"  or victims with their heads spinning with purchased expectations , with deceit completely a denial . What do I want...... that was the question . The journey would be all he desired, and with full throttled indulgence of every longed for destination. Woman with heart, beautiful smile. How about a brain..... for nights choosing to talk a while. Nothing to crazy.... simple is fine.... doesn't need to deal in temporary position with anything complex..... but what is a must have quality ,is a woman who has a sweet tooth for explosive sex.  The scheme was cynical, and he realized his obstacles. Boredom have no furry with his attention always running thin. So what can he do he thought to assure a sure win. Well, I need stability only within myself, a solid ground to belong to , while earning all my wealth. So that was that, he relocated to a prime location. Plenty of seeking woman browsing the store windows with dismay and despise, never finding what they want... to short, to tall, to unqualified, to arrogant, selfish , just to many problems with no time for solutions with what there was to offer with all of these guys. He dressed for success and freshly recited many times the gimmick to ensure he would get what he was looking for nothing more and nothing less. The first one was simple , and delicate. All he had to do was smile and with her she had every intention to put it all on credit. "Excuse me miss, what a lovely dress ", she was startled by a man who acknowledged what a woman searches for , an attractive gentleman with the ability to take notice of her style , and take the time even to address. Was only  a moment and not long before, she was his for the taking and half naked by the time they opened the door. Something about the way she looked, he noted to search only this criteria, put a big star with the description of her in his black book. Dark hair , be it long.... a smile to seduce you , and eyes that want to do you.... he chuckled.... and agreed to his inner mind... yes, yes, I am so slick.... She gave him all he wanted and more.... and all he gave was his ..... It was shortly after that known itch.... what is she talking about... I've had it with this b*ch . She pranced like a pony all through town, it been so long she had smiled for her love life had her only frown. He was charming and sweet, always knew the right words to say. Baby , I've been looking for you, can't believe I found you, my dear.... I love you, and I promise to forever stay. But not today my dear.... and she hadn't even a fear.... she walked through the door.... and all she could smell was the raw stench of beer. Where where you , are you cheating on me?! What do you mean sweetheart, it is you that I wish for to only remain with and be. get out of my life.... I can't take this anymore..... but but but ..... is all she could say as he booted her out on the front porch.... with just the dress she met him with and was that all she was left with that she wore, don't call me, don't come here, don't bother me you hear?!! Tears rolled down her face as he slammed the door. It was then the beast had conquered his very first sale... stole the heart of his victim .... this is a victory I searched for ... and a sure way to never fail... So many more came through.. and the words were all the same. They gave him what he wanted..... and it was such an easy game. Sell love to the searching, to fill up their heart. All he did was tell them what they wanted... and gathered his winnings ... starting always sweet... ending always tart. Whispers brewed through out the town, he had to manage his strategy to make sure what he was doing was un heard of and never was his wrong doings leaked out with any sound. Friends he used as co-workers , and they didn't even know. How great is this buisnes , I gain all the earning potential ... and watch my pockets grow. Satified, he continued to to sooth the minds of his babies with every time he lied. Kept going always knowing, that what he claimed wasn't true, but its a cut throat buis babe..... being a salesman of love..... if you want to buy it... its your choice... I have here what you are looking for ..... if you want it , it's here..... I will leave that up to you...... ~~~~  

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