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I´ve made mistakes.

Submitted: January 22, 2014

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Submitted: January 22, 2014



I lost you. A year has passed, but i can still hear your voice.

I have tried to forget. tried to suppress the memories.

But there is no change.

Why did you give me another chance. Why did you light a fading fire?

My mind was in peace. I had already given you all i had.


You got away without a scratch.

Leaving me to be alone with the past.

Yours was wiped. No worries in sight.

Not even a thought of who you left behind.


I have tried all i can think of. Everyone i could think of.

None of it worked. None of them can compare.

Love is stronger than i ever imagined.


You learn from your mistakes. I have learned of mine.

The hatred is no longer place for. It´s filled with something else.

Someone who is yet to come. Someone who will fill the void you made.


I am not asking for your love. As much as i dream of that. I do not deserve it anymore.

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