house of sin verse 2

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a continuation of a long story poem

Submitted: December 23, 2006

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Submitted: December 23, 2006



His icy grip upon my sleeve

I wanted to, but could not leave

My life was over, I knew for sure

As we entered through the one way door

The stench was foul, the smell of death

I couldn’t breathe I held my breath

The minions laughed the demons wailed

I tried to break his grip, but failed

He threw me to the filthy floor

Covered in a bloody gore

They pulled and poked and taunted me

All my sins were there, to see

The prince of darkness sat on his throne

Made of angel hair and human bone

With empty eyes and heart of stone

He spoke in tongues and evil tones

This is but the price, you pay

For living in a sinful way

There is no ending once we begin

Ah.....Welcome to the house of sin!

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