house of sin (verse 3)

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the journey continues

Submitted: December 25, 2006

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Submitted: December 25, 2006


























He rose on high up off his throne

His evil eyes, pierced me to the bone

Rise up sinner, off your knees

He said, ignoring all my pleads

Here is the place where you will dwell

He showed me now, the gates of hell

A demon flung the basement door

An inferno was the basement floor

The heat so hot, the smoke did rise

It stole my breath and burned my eyes

I heard the crying of the lonely

Of sinners and lost souls moaning

Swimming in a molten sea

They screamed and swore, and reached for me

The demons laughed and minions danced

The prince of darkness did advance

All your life, I spoke to you

And made your heart and soul untrue

But it was you, that let all the evil in

Ah’ welcome to the house sin!


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