house of sin (verse 4)

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the next verse in a continuing poem

Submitted: December 26, 2006

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Submitted: December 26, 2006




































The evil one motioned me to speak

You sicken me, you are so weak

I wept and couldn’t find by voice

But it was true I had, had a choice

The free will God had given me

Was thrown away on vanity

The howling demons groped at me

In this place without sympathy

They took me to the basement stair

Into the eternal fire I did stare

I prayed to God that I could be forgiven

For the sinful way I had been living

It’s to late the devil laughed

Your time for redemption has surely passed

I shall have my minions throw you in the hole

You’ll rot in hell I’ll burn your soul

There’s simply nothing you can do

And to think I just left it up to you

Open the door and fools walk in

Ah’ welcome to the house of sin!

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