A Change

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Being all introvert Hoya is, furthering himself in the campus life where he'll be living with a roommate was something that challenge his own personality. Meeting the bright man called Woohyun was another thing that troubled him, as he was a dull person that barely jokes. That eventually creating gap between him and Woohyun, and he was once again being set to the quiet and invisible boy. It's hurtful enough for his own existence to be ignored by his very own roommate, and seemed like Woohyun didn't care enough about it.

Will there ever be friendship among them if Hoya stayed like that?

Submitted: September 22, 2013

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Submitted: September 22, 2013



 "Stranger and foe, one day each other know"  - Henry David Thoreau


Characters : Hoya and Woohyun

Background : Campus life


 In his careful steps, Hoya sauntered along the dormitory hallway pulling his carrier, hand holding the piece of paper imprinted with the number of his room. Eyes searching through the black metal plates attached on each of the doors around him, until he stopped right in front of a door. He took another glance at the paper, and gave a slight nod to confirm that was his room. His heart thumped, too many wonders and thought running through his mind. He knew his life might change at the first moment he stepped into the campus, the chance to be a better of himself was high, but the arousing consequences that might follow scared him out.

But his other hand slowly reached for the doorknob. As he drew his face closer to the door, he heard faint sound of laughter inside. Confusion was built inside him, was he supposed to be pleased or worried by the first hint? He closed his eyes shut, and brushed the thoughts away. Bracing up, he pushed the door open, plastering a smile on his face as his initial greeting to whoever that was in the room.

The laughter faded away, a sudden silence accompanied his awkward entrance inside the shared room. Hoya’s sight fell onto a man whom he assumed as his roommate, sitting on the bed by the window looking at him with his wide opened eyes. His brunette hair covered his forehead, yet not long enough to conceal his blinking eyes at Hoya. There was another man standing beside him, they looked slightly similar in their face, and they were in the midst of unpacking from the view of the absolute mess on the bed with the wide opened carrier on the floor.

Hoya cleared his throat, and closed the door behind him. There was a slight feeling inside him that it would be hard for him to get along with this man in front of him. He looked bright and cheerful, wearing a welcoming smile though they didn’t say anything to each other yet. Contrary to his own appearance – dark, blunt, dull. However his mind sternly reminded him that he’s going to live with this man in the same room for the whole semester, so Hoya should open up.

“Umm.. hello.” Hoya broke the silence, and bowed to greet.

“Oh.. hello! So you’re my roommate then?” He hopped off the bed and walked towards Hoya. As he got the little nod from Hoya, he smiled revealing the dimples on the side of his lips. “Okay, I’m Nam Woohyun. Here’s my brother, Boohyun.”

Hoya stared at the hand he drew forward, expecting a friendly shake. He didn’t hesitate, and quickly shook the waiting hand. “I’m Lee Howon. But.. y-you can call me Hoya.” He muttered in stammer, unsure whether introducing his nickname would be better.

“Oh, okay..” Woohyun gave him a nod, but Hoya couldn’t miss the look from Woohyun. He knew that look so well. The look that exhibited judgement though it was just silently showed. His confidence dropped a level down, all the courage he had brought along was fading bit by bit.

He looked around, and decided to settle down on his bed to unpack his own stuff. Woohyun then shrugged his shoulder, probably astounded a bit at how wordless Hoya was, and continued chatting with his brother who was shoving his clothes into his locker. It was impossible not to be distracted at how the other two in the room chatted joyfully while he himself was alone struggling with his own feeling, unpacking the not so much stuffs from his carrier.

Life won’t change too much, he began to set that in his mind. Nothing’s going to change, and he’s still himself, that failed to garner the normal first impression from others. Sighing in regret, he threw his sight away from looking at Woohyun, and tried utterly hard not to make himself feel as if he was invisible.


Days passed, yet there was no improvement in the roommate relationship between him and Woohyun. Hoya thought they would grow closer as they live together in the room, but Woohyun seemed to distant himself from Hoya. Hoya would blame himself since he was a quite introvert person, he preferred to be quiet and let the other lead the little conversation they had in the room. It wasn’t really eligible to call it as conversation, because the only thing they shared were “Have you eaten?”, “You have a class?” and “I’m going to sleep.” That’s all, and they were absolutely dull.

Adding to the worst, Hoya and Woohyun both were majoring in different courses, so there was no chance of both to discuss with each other over some test papers or quizzes. When both of them were studying, both will be as quiet as the wall, making it almost impossible for Hoya to blurt a word to Woohyun.

He knew, he was making it hard for Woohyun. Woohyun was a talkative person, love to mingle around with people and hated silence. But Hoya can’t help but to feel hurt when Woohyun often went out of the room, leaving Hoya alone. Ever since, Hoya hated himself for being too quiet, for being afraid too much that he’s even losing his own roommate that wasn’t even close with him.


Until that one night when their room was pretty occupied with Woohyun’s friends that he brought along. Hoya was studying for his test on the next day, but the loudness from the talk between Woohyun and his friend, not to mention the slapping sound of them hitting each other when jokes and squeals were shared among them. He seemed used to be treated as if he’s invisible in the room, but his own hearing wasn’t deafened.

“Woohyun ah! Woohyun ah! You remember that boy you teased about his black outfit?” His friend with small pair of eyes asked him in his loud voice, being all excited in their conversation.

“Oh yeah that boy! Gosh he’s all black from head to toe.. what was he thinking? A walking source of solar power? And you actually snorted at him, Sunggyu hyung!” Woohyun replied, then they burst into ear-piercing laughter.

“It’s all this Sungyeol’s fault. He pointed to that boy, and I can’t help but to laugh!” Sunggyu responded.

“Hyung you better be careful.. he got this pretty scary eyes, you know!” The other friend that was sitting on Woohyun’s chair, Sungyeol, exclaimed in his barritone voice, followed by his dolphin-like laughter. Woohyun laughed even loud, moving his body forward and backward as he can’t contain the humorous feeling inside him as he slapped hard on the small table.

Hoya grunted in silent. He’s indeed in a serious situation where he needed peace and silence to study, but his roommate wasn’t helping at all. Still, there was no courage inside him to scold the other. Distracted enough, he closed his books and organized all the stuffs on his table. Unintentionally, he produced a loud thudding voice, attracting the three people to look at him.

“What’s with him?” Sunggyu whispered, and Woohyun just shrugged his shoulders.

That was obviously overheard by Hoya since their room wasn’t that big. He ignored, and went into his bed, quickly tucking himself under the blanket and turned to the wall. He mentally reminded himself to wake early the next day to revise more on his notes.

“Yah.. he can sleep with the lights on?” Sungyeol bent to Woohyun and asked him.

“He always sleeps with the lights on.” Woohyun nonchalantly answered. Hoya could hear his voice that was etched in a bit annoyance. He knew it.

“Weird..” Sunggyu mumbled.

“Why don’t we talk outside? It’s no fun talking in here. Too dull.” Sungyeol suggested, Hoya didn’t know whether it’s an understatement or what. They briskly stepped out of the room, and when the door was closed, Hoya finally found peace, and let his drowsy eyes drove him into slumber.


Woohyun came back to the room only to find Hoya was already asleep, lying on his side with the lights still switched on. He could hear the unclear sound of songs coming out from Hoya’s earphones that was laid on the bed, probably got unattached from the owner’s ears as Hoya tossed around. Woohyun sighed at the view, he felt like he could never understand his own roommate though they were so close to each other physically.

There wasn’t a single night that they sleep with the lights turned off. Woohyun found it distracting, since he’s a light sleeper and needed darkness to let him sleep. But he’s being considerate so he wore eye-patch to sleep, taking that Hoya maybe can’t sleep in dark. He never asked Hoya why.

That clicked something into his mind. He never did ask Hoya about it, and Hoya never told him about it. The suggestion from his friend earlier as they were talking out of the room were being replayed in his mind.

“Why don’t you just switch the light off for tonight? I bet he won’t say anything..”

Woohyun stared at the slightly younger male who was sleeping. He looked peaceful enough, and Woohyun thought maybe it’s not going to be a problem if he turn the lights off. Keeping an eye to Hoya, he reached his hand for the switch, and ticked it. The room turned dark, and it calmed Woohyun’s sight. He slowly – and happily – walked towards his bed and plopped into it. He’s going to sleep deeply that night.


Hoya felt suffocated, his sight fell onto nothing but bleak darkness. Loud thumping in his heart add up to his nervous feeling. Hands fumbling on the bed cover beneath him as he tossed around, but his eyes can’t grasp into any single thing around him. He can’t see anything, and that made anxiety wrapped tightly around him.

Gasps escaped his own mouth, as his own lips trembled into an act of supressing any voices of fear he had inside. He found it hard to breathe, and later his eyes stung with tears. He hated darkness. He just hated it. Vast memory of being locked up in a dark room for a  long time during his childhood has made him fear the darkness.

He knitted his brows, he can’t take it anymore. He can’t really wake up and asked his roommate to switch the light on, and he can’t even walk his own way since he’s too afraid of the dark. Breath got uneven, and he eventually let his emotion took over himself. Tears mixed with the trickling sweats rolled down his tip of nose as he curled himself, hugging his own body to get over the feeling. The sobs didn’t stop, and he didn’t care how loud it would be. He’s just scared.

“Hey what’s wrong?” Suddenly a hoarse voice was heard from behind, before he heard footstep approaching his bed. It was Woohyun, who was woken up by Hoya’s growing sobs. Being a light sleeper he is, he quickly rose up and figured out the sound.

Hoya didn’t look at him, but he buried his face deeper into the bed under him, covering his crying face. His shoulders were shaken, his grip on his arms got tighter. Later he heard a click sound, and the room went luminous, and Woohyun saw Hoya in better view.

He sat beside Hoya, though the latter didn’t budge even an inch from his foetal position. “You.. can’t sleep with the lights off?” Woohyun trailed his voice, asking out his concern.

Upon that question, Hoya felt annoyed despite the sincere concern from Woohyun’s voice. He had been showing his weird side to Woohyun, but to let him see this condition of him, that was the last thing he wanted to show Woohyun. He stayed quiet, his sobs didn’t even recede.

Guilty pricked Woohyun endlessly, seeing how pathetic Hoya was. He placed his hand on Hoya’s arm. “I’m sorry.” Woohyun muttered.

An apology, the first simple yet meaningful apology that Hoya heard from Woohyun.


As soon as the lecture was dismissed, everyone rushed out of the lecture hall. They were clearly  either hungry, or just got the freedom to escape from the boring lecture. Not really rushing his steps was Hoya, who just casually grabbed onto his backpack strap on his shoulder, walking out of the hall heading to the nearby stairs. He waited for a while until the descending stairs was spacious enough for him to walk down without being pushed by others.

But as he went down, his ears caught a familiar voice, echoing his snickers few steps higher than him. Hoya looked behind and saw Woohyun, walking down the stairs as he happily laughing with Sungyeol by his side. Hoya didn’t feel like announcing his existence there, yet he can’t take his eyes away though. He envied Woohyun for being all bubbly, and to see him so happy like that, Hoya was somehow amazed at him.

Hoya’s eyes didn’t fail to notice another man was sneaking up on Woohyun from behind, staring at Woohyun with his icy cold stare. Hoya stood still for a while, looking at Woohyun who didn’t seem to notice it. There wasn’t so many people there, so it’s impossible for Hoya to let that pass. That man didn’t notice Hoya’s observant eyes, and he went even closer to Woohyun.

Only then the realization struck Hoya on what that man wanted to do, but it was too late. With one swift movement, the man hit his shoulder with Woohyun’s who was caught off-guard, sending him stumbling down the stairs, unable to keep the balance after being bumped like that.

“Aaah!!” Woohyun shrieked, as the ground were nearing his own body. To be exact, he was falling down with his upper body plunging towards the ground. He closed his eyes, can’t bear to stand the upcoming pain that might hit him hard.

Then he fell onto the ground, but the pain wasn’t something that he imagined before. It hurt though, but not to the state that he’ll yelp in pain. A painful groan was heard, but not his. As if the ground was soft and warm, that was what he felt. As he opened his eyes, he saw another pair of eyes looking into him, a glint of pain flashes in the dark brown orbs.

“H-Hoya?” Woohyun gasped, shocked to see Hoya suddenly appeared and lying underneath him, wearing a hurtful expression. Hoya let out another groan, and that snapped Woohyun out of his wonder so he quickly got off Hoya’s body.

“You.. okay?” Hoya asked, despite the pain that throbbed in his right arm. He must have hit it hard on the ground when he caught Woohyun from crashing down.

“What are you saying? I was supposed to ask that! Are you okay?” Woohyun was panicked to see Hoya pressing his lips into thin lines, trying to sit up but failed to prop himself with his right arm. He fell again onto the ground. “Your hand.. does it hurt?” Woohyun lightly touched Hoya’s hand.

“I.. don’t know..” Hoya muttered. Woohyun helped him to sit, and Sungyeol who rushed down to Woohyun’s side help collecting the scattering books of Hoya’s. He looked at Hoya’s motionless hand, and shifted his glance to Woohyun.

“Woohyun.. I think he broke his wrist.” Sungyeol said, earning a widening pair of eyes from Woohyun.


It’s pretty troublesome to have his right hand wrapped in bandage, giving an extra size to his frequently used hand. He can’t even write, doing things got harder and frustrating. It wasn’t enough that he was troubled by his own discouraged personality, and this hurting wrist just made it worse. However, he didn’t really blame Woohyun for it, since he was the one who foolishly ran forward and decided to catch that boy from crashing his own face onto the harsh ground.

He jerked himself up from his bed, and looked around the empty room. A bottle of water was spotted on the table, and he felt sudden thirst in his throat. He got off the bed, and grabbed the bottle with his left hand, fingers reaching the lid to spin it open. However, it was hard since the bottle hasn’t been opened yet.

“Oh.. seriously..” Hoya muttered under his breath, struggling with the unmoving cap of bottle. He tried to put his injured right hand to hold the bottle, but the bandage lessened the friction as he spun the cap, and the bottle fell onto the floor.

“Whoa.. struggling enough, Hoya?” Hoya didn’t notice the opened door, and he turned around to see Woohyun entering the room, picking up the bottle of water that rolled towards the door. Hoya saw Woohyun holding a plastic bag, and he swore he could smell the tasty scent that came out of it.

“I.. was thirsty..” Hoya sighed, and sat back onto his bed.

“Here..” Woohyun opened the bottle, and handed it to Hoya. In hesitant, yet the thirst overtook him so Hoya retrieved to bottle. “Oh, and I bought us some food. I bet you haven’t gone for lunch yet, right?”

Hoya stared at him, feeling utterly grateful to hear such words. He was extremely hungry, but the newly bandaged hand gave him a hard time to move around, as it was hurting enough to let him change clothes. To have Woohyun who preferred to eat out in the cafeteria with his own friends, Sunggyu and Sungyeol, that was what making Hoya to be taken aback for a while.

“Oh.. yeah..” Hoya replied, staring at Woohyun who then let out soft chuckles.

“I knew it.. here’s yours.” Woohyun took out the food container and placed it on the small table they had in the middle of the room.

“Thanks.. I’ll pay you back.” Hoya said, grabbing the chopsticks with his left hand and let his eyes devouring the delicious view of the food.

“No it’s okay. Take it as my treat.” Woohyun opened his own food container, and started spooning some rice into his mouth. “This is my favourite food, I don’t know what you like, so I bought the same for yours.” Woohyun mumbled as he swallowed down his food.

Hoya smiled, and replaced the chopstick he held earlier with a spoon as he saw the soup and wanted to taste it first. But, he’s not used in using his left hand for eating, so when he spooned the soup, his hand trembled and the soup spilled onto his jeans.

“Aish..” Hoya growled, frustrated since he was hungry and his hand wasn’t letting him to eat.

Woohyun stopped eating and looked up at Hoya. He was struggling to hold the spoon, lips muttering unclear growls as he can’t really hold it well. Woohyun then placed down his own chopstick and took the spoon from Hoya’s hand.

“What are you doing?” Hoya asked, as Woohyun spoon out some rice and put it in front of Hoya’s face.

“Here.. eat.” He said, and Hoya was stunned for a while. If he was told to list any impossible things that would happen to him, Woohyun’s act of feeding him would be among the list.

“Woohyun.. it’s..” Hoya muttered.

“Just eat.. I don’t want my roommate starving to death.” Woohyun kept holding the spoon, waiting for Hoya to respond. That was awkward enough, so Hoya opened his mouth and successfully ate the rice Woohyun was feeding him.

“Sorry..” Hoya muttered after he swallowed his food.

“Don’t be. I caused you to be like this.” Woohyun scooped some more food, feeding it into Hoya’s mouth as the latter received it. “I think.. it’s time for me to know more about you..” Woohyun suddenly blurted. That got Hoya stoned for a moment.

“What do you mean?”

“We live together for almost two months, yet I barely know about you.” Woohyun uttered. Hoya can’t help but to let out a little sneer, as he cocked his head to the side. This was amusing, as he never expected the day they would open up to each other will finally arrive.

He was unsure where did he gain the courage to speak up his heart content, but he just did. “You hated me, didn’t you?” Hoya asked, looking straight into Woohyun’s eyes. But the latter raised his brows.

“Me? Hate you? I don’t even know that much about you.. so why am I hating you?” Woohyun questioned.

“I was weird in your eyes, right? No.. I am still weird. I’m all contrast to yourself.”

Woohyun let out a deep sigh, and then he grinned. That pulled out curiosity in Hoya. “Hoya.. you barely speaks. You have that one expression as if you hated me so much, and you seem to hate me being in this room. I admit, I’ve been staying away from you before, because you’re.. umm.. scary.”

“Scary? I’m scary?”

“Yeah.. but to hear you asking me whether I hated you, that’s surprising. Because that was what I thought you’d be feeling towards me.” Woohyun chuckled.

Hearing his words, Hoya somehow felt all his hard feelings and burdens he kept inside him slowly went away. If only he knew, if he open up and voiced out his own feeling from the start would be a better choice and things would escalate better and faster. The realization, that Woohyun wasn’t even hating him, was something good to hear. Then both of them laughed at Woohyun’s remark, finally a sincere, friendly laughter between the two roommates echoed in the room they’d been living together.

Ever since that day, both grew closer enough to be labelled as roommates, and even best friend. Their conversations were no longer about those dull daily questions, but it extended to jokes and even advices for moral supports. They would find themselves staying up the night watching movies together, or just chatting together to find out more about each other. Woohyun was there when Hoya had his hard time, and Hoya was there when Woohyun needed his most support. He was thankful that he got the chance to build the friendship between him and Woohyun, learning how to socialize from Woohyun and get more friends to change his introvert personality.

Hoya’s life did change. And it changed because he initiated it himself. Only then he believed, staying passively in his safe spot won’t help him out. He needed to get out of it, started by himself and helped by a friend by his side.



Author's Note

Inspired to write this since this idea had stroke me lately. I might say, part of this was something that I experienced myself, and it took me a lot of time to adjust myself. The only thing that managed to take me out of such trouble, was for me to change myself first.

And yeah, expressing this with Hoya and Woohyun's character is really.. *squeals*.. I love the friendship and brotherly bond between this two.

Thanks for reading, and do comment as that would be lovely..^^

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