High School Bomb Squad

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After a shooting in a school, two students return to the scene in order to search for a bomb that was planted. Another student follows them and watches as they get rid of the bomb.

Submitted: May 02, 2012

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Submitted: May 02, 2012



"Hurry up, it's cramped and dark down here!" complained one of the voices ahead.  It was pitch black, and all Justin could see was a small light ahead and two silhouettes in that light.  He had been following them for the better part of 20 minutes when they finally seemed to slow.  He stayed a few yards behind them, not wanting them to know that he followed them.  A grunt followed shortly followed by a thud didn't come long before the two people in front were bathed in light.  Both girls, average height, and didn't stand out much.  One had long brown hair, tan skin, chocolate eyes, and was wearing a small t-shirt and jeans.  The other had shorter dirty blond hair, practically transparent skin, hazel with a tint of blue on the edges for her eyes, and was wearing dark brown pants, a blue jacket, and purple fingerless gloves that looked meant to be used with weights or bikes.

"Come on, we better hurry," whispers the blonde.  Both slid out of the hole, and turned so Justin could see their faces.  They were his classmates, the brunette named Christy and the blonde named Eve.  Behind them, which Justin noticed after his eyes adjusted, was the school's theater.  Not many came to the theater often, due to the fact the school relied more on its sports for pride rather than its preforming arts program, and the most common time to congregate there was during year wide lectures.

While both slipped out, moving quietly, but surprisingly deftly, amongst the clutter left from when the room was evacuated.  Bags were thrown around, papers scattered, holes in the seats, and a few seats even had some blood splatters on them.  Justin shivered at the memory of the people barging in with fully loaded guns, forcing everyone to evacuate.  He didn't expect to be back in the theater so soon after the incident.

"Hey, Eve, you sure the bomb is here?" Christy called from across the house.  That sentence sent a cold wave through Justin's whole body.  A bomb?  Why on earth are they looking for a bomb here? he thought, ready to turn and head back.

"Yeah, it's here, somewhere.  I gotta hand it to the back-up team, they know how to clean a place out, though I'd prefer a less violent method," Eve called back.  Justin paused.  Wait, these two are in league with the guys that attacked us earlier?  Justin broke out in a cold sweat, wondering what on earth was going on.  But before he could even lift a finger, he heard a click from above his head.

"Why don't you crawl out from under the stage like a good boy?" Justin heard Eve call down.  As he crept over to the hole, Christy came into view, not looking all that shocked.

"Damn it, I can't find it, Eve," she said to her partner, who was holding a small hand pistol in her gloved hand.  "Do you think it might be in the cat walks?"

"I already checked there.  It's probably in a place that'd cause a lot of panic and possibly death.  Check under the seats along stage right by the wall and in the balcony, I'll get the other side," Eve ordered, the whole time not taking her eyes off Justin nor lowering her hand.  Finally, she let her arm slowly drop to her side, though she didn't take her eyes of Justin.  "I don't want you to move from that spot, got it?" she asked.  All Justin did in response is nod.

As the two girls checked the two walls of the house and the balcony, Justin shook in fear.  What was happening?  Why was there a bomb in the theater?  Who exactly were those two girls?  All the questions raced through his mind, none of which was he able to answer.  They continued to race until he heard Christy shouted that she found something.

Both girls brought down a strange looking box and started trying to take it apart, exposing the labyrinth of wires all attached to a clock that slowly ticked down, currently at 12:15.  Christy threw back her head with one hand resting on her head and Eve just bit her lip.  Quickly, she pulled out wire cutters and tweezers, and shrewdly started cutting wires.  The room quickly fell into a tense stillness, with both Christy and Justin too nervous to breath, and Eve concentrating to hard.

Eve finally broke the silence, with a heavy sigh and quickly whipped her forehead.  "Finally, down to the last 3 wires.  Christy, you take the guy out of here, I won't be that far behind," she jerked her head in Justin's direction.  Christy's head dipped as she jogged down towards him and motioned for him to get in.

"What about her?" Justin motioned in Eve's direction.  She was bending over it, and seemed to be playing with the wires, as if trying to decide which to cut.  Her eyes were sharp and cold, as if used to having to defuse a bomb with only a few minutes left.

"Don't worry, she'll be fine.  But right now, we need to get out of here," Christy remarked as she slid down beside him.  They crawled down the dark tunnel for several minutes before either said anything.

"Listen, don't tell anyone what happened, about the bomb, or us…" Christy's voiced trailed off at the end.  She paused, though didn't look back.

"Why not?  Why didn't you come out and say there was a bomb?  Why did you have to go through all that trouble?" Justin asked, confused about all that had happened.

"You saw what happened with the shooters, right?  Well, if people found out that there was a bomb in there, imagine the panic.  So you see, we were just trying to prevent that by getting everyone out of there, all right?  We don't wanna see people live in fear if they don't need to."

"So you did that to make sure that no one would cause an unnecessary panic and no one would get hurt?"

"Kinda, yeah…"

"That's kinda cool.  So you two are kinda like the peace keepers of the school right?"

"Sure?  Why do you keep asking these things anyway?"

"'Cause I just want to understand what on earth just happened and make sure you won't turn around and threaten me because I saw too much."

Christy chuckled.  "Don't worry, we aren't the type to do that.  But just make sure you keep quiet about what happened.  If word got out, who knows what'd happen?"  Justin couldn't help but shrug and continue on.  It was a while before they were out and started dusting themselves off.  By the time they joined back up with everyone, their disappearance was obviously noticed and everyone had fear written all over them.

"And where have you two been?" demanded a teacher who noticed them.  Heads bowed, they both listened as the teacher lectured about how everyone was worried, and then, thinking they had been put through the ringer enough, let them go.

Justin's friends quickly encircled him, pulling him away from Christy.  "Dude, where were you?" asked one of them.

"No where, no where at all," Justin stared off into space, and then turned to Christy's general direction and gave her a slight smile, to which she responded with her own before joining with Eve, who also showed up and had just finished getting her lecture.  The two of them turned and started giggling about the fact of how ironic the situation was, but then again, who wouldn't?

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