this is the story of Alice McCay. A shy, 16 year old girl with little self confidence, who transfers to a new school in the middle of the desert. Alice hopes to break out of her shell but soon realizes once stepping into her new school that breaking out of her shell is the least of her problems, what with the psychotic students that run a muck, weird teachers that can hardly be considered professionals, and general madness and chaos that ensues the school almost every minute of everyday. Alice has just stepped into the craziest place on earth.

Table of Contents

A Very Strange, Mad World

Welcome to Greenwood High School. a school filled with strange people, where bizarre things happen on a day to day basis that could only be described as miraculous. and for shy, 16 year old Alice McCay. A very Strange, Mad World.

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In the midst of the chaos that followed after she admitted she got good grades, Alice was knocked to the ground and almost trampled by a ... Read Chapter

“Good morni…” Peter tried to finish saying to the woman working at the front desk. “Yes, good morning to you too, handsome”... Read Chapter

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The sinister eyes of the serpent gave off a blood red glow that Alice found disturbing. Alice was in shook and rendered motionless. She b... Read Chapter

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Alice felt she really had no choice. It was either follow Mr. Funk and hear what he had to say or die by a mob of crazy psychopaths that ... Read Chapter

The right hook came fast and hard against Alice’s left cheek. The blow knocked Alice to the floor, making a loud and distinct echo that... Read Chapter

Alice hesitantly opened the door exiting the girl’s bathroom. She looked in both directions to iassure herself that there were no crazy... Read Chapter

Alice felt the tension and awkwardness that filled the room. Alice assumed that, if it weren't for the former drill instructor that taugh... Read Chapter

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The two nerds looked at each other and nodded at one another. They then looked at Ethan who looked completely foolish down on one knee. ... Read Chapter

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  Alice knew the next words spoken would most likely be words she rather have not wanted to hear. But she also knew that they we... Read Chapter

  Alice could not see, but she could hear, smell, and feel the presence of the stranger in the room. She couldn't tell if they w... Read Chapter

  The night was dark and chilly and the stars were much more visible in the open desert than Alice ever say them in California. ... Read Chapter

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