the greatest man on earth! seriously!

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I just had an idea of this guy and thought i would write it out in poetry form

Submitted: April 20, 2012

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Submitted: April 20, 2012



I am the GREATEST man, who ever  lived on this earth!

I've always been the GREATEST, practically ever since birth.

scholars and leaders alike, have all tried to measure my worth.

I'm so great at EVERYTHING, I don't even have to rhyme!


OK. i guess i will rhyme, only cause' im a GREAT guy!

If you think your better than me, well that sir, is just a FAT lie!

If you are a woman by chance, I've most likely taken your HEART!

for i can IMPRESS any woman, with nothing but simply a FART.


What was it that you just said? YOU think i am vulgar and rude!

Well you have no TASTE in men, and plus you are probably a prude!

For I am the GREATEST OF MEN, PROUDLY i say this out LOUD!

I'm so great at EVERYTHING, i don't even have to have a rhythm, you  just been WOWed!


OK. I'll also have rhythm, along with the greatest of rhymes!

Cause' I'm such a kind hearted person, (It's proven in all of these LINES!)

I'm also the deepest of thinkers, my mind has no limits or rules.

sometimes i just feel like a GENIUS, stuck on a planet with FOOLS


yes, you are all STUPID people, but  YES i can show you the way.

to be cool and handsome and charming, and little would you have to pay.

You'd just have to give me your FORTUNES, down to the very last CENT.

I'm so great at EVERYTHING, ill rhyme cause i said what i MEANT.


SEE, i fulfilled my promise, I ALWAYS stay TRUE through and through

And your just a big stupid meanie, Dont even know how to KUNG FU

your just quite a HORRIBLE person, with stupid and ignorant views,

For back in the days of jazz, YOU were the reason for blues


Why do you look so angry? with eyes full of nothing but RAGE

I see now that your just a beast, And YOU belong in a CAGE

For we are all just characters, all the WORLD's a STAGE

maybe someday you will realize, It certainly will come with AGE


I am the GREATEST of Beings, no one is close to my might

Non could challenge my GREATNESS, or hardly put up a good FIGHT!

For i am the GREATEST of PEOPLE, forever from here til the end 

I'm so great at EVERYTHING, EXCEPT for at making a friend.



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