"Deflation of a Martyr's Ego"

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this poem sums up my thoughts in a few ways, but mainly it's just a little bit of a fantasy, created because of listening to music by Tori Amos.....this is what happens....heehee ;D (one of my muses)

Submitted: March 14, 2009

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Submitted: March 14, 2009



please don't put her up within these chains

she wishes no longer to play these evil games

release the wind, and free her simple being

shred the strange rage, and kindly start believing

we must try to mend the shiny, broken pieces

that have torn our souls apart, creating this mess

unbutton the lies that wander through the halls

inside our glass cube, where we can't see any walls

turn around, little ballerina, and start to dance

until you spin so fast and hard, you miss your chance

to live again has passed due to the burning flame

of the ring of fire, that was placed above your name

is this really happening to your little precious?

or is this just another mental daydream as luscious

as a decadent chocolate that you sweetly drown in?

I bet it's just a lonely spade longing for a heart's sin

as you put on your poker face, you will begin to see

throughout the vast universe, silence and dead trees

and all the little lives you've easily stepped upon

once were invisible, but now they are glowing strong

I guess the once destroyed have now risen against

looking you right in the eye, as they bravely sentence

you, to a life of decaying strength and trapped in silence

I guess this is what you would call paying pennance

to a silver-lining life, that was once forced to role-play

and now the martyrs have deflated, and gone away...

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