*Dizzy in the Darkness*

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fighting myself, and dancing with despair; my mind cruising in the fast lane? figure me out? there's no point.

Submitted: July 03, 2009

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Submitted: July 03, 2009



Tied down and bound to the final round

I take a drink and think of the relative kinks

I can't prove to you why this complicated girl

Twists herself around the motion-sickened world

Too explicit for my so-called life and supposed friends

Let me dive in headfirst, while I sink down like a stone

Someone call for help or else you'll live with these regrets

Tame the beast but hush the sweet nothings whispered alone

I'd love to break me, if it's my purpose I'll do as I wish

Look up and see the sky is falling as the monster spawns

I am a freak strung-out all night, and I love to dance in the dark

Feed my lungs with metal-blisters and surround yourself with the dawn

Crack this disease and try to figure me out

It's like I'm spinning around and you like it all

Never stopping, only getting dizzy till we all fall down

Burning a flame inside my soul, conflicting despair, and a brawl

I fought myself, and then a bit with you, as ashes arose

I defined the meaning of the rebirth of the colours through smoke

Swirling into a pool of poison and education in a whim

I thought it was a divine institution to create this simple stroke

But I guess we were both incorrect and the destruction dies

Cornered and adored we both were, until the alarm sounded

My opinions are irrelevent, and I guess it's time we froze

My mind cruised the fast lane once again, and thismust bethe end

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