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temporary emotional despair ending in a sense of hope...tormented, defiled, poisoned, and dead....fighting these twisted thoughts, I feel the darkenss hovering over me, as I bleed my heart out, and you rip it to pieces...let me be, and leave me alone, for I am not one of your "drones"....it is my random "horror" feeling and it may come out as an "emo" poem, but whatever......

Submitted: October 27, 2009

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Submitted: October 27, 2009




allow me to introduce my infected soul

I have now caught the virus which invites your deadly hate for me

I wish to fall into the web and bleed cold

get out of my head and seek your own device in which to breed


my fertile grounds hold empty feelings

which sicken my guilty, whoreish being, and glue me to the floor

I die and live, then live and die, seeking

all the monumental reapings that paralyze my body more and more


rip me to bits and pieces instantly

are you happy now that you've stolen my dark, blackened identity?

my wounded eyes can no longer see

and my supposed tormented soul is dying, as I'm down on my knees


forsaken once again and stale

I've forgotten how to feel for you have consumed all my potential

and now my body has turned pale

you wonder why I wear all black, well, I feel that it's essential


my heart crawls around receiving

harsh winds blowing about, beating me to the very ground

I have been dismembered, leaving

only dead skin demanding an escape before I'm drowned


the spiders crawled within me

once again as I've said before, this time they spoke aloud

then leaned in for a kiss, it seemed

but I took my knife and cut out my fears and proved proud


no more hurt and no more pain

and no more severed emotions to suffocate my every breath

I will refuse the poison kiss, so lame

battling continuously, I will float above, and beyond the death...

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