"The Day Rock and Roll Changed the World"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sgt. Pepper, The Walrus, Gallagher brothers, Frodo, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jim Morrison party in 1997....anyone who likes or is familiar with the Beatles, Oasis, or the Doors will enjoy this story...but especially, you have to be an Oasis music fan to understand most of it...please enjoy...
(I once heard a musician try to quote Jim Morrison, while drunk; he simply said, "One day rock and roll is gonna change the world"-I had no idea the dude was drunk, but I thought it was funny and ridiculous that he tried impersonating Morrison)...try and find all the song/lyrical references in this fantasy piece...if u are a true fan of rock and roll ;D

There was once a British bloke who called himself the "Walrus". The Walrus was on to something. He and his friend, Sergeant Pepper, decided to go to a party over in the Big Apple, otherwise known as New York City. In their very motley attire, they showed up, uninvited. On this day, unlike any other, they felt like this was going to be a moment in life they would never forget, or regret.

"Let's show 'em what we know", the Walrus said confidently to Sgt. Pepper. "Yeah, maybe this day will save me after all", he replied hopefully, looking toward his mate with bright eyes. So they knocked on Apartment 826, and the funny thing about that number, was that it happened to be August 26th, 1997. How strange, and interesting.

Who was to open up the door but a very small man, looking quite boyish, yet he seemed to be a full grown man. He did not wear shoes, in fact the Walrus couldn't keep his jaw from dropping for a minute, for the little man's feet were quite disgustingly hairy. "Welcome", the little man said with a genuine smile, and he waved them into the corridor, at the same time offering them each a glass of champagne.

"My name is Frodo, and everyone calls me 'the Hobbit'". "I am the only one of my kind left anymore", he sighed for a brief moment, but then he turned to smiling in his very jolly way. "We welcome all who are willing", he stated, then he offered them a seat in the entertainment room around the corner. They just smiled and sat down in comfort.

"Thank you for your gracious hosting, and by the way, I am the Walrus, and this is my good friend Sgt. Pepper. He plays in the Lonely Hearts Club band. Have you ever heard of it?"

"No, actually I haven't, and by the way, I am actually not the real host, and this apartment belongs to my close friends Liam and Noel. They are the Gallagher brothers. Have you ever heard of them?"..."They are in a band also, and they are in the other room preparing a small feast for their guests...and later, they plan to play something really wonderful for us all."

The Walrus spoke up right away and said, "That sounds like a supernova of a time...but where are the others...surely it will not just be ourselves, and each other?"

The Hobbit looked him straight in the eyes, and honestly assured them, that they were expecting someone named Poe, who was known to be a very talented writer, as well as someone named Morrison, who had a beautiful voice, and was convinced that Rock and Roll was going to change the world one day.

So they started joking and laughing with delight until something interupted their peaceful state. They heard someone smashing dishes on the floor, in the kitchen, and then they heard some swearing. Then after a brief moment of silence, again with the swearing and someone threw a punch. It was obvious there was a fight starting.

"Hey ya stoopid vagabond', a raspy voice shouted,"You er askin' fer a beating...I am goin' ta have ta smash yer beloved guitar, if ya don't shutt up with yer crap about ya girlfriend over in Manchester."

The Hobbit said, "Don't worry, they are always bickering like this...they really love one another...they are brothers...and besides Liam drinks too much whiskey sometimes and has a habit of provoking his brother, for kicks...they'll get over it, and soon be jamming out...that's how they work out their tension, Liam sings, and Noel plays guitar, and the fight ceases to be."

"Well alright then, let it be", the Walrus said, in a happy, trance-like voice.

The bickering stopped, and after about three minutes of peaceful silence, the Gallagher brothers came out of the kitchen, and calmly and respectfully said hello to their first guests. "We are celebrating tonight because it is the launch of our third studio album, and we know it's the best yet...D' you know what I mean?", Noel said first.

"Oh, absolutely", Sgt. Pepper responded quickly.

"Well then", said Liam, "all my people, right here right now, listen up. Me and my big mouth get me into a lot of trouble sometimes, so I apologize to you all for what you heard a few minutes ago. I hope I haven't offended anyone...now let's have some fun...and let's eat. Who likes Pie?...It's magic pie, too."

"Sounds amazing and delicious", said the Walrus, eager to try this wonderful magic pie, they proudly spoke of.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and this time Noel walked up to the door, and opened it. Why, who should it be, but Morrison, along with a female companion. She was a thin, pale blonde girl, wearing a white t-shirt and some ripped-up jeans. But her shirt was a bit dirty, for she had gotten sick on her way over in the taxi-ride, and unfortunately thrown up a little on her left sleeve.

Noel wasn't surprised. Morrison loved this girl madly, and so it didn't need to matter to anyone. He was their friend, an inspiration to always remember to stand by your love no matter what. Liam offered her a glass of water, an aspirin, and one of his shirts to change into. "If I may be so bold, could I just say something?, Liam then said, "any girl who wears her dirty shirt, knows exactly what she's worth to me."

"Man, Liam, that's radical", Morrison said with a mellow voice, "you know just what to say to a girl, don't you, even when she's down, to make it all better." He then smiled at his female companion, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Now go change, sweetie, you smell."

While she was getting herself refreshed, the boys were getting along real well together, talking about good times, and how they were going to someday shine, and without a doubt, this was more than just a daydream.

The girl was now fresh, and sat down next to Morrison, and shared a bit of champagne with him. Noel finally offered everyone a slice of his magic pie...he then thanked everyone for being together to celebrate their new album, and Liam pulled his whiskey flask out of the right pocket of his faux-airforce jacket, and began to tell jokes about his brother and he when they were children.

Pretty soon, there was another knock at the door. "I wonder who could be here now?", said Noel, wondering who else should appear. He walked confidently to the door, opened it, and there stood a man, who looked cold, dark, depressed, and articulate. He was dressed in all black, and seemed to be from another era. "Oh, you must be Poe, the writer", Noel said excitedly. "Please sit down, and join us...we are celebrating music, and I hope, and I think, that you will enjoy yourself tonight. In fact, I know.

The man, Poe was very quiet, but joined together with the rest of the gang. Frodo was as happy as a clam, Morrison was mellowed out as can be, and the Walrus and Sgt. Pepper were thouroughly amused by everything.

Once they had finished the magic pie, they all readied themselves for the show by the Gallagher brothers. Noel was settling down with an acoustic guitar and Liam with his tambourine. They began to sing a song..."all around the world, you gotta spread the word...", which continued until it was over, after about ten minutes prolonged.

When it was done, Poe stood up, with a glass of champagne in hand, and said, "that is the most beautiful song I have ever heard...it is poetry to my ears." And he was now smiling...everyone was singing together now, happy, and the Walrus started to add his own lyrics. He was singing, 'I am the Eggman, we are the Eggmen, and I am the Walrus, goo goo ga joob.'

Poe was clapping his hands, while Morrison, got up on the table and said, "hey I think there was something in that pie of yours, man".

Noel said, "Well, don't blame me, it was Liam. He wanted to meet the Walrus particularly, and he believed in the power of rock and roll, and that is what brought all of us together...there's no magic, really, just that time, space, and fantasy combine into one big daydream, you fade-in, you fade-out, and we will always have the memory of our celebration, so please, don't ever go away...I don't wanna be there when you're comin' down, just say what you say, and say that you'll stay, forever and a day...in the time of my life, and in our minds...."

Poe and Frodo faded out, so did Morrison and his girl, then the Walrus and Sgt. Pepper, as they started to fade out, said one last thing to the Gallagher brothers-"Just remember, all you need is love", and then they were gone.

Tuesday, August the 26th of 1997, "Be Here Now" was officially completed. Liam turned to his brother Noel, and said,"today, rock and roll really did change our world...at least for awhile..."

Noel turned and faced his brother, "Well, one thing I can say officially, maybe the songs that we sing are wrong, maybe the dreams that we dream are gone...but hey! it's gettin' better, Man....................................

The End

-inspired by all songs from my favorite album "Be Here Now" by Oasis, and with a little help from The Beatles, and Jim Morrison


Submitted: September 17, 2008

© Copyright 2021 RaisinGirl. All rights reserved.

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Wow, this is completely different from what your nomally write. And I enjoyed this thoroughly :D

"any girl who wears her dirty shirt, knows exactly what she's worth to me."



Thu, September 18th, 2008 3:01am


Ha ^_^...I'm Jude, didn't u know?...(an old joke)...so u like it?...I am thrilled with this piece myself-I have decided to do a little different stuff, and it's awesome...so I am so glad to know there's someone else that can appreciate how I incorporated an entire album into a fantasy story...you know, this makes me happy, and the music always makes me happy when I listen to it =D...and who doesn't get a kick out of the Gallagher bros acting stupid, right?...I luv 'em, but I like to make fun of 'em too=P...anyways, a big THANKS for reading and leaving a comment....There will be more rock and roll fiction soon =]

Wed, September 17th, 2008 10:43pm

dreaming of you

you declare yourself to be a true rock and roll chic with this piece gorgeous , the gallagher brothers are famed for their liking of leggy blondes , seems to inspire them for some reason . the bad boys of rock , well i'm not so sure , the press like to paint that picture but i prefer to think of them as a special talent that hate intrusion into their private lives and react to the gutter press . i'm sure that even if they hired the beatles yellow submarine , the boys would find a reporter in a diving suit prepared to follow their every move and we all deserve some privacy. great piece of writing gorgeous , i expected nothing less .

Thu, September 18th, 2008 8:26am


I luv your comment-I really enjoyed creating this too, and yeah, I agree-they(Liam) are bad boys, but they are just hilariously true to themselves(although, Liam will never BE Lennon)-he is funny when he fights with his brother or with the reporters, nonetheless...he is acting like a rock star, what it comes down to...and not that this behaviour is appropriate, but I think they love what they do, and I have adored their music for about 12 years straight-if they would just cut down some of the swearing-I have the Familiar To Millions DVD, and every word in between is stupid, but great talents...Be Here Now really got me thru the toughest years of my life: high school, and I have had a chance to listen to many of the new songs upcoming on their new album in October, and they are truly making a comeback, staying true to Oasis, it's very retro psychedelic power rock and roll, and I am definitely looking forward to it's soon-to-be release....

Thu, September 18th, 2008 1:45am

Me Against The World

GYA HAHAHAHA! You have to love British bands from the 60s through the 90s they were great. There aren't so many any more, makes me kinda sad. Anyways this is pretty brilliant. :)

Fri, October 24th, 2008 12:14am


thanx for the read...I am so glad someone else can appreciate the brit music, especially beatles, and oasis....yeah, I never get tired of good old rock and roll 60's through 90's, and I absolutely love that one album, so I had to do this little story...my silly imagination for ya x peace out ;)

Thu, October 23rd, 2008 9:37pm


i loved it =D It was really avant garde and yet amazing

Thu, February 18th, 2010 7:32pm


thanx, for giving me feedback...I'm really a proud writer of this particular piece....

Sun, February 21st, 2010 2:14am

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