Chapter 4 of The Saved and The Destroyed

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Chapter 4 of The Saved and The Destroyed

Submitted: September 29, 2012

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Submitted: September 29, 2012



Chapter 4: Jay’s Confusion

I sighed as I looked at my phone at the ring tone that I could already feel getting annoying. Especially at 7pm after I had just lain down to take a nap. This is why I didn’t bother to track my phone 24/7. This was probably my ninth one in 3 months. Shrugging off the thought, I answered slowly, wiping the sleep from my eyes.

“Hey Nath” I mumbled, pressing the palm of my hand into my forehead. The hangover still lingered from this afternoon’s drink.

“Jay we need your help at the hospital”

I shot up, why was he at the hospital! “NATH, WHAT HAPPENED?!” I was suddenly filled with concern, who had gotten hurt?!

“No, I just need you to pick someone up – my car is only a two seater and I have Sarah with me. Hers is at the shop. Please, Jay?"

I sighed, grumbling to myself. I didn’t want to do anything “Who is it…” I sighed, holding the phone against my shoulder as I pulled on what seemed to be clean jeans.

“Um…” there was a pause on the other side of the line as I heard a muffled conversation I couldn’t quite make out. Who was he talking to? I didn’t even bother to ask when he finally came back.

“Just a friend of Sarah’s. Just do me a favor and drive her back to your flat and keep an eye on her. Sarah and I have to go somewhere for a bit and we don’t want her by herself. Just take her to your place, stay with her until we get there, and you can go back to whatever you were doing once we pick her back up…Liv will be okay with it, won’t she?”

“I don’t know maybe…” I grumbled, not even in the mood to fight this.

“Cool, thanks Jay. See ya in a few.”


“I gotta go Liv…Nath needs a favor…” I mumbled to my girlfriend of 3 years, who I hoped soon to be my fiancée. If she says yes this Saturday. That I could NOT wait for.

She walked up behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist from behind. “I don’t want you to go, Jay Bird…” she whispered seductively, pressing her warm cheek against the small of my back.

“I’m sorry babe; I’ll be right back, okay?” I smiled at her reassuringly; though she couldn’t see it I knew she could hear it in my voice.

“Come here” she whispered and pulled me back down, biting playfully at my neck. “Be as quick as you were last night and I’ll reward you when you get back” she bit my ear hard and let me go, kicking me off the side of the bed to make me hurry up.

I smiled back when she flashed her pearl-white teeth to me. I was so incredibly infatuated with her and every day I wondered how I had been so lucky. Before I could crawl back into bed with her I got another text from Nathan telling me to hurry up. Of course he knew I was stalling.

I sighed and threw on a random shirt, didn’t really care to check what it was. “Back soon” I winked at her, laughing at the small adorable giggle she always had when she blushed. That never grows old.

-49 minutes later-

I sighed, standing against my car in the parking space outside in the hospital parking garage. This is how I wanted to spend my personal day right here. Sitting at a hospital picking up someone I didn’t even know and by the sounds of it, neither did Nath. I finally saw them, though: Sarah, Nathan and the mystery person. I couldn’t see her face as it was buried in her hands, and I softened a bit. Was she…crying?

Sarah smiled at me, “Thanks for doing this, Jay. I really appreciate it.” She rubbed the girl’s arm, hers locked around her shoulders.

“Yeah, well…” I mumbled, she really had a gorgeous smile – I will give Nath points for bagging one of those rare ones. But my eyes couldn’t leave the girl, who was now not 6 feet away from me and was choking over tears. I looked at Nathan in question and he just shook his head, wordlessly telling me not to ask. “So what’s your name?” I smiled slightly at the girl, hoping to get some sort of positive reaction.

But everything back fired. My eyes widened when she looked up at me at her stunning green eyes that played so perfectly on her soft brunette hair. Her face was a bit rounded, eyes red as they were overflowing with tears. I just wanted to go up to her and hold her tight. She was absolutely breath taking. A girl should never cry – especially one so…so…”beautiful” I breathed, ignoring the looks I was getting from Sarah and Nath.

I approached her carefully, taking one of her hands, “It’s okay…” I whispered, frowning when she jerked her hand out of mine.

“She doesn’t like being touched…” Nathan grumbled, rubbing his neck nervously.

Sarah turned then, smiling softly at the girl “This is Jay, Lavinia. He’s going to take you back to his flat and-“she stopped when…what was her name? Lavinia? Started breathing heavier, looking up at me with panic-stricken eyes. I had never been so terrified but mesmerized in my life.

I paused for a moment, “you could…ride in back if you don’t feel comfortable being up front with me…” I mumbled, trying to look away but failing miserably. Lavinia whispered something to Sarah, who just shrugged in response. I wasn’t getting paid enough for this.

“We have to get going, Sarah” Nathan escorted her, both of them saying a quick goodbye then heading off to their own car. Great. Now I was stuck with a quiet, crying, pain-strikingly beautiful girl who didn’t like to be touched.

“Um…” I couldn’t even think of what to say to her I just walked slowly, looking at her so she would follow me to the other side of the car and opened up the passenger door for her. “I’m not going to hurt you...” I said softly as I took my place beside her in the driver’s seat.

“Okay…” her voice was barely even a whisper, I had to strain myself to even hear it. “Do you like music, Lavinia?”

“I haven’t heard it since I was 8…” she mumbled, her eyes growing grey and distant then. Okay, that was, I’ll admit, extremely bothering. My face twisted as I set a cord into Liv’s iPod she always kept in my car, turning on our new single ‘I Found You’.

“Listen to this, tell me what you think” I smiled reassuringly, though her eyes were set on my hands as they selected the song. God what was up with this girl?

“She wants me to come over her eyes don’t lie”

Her lips twitched at that line and it made me smile.

“She’s calling me in the dark, she moves us around the room where the lights turn like the sky, confidence like a rock star.”

She was looking at me now; tears had stopped flowing momentarily with a small smile that was playing across her face. “This is good…who sings this…” she paused “as if I would know the band…”

I smirked, “Nathan sings the introduction.”

Her eyes widened at me as I pulled out of the space, paying the toll for staying in for almost an hour. “N-

I nodded, trying to keep myself from laughing at her reaction. I didn’t think this song would have such an impact on someone. A clear blind shot in the dark. This…might not be as bad as I thought.

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