Chapter 5 of The Saved and The Destroyed

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Chapter 5 of The Saved and The Destroyed. Liv is PISSED!

Submitted: September 30, 2012

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Submitted: September 30, 2012



Chapter 5: Liv’s Suspicions

I groaned, turning over in our bed, growing extremely impatient. It only took 30 minutes to get to the hospital – where was he?! A few minutes, which felt like forever, passed before I heard a car pull up. I grinned, getting up trying not to trip over anything in our mess of a room. Giving the window a lift I shouted down to him, “Hey sexy stranger! Want to come up to my place? I have-“I trailed off when someone – a girl – crawled out of the passenger seat. Jay was turning a deep read. Oh, this better be Nathan’s favor!

“What’s that?!” I snapped – involuntarily…I think. I silently cursed at her for interrupting our plans.

“Um…this – this is Lavinia…” Jay shouted back up, his voice shaking.

He was nervous! Good. I eyed her skeptically; she folded herself into her hooded jacket so I couldn’t observe any of her features.

Five minutes later Jay came in with her following a few feet behind. What little I could see of her eyes was observing both myself and our apartment. Given, most of it was Jay’s since I was visiting from Devon, but she still had no right to be here!

“Um…Jay? Can I speak to you real quick, please?” I smiled fakely, but sweetly at the girl, backing up a bit. “Nath’s favor?” I asked quietly when he finally approached.

Jay nodded, turning a deep crimson. “Sarah’s friend – she, uh…I don’t know what’s wrong with her, but neither Sarah nor Nath…wants this girl – um…to be alone…”

Lavinia, huh? I’ll admit it was a pretty name. Secretly hoping it was only her name that was pretty.

Jay held my chin still and our eyes locked, my green eyes and his ocean blue. He ran a hand across my face, wiping away a stray strand of hair. “Babe don’t worry…she has nothing on you, I promise.” He kissed me deeply and I softened into him, both of us jumping and separating quickly when we heard her voice right by us.

“Bathroom?” she asked quietly, trying to avoid eye contact.

I sighed, pointing to the door in the hallway to the right.

“How long is she here?” I asked Jay, annoyed by her already.

“Nath didn’t say…some time tonight?”

“So you don’t know.”


“Great…” I pulled him close by his shirt collar, pulling him as close as possible so I was backed into the wall of our living area. “Didn’t even ask permission…” I purred, rubbing my nose along his cheek. Breathing hard, exchanging breaths with him.

“Guess I’m just a bad guy like that…” he was mumbling, but amused at the same time. He pushed his pelvis harder into me, pinning me to the wall with my wrists above my head and kissed me as hard and passionate than I could ever imagine. Though he seemed distracted in our lock – but with what? I was too busy right now to even bother to ask. Next thing I knew we both fell on the couch in the living space, ignoring everything else that was happening.

-Le one hour laterrr- (lol see what I did there)

“Oh my God what is she doing in there?!” I broke off of Jay and went to knock on the bathroom door. She better not be going through our…Jay’s – cabinet. I knocked softly, “Lavinia?” on twist of the knob and I let out a horrified squeal, ignoring Jay’s questioning from the living space as my hand flew to my mouth. She had gouged – literally GOUGED her wrists open! Without even one tear in her eyes! I frowned at the cuts on her hands where she ripped the blades out of Jay’s razors.

When she looked up at me with lifeless eyes I had had it. I stormed into Jay’s room, put all my clothes in my bag and rampaged through the apartment.

“Liv?” Jay got up, grabbing my arm firmly.

I yanked it out quickly, “I’M GOING TO TOM’S HOUSE!” I shouted at him and slammed the door on my way out.

Tears welled up in my eyes on the drive over – uncontrollable – and I had to continuously wipe them. They were clear for the most part when I arrived, sitting in my car for several minutes waiting for the red to disappear from my eyes.

Tom opened the door before I even knocked. He looked shocked to have me there, as was Tanya, who stood not two feet behind him.

“Liv? Have you...have you been…crying?” her eyes were full of concern, shoving Tom, who was speechless, out of the way to wrap her arms around me when I burst back into tears. They sat me down inside and suddenly everything that had happened this evening was spilled. Nathan’s phone call, the two hour wait, Jay showing up with this anonymous girl who gouged her wrists deeper than I could ever imagine anyone doing…the insanity of this day was staggering and unbearable.

“I don’t even know where Jay’s mind was in the first place! I mean, I could feel him distracted and I don’t even know where this girl came from and- and-“ I buried my face into my hands, ashamed to let them see me cry like this. “I’m going to lose him to her, I know it! Just the way they—“I choked and went mute, trying to swallow the tears back.

“Shhh, Livy…it’s okay, nothing is going to happen you and Jay are going to be fine. Just relax.” Tanya held me tighter, Tom sitting across from us in silence. He had said before he wasn’t good with people who were upset so I didn’t even bother asking him anything.

“You can stay here as long as you want…” he muttered, getting up and walking out. It was getting a bit uncomfortable in here.

“Thanks…” I mumbled back, leaning into Tanya’s chest. I just wanted to sleep and forget it all.

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