Chapter 7 of The Saved and The Destroyed

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Chapter 7 of The Saved and The Destroyed...yeah. It's this fucking good motha fuckaaaaa ;)

Submitted: October 02, 2012

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Submitted: October 02, 2012



Chapter 7: Joydine's Annoyance


It's not that I hated Bailey. I knew she was a good person who supported myself and Siva. That's why I never had a problem with him hanging out with her. I kind of liked having her around and actually includes me in everything. Not like his other friends who are too busy sucking face with their own girlfriends or fucking around with Siva. In the joking kind of way, of course.

It was just the face she always, ALWAYS constantly flirted with him. I know Siva - and he feels the necessity to flirt back. It was painful to watch, really. Especially since he told me constantly that I was, in fact, the only one. But how many girls had he said that too?

I shrugged in my mind, stirring the ice cream Bailey had given me; lost in thought. I occassionally took small scoops, watching him trying to clean up the mess. When he looked up, he had the stupidest grin on his face while he stared at me. "What?" his expression made me smiled, amusing me as well. I tried my hardest to swallow the frozen treat without laughing.

"You have some ice cream on you..." he smiled wider, wiping the cream off my shirt with his finger and spotted it on my nose. He kissed it off before moving down to my lips. "I love you, Joydine" he whispered, clasping my head between his hands and kissing me softly.

I sighed when we broke apart, yearning for his touch but remembered by the sound of the rushing water of his friend upstairs. Some other time, maybe tomorrow if I was able to get back. Frowning, I stood up, pushing myself against him as closely as I could. "It's getting late..." I muttered against his lips, switching my vision over to the clock on his oven. I didn't want to go. Mainly because I didn't want him and Bailey left alone, but I could trust him...right? ...Right.

Siva pulled my hips against him, I could feel him growing against me, and it made me want to stay even more. "You have work in the morning, don't you..." he pulled me in more, his arms wrapped around me so that my head was flat against his chest. I did my best to nod against him, but just ended up burying my face into his chest. 

"Please don't get crazy..." I felt his head move down to look at me, then rested on the top of mine.


I nodded, smiling happily. Much better. "I'll call you tomorrow, okay?" I broke away from his grasp and kissed him deeply, holding the sides of his face with my nails gently digging into his perfectly sculpted cheeks. It made him moan silently, and that's all I needed to hear. "Laters, baby" I winked and gave him one last kiss before he walked me out to my car. It was still tough to say goodbye.

"I love you..." he bit his bottom lip, always anxious when he said that. Like it was a sin to say.

"Love you too, babe." I touched his face and caressed it with my thumb once just before starting my car and driving off back home.



Side note: Okay, so I know this chapter was a little shorter and kind of...blah, but I really wanted to give you guys something before I leave. Sorry to have strung you along this long. yeah. I'll post Chapter 7 (which is nearly completed) Wednesday morning. lovelovelovelovelove!!!

P.S. I stole that "laters, baby" thing from the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' book, in case that sounds familiar. Just thought I'd give credit :) Have a great #TomTuesday!!!

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