The Saved and The Destroyed

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There are some things in life your parents prepare you for. Other things they will never even fathom to think you would be a part of.
Find out what happens when a set of friends and their girlfriends lives are suddenly interrupted by a mysterious girl that is afraid of the slightest touch.

Submitted: September 29, 2012

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Submitted: September 29, 2012



Chapter 1: Before Their Lives

The cool pavement felt good on my cheek as I just lay there. My uncle had gone out for the day and I was able to pick the lock on the back door to lay in the back yard. The fresh air felt good on my face and a small smile spread across my lips.

The pain of last night was momentarily gone. I was now adoring the crisp end-of-spring rain as it fell upon me. Thunder sounded and even through my closed eyes I could see the lightning flash across the sky. At every small creak in the house I was immediately alert and relaxed whenever it was confirmed that he still wasn't home early.

It was worse when I felt myself drifting off in the cold.

"Lavinia, run!" my mother shouted as my 6-year-old self cried over her, my eyes widening at the man who had just slashed her coming for me. I didn't want to leave her - I couldn't.

"Lavinia please, for the love of God run!" she kicked him from her spot on the floor as hard as she could for me to escape out the door but I was frozen in place staring at her bright, emerald green eyes. "Please, Lavinia I swear I will find you when this is over - I love you so much baby, now go! Run! NOW!"

I finally nodded and paused in front of the stranger who had hurt my mum and a fit of anger ran straight through me as I kicked him hard in the face, breaking his nose and smiled when he groaned in pain. Terrified when he grabbed my ankle and I squealed.

?A large clap of thunder woke me up from the memory and I started crying my eyes out. I missed her so much. I lifted up my shirt, staring for the millionth time at the scar he had left. It was just a large, thick pink faded line across my abdomen now.

I sighed and walked back inside, locking the door back up and back to my underfurnished bedroom that only consisted of a sheetless mattress on the floor and a small collection of clothes in a worn-out plastic laundry basket. I bit my lip, crossing to the room across the hall and smiled at the small carry-on sized luggage. I could literally fit my whole life in it.

Looking at the time, I rushed, it was 5pm, he'd be home in about an hour. I threw the little possessions I had - my clothes, toiletries, and-

I stopped at the picture of my mum. For a few minutes I just sat there staring at the old, dusty picture I had stored in the closet so long ago. Tears stung the corners of my eyes and I tossed it back in the closet, wiping the memories as far away as I could.


I smashed every window in the house with a crowbar, which I hastily shoved into the carry-on for protection if he found me. Then I ran. I ran out on the pathetic waste of life I would once have, so long as I escaped successfully.

The wet leaves that covered the floor in the dense woods behind my "home" barely made a noise as I ran as fast as I could. Even when there was pain as my body protested running any further I kept going. Thunder and lightning followed me, the rain falling harder as I ran out into the street without realizing it - right when a car was turning the curb.

There was a small feel of cool metal as I rolled over the car that had hit me, pain added on as I smashed into the pavement. The wheels squealed to a stop and the last thing before I faded out were two people bickering - one girl, one boy.

"Ah, shit shit shit Nathan! Look what you did!"

"I know, Sarah, I know! Just let me fucking think for a minute!"

"Think! You just hit someone! The poor g--"

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