Heath Thomas: Demon Hunter

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Mortal Sin Is A Way of Life...

Hey, my name is Heath. I was born right here in Cadillac, Michigan. Unfortunately for my mother, my birth came in an unnatural situation. Ya see, on the night I was born my mother was on her way home when she was attacked by a monster. For my birth they had perform a C-Section. That was 23 years ago today. Now, the year is 2028, and there have been more of the same attacks happening all over Michigan. When my mother was a attacked all of those years ago they though it was just a normal animal attack until they noticed in the attacks today the people had the same injuries my mom had. Freaky huh? I'm Heath Thomas and I'm...LATE FOR SCHOOL!!

Submitted: March 12, 2010

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Submitted: March 12, 2010



Act 1: Hell hath no fury
Well, that was a quite sound intro. Enough of that though this story begins on my last day in college. Unintentional mind you, I’m right in the middle of my own expulsion.
Dean: Ah, Heath, let me explain why I’ve called you here before me today. It seems you have been caught cheating on one of the biggest tests of the year. Do you have anything to say on your behalf?
Heath: Yes, I do. Do you have proof that I’ve committed such an act?
Dean: Of course, many of the student have collaborated the story in fact your entire class has. How do you respond to that?
Heath: Sir, I was merely (I thought for a minute “what could I say to get me off the hook here?”) trying to explain to another student the probabilities of how much the test is worth.
Dean: Heath, you may have fed that bullshit to your instructor but IT WILL NOT WORK ON ME!
I take a long drawn out sigh as the dean takes that huge rubber stamp and pounds it on to my expulsion form.
So from then on in I’m pretty much on my own. As I’m walking off the grounds one of my friends, Kaito runs up to me and taps me on the shoulder out of impulse I flip him over on the ground.
Kaito: Holy shit, what a rush!
Heath: Oh crap! I’m sorry Kaito don’t scare me like that dude!
Then another one of my friends walks up Yuki is her name. Yuki and I grew up in the same orphanage. She lost her parents the same way I lost my mother. Only she witnessed the whole thing.
Yuki: Wow, you guys are always horse playing you better be careful I hear that the dean is looking for trouble makers today.
Yuki: Speaking of which, Heath I heard what happened. Heh, your dad is gonna kill you.
Heath: Thanks for the support Yuki. (“ I say sarcastically”)
Kaito: Um. Can someone help me up please or did everyone forget I was face first on the ground.
Heath and Yuki: Shit, sorry Kaito.
Well, I’m on my way home and I do know my father Is probably going to beat the shit out of me between you and me I think he wanted my mother dead because when I was in the orphanage he didn’t show up until I was about 14. then again sometimes I think he killed her himself.Also Yuki and Kaito come with me for back up. As I walk into the house I see a fuckin vase fly toward my head.
Dad: Come here you little shit I told you if you get in anymore trouble I was goin to beat you to death.
Yuki steps in front of him with her arms outstreched toward him.
Yuki: Sir, you won’t touch him
Heath: Yuki that’s not a good idea.
Yuki: What he gonna do, hit a girl?
My dad punches Yuki in the face knocking her unconscious. Next Kaito tries his luck.
Kaito: If you wanna get to him you gotta go through me.
My dad picks up Kaito and throws him across the room. Then it dawned on me how could he be that strong? Kaito weighs over 300 pounds and my dad is smaller than I am. So how can a 5 foot midget throw a 6’2 300 pound giant. There was only one answer to that.
Heath: Who are you!? You aren’t my father what have you done with him!?
All of a sudden the imposter sheds my father’s skin. I mean his real fuckin skin. He introduced himself simply as Cargorn.
Cargorn: how could you have known that I was a demon.
Heath: The smell. That smell has haunted me for years the smell of rotting bones and withered flesh.
Cargorn: then you must be a demon hunter?
Heath: Demon hunter? I don’t know what the fuck your talking about.
Cargorn: only a demon hunter could smell a demon.
At that point it dawned on me my mother maybe that’s how she died she wasn’t attack. She was a demon huntress doing a job. She must have passed her powers on to me.
After thinking about my situation long and hard I noticed Kaito in the corner getting ready to attack the demon. I need to stop him before he gets hurt.
Heath: Kaito, NO!!!
Kaito: I won’t back down from this bald bastard!
Kaito rushes at the demon and attempts to jump on his back. With a single flick of his finger the demon slices the top of Kaito’s head off with his claw. Killing Kaito instantly.
Heath: Kaito…
I fall to my knees with a destroyed look on my face wishing to myself that this isn’t true, that it really didn’t happen. Unfortunately, no one can change the past. Kaito was dead at the age of 22. I wasn’t gonna let Cargorn get away with this.
Heath: Hey, Cargorn!!
I rise to my feet with a demonic aura surrounding my body
Heath: Let finish this.
Cargorn: That the spirit you little shit. I went easy on your friend, but I’m going to rip you to shreds.
I look to Cargorn and start smiling and then I laugh. I don't know what had come over me it was as if my mind wasn't my own.
Cargorn: Whats so fuckin funny!!
I just keep on laughing.
Cargorn: Ok, That’s it I’ve had enough of you kid! Time to die!!!
Cargorn rushes me full speed, claws drawn, ready to strike as I just stand there menacingly waiting for him to make the first move.
Cargorn: I WON’T BE MOCKED!!!!!!!
Cargorn tries to cut me in have the way he did Kaito. I stop him with my bare hands. Then I thought to myself so this is what my mother felt like when she fought demons?
Heath: You will die for killing Kaito and hurting Yuki. You…WILL DIE!!!
I take Cargorn’s claws tightly in my hands and rip his entire body in half. As bloodsprary wets the room Yuki comes to.
Yuki: What… what happened? Why am I covered in blood?
Yuki crawls over to Kaito’s lifeless body.

Yuki: Kaito? Kaito wake up. Kaito you have to wake up! Don’t leave me here!!!. Please don’t…
I walk up behind Yuki, hold onto her tight and try to pull her out of the house.
Heath: Yuki we need to leave now. We can’t stay more will come if we do. And yet, I’m not sure if this one is even dead.
Yuki: No, I can’t leave him I can’t leave my brother here!!!!!!!!
So Yuki and Kaito were siblings? If i'd known I would have tried to... I should’ve tried harder to…
Heath: They’re here, Yuki! Let’s go!
I grab Yuki by the waist and jump through the ceiling on to the grass.
Heath: Yuki, Get on my back!
Yuki can’t stop crying.
Heath: We don’t have time for this!!!
I prop Yuki on my back and start running.
Heath: (What is this feeling? I’m running faster than I ever have.)
Heath: Hold on tight Yuki, I’m gonna kick it into high gear.
I start pushing myself to run faster and the next thing I know I’m in the next city over from ours or the next state I didn't know where we were all I cared about is that we were safe. I need to find me and Yuki a place for the night so we go to a hotel.
Heath: Shit, I don’t have any money.
Heath: Wait maybe I could jump to a room.
I get ready to jump as high as I can, hoping and praying that I even get to the second floor of the building. I jump as high as I could and reached the penthouse suite. 68 floors off the ground…
Heath: Whoa, whats happening to me?
I lay Yuki down and move the hair from her eyes.
Heath: She’s been through a lot today I should let her rest.
Heath: tomorrow I’ll go see what these powers can really do.
Heath: But for now, its just good to know that she’s safe.
After I make sure Yuki is ok I try to get some sleep as well. Hours pass. 2:30 AM I hear a knock at the door. I’m thinking to myself how can someone know we’re in here we didn’t exactly pay for the room. I prepare myself then all of a sudden the door swings open. A tall dark figure with a light aura around it walks through the door way.
Heath: Who are you what are you doing here?!
???: There is no cause for alarm young one you will get your answers soon enough.
It was cloaked I couldn’t see a face or anything. The hooded figure walks up to me and lets down its cloak.
???: Hi.
I’m stunned as I found out that it was a little girl. Not only that but I know her. She is my next door neighbor’s kid. Alisha.
Alisha: Hi Heath how are you?
Heath: Alisha what are you doing here how did you find us?
Alisha: That not important, what important is that you and Yuki come with me immediately there’s much to discuss.
Heath: Wait I just let Yuki go to sleep she’s been through a lot her brother just got killed by a huge demon.
Alisha: Heath wake her up we have to go I think they followed me here.
Heath: Who followed you here?
Alisha: No time to explain, have you learned to fly yet?
Heath: No…wait I can fly?!
Alisha: Ok, listen carefully I can only explain this once.
Alisha: Flying is very simple for a demon hunter unlike me a true demon.
Alisha: All you need do is think about flying, the wind flowing through your hair birds whizzing by.
I gave what Alisha said, a try next thing I knew I was five feet off the ground. I flew over to the bed and grabbed Yuki. Alisha had flown ahead. Demons were rushing down the hallway. I managed to wake up Yuki and I told her to hold on tight as I flew out the window like a fighter jet with an objective.
Heath: Whoa!!!!! Don’t let go Yuki!!
Yuki: Don’t worry about that!!!
Yuki looks at the ground in disbelief clenching my neck harder. I finally get up along side Alisha.
Alisha: We’ll land down there atop the church. I can’t go in it but I can land on it.
Heath: No problem!
When we land on the church I take off my coat and let Yuki use it as a blanket so she can sleep. Then I am called by Alisha. I hope she can tell me whats going on.
Alisha: Heath? Why do you think we became neighbors? Do you even remember where you lived before that? I mean before Cadillac, before the orphanage. Do you remember where your true origin was?
Heath: All I can think of is what the mother of the orphanage told me and then there was the note that came with my basket when I was a baby.

I’m sorry but I haven’t much time left if you are reading this then this child’s mother is already dead and I have taken care of it up to this point I’m sorry I can’t explain much more except that this child is not from this country…(Smudged) thank you for everything you have done and will do for him I have pride he will grow up to be a great man.
Signed Anonymous
Alisha: The truth is Heath; you’re not from this country. Hell you’re not even from this dimension. Long ago your mother was from a place called Hynrian. Hynrian was a wondrous Kingdom but mostly populated by demons.
Alisha: And that’s it your mother was a demon huntress one of the greatest in the kingdom. Then she became pregnant the night before your father left for war.
You see there was a feud between the people of Hynrian and a rival kingdom Known only as Vinez. Your father was killed the very same day he left.
Alisha: Seven Months had passed and all of a sudden on the final day of the war the Vinez attacked Hynrian and killed all the demon hunters except one…your mother. She was fortunate enough to find a way into this dimension but so did Cargorn.
Heath: I remember Cargorn I killed him in my father’s house.
Alisha: The only way he can die is if his soul is destroyed.
Alisha: Anyway, when Cargorn came through the portal to this dimension he managed to attack your mother. Your mother fell on an open street and some witnesses called an ambulance. They performed a C-Section to save you but as for your mother. She perished from blood loss the same night.
Heath: But how do you know all this?
Alisha: That’s easy I was your mother’s Demonic Trainer! And now that you have discovered your powers I’m here to train you.
Heath: What?!
I was astounded by what Alisha had said… She was my demonic trainer? Well it’s surprising because she is only 7 years old. But my heart told me she was much older than that and much more powerful than a 7 year old.
ACT 2 Release March 29th

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