The Tale of The Beloved Betrayel

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This story tells a tale of 2 lovers torn apart by hate and jealousy then one of the lovers comes back as a ghost and finds her lover's desendent thinking then he is the real deal.

Submitted: October 18, 2009

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Submitted: October 18, 2009



It was a normal school day and also special. This day was also known as Halloween. For some reason no one was as excited as 17 year old Pete Thomas. A lot of people, even his girl friend Jen said he was getting too old for stuff as childish as trick or treating with his younger brother Alex. Pete didn't care. He liked Trick or Treating with his bro. What he didn't know was that was about to change.

"ITS HERE, ITS HERE, ITS HERE!!!" yelled, Pete and Alex. Yes, the time for tooth-rotting candy collecting, cheap, scary, and cheesy costumes had come. Halloween. Well, the night went as it usually did every year. Alex would throw his fit when he couldn't get more than 1 piece of candy per house and Pete ran up to every person he knew from school just to say hi. They got some treats, some tricks, and some good old fashion scary fun. While they were walking down the sidewalk Pete saw his best friends from school including his Girlfriend Jen and they were talking about something next to an old house all the kids knew as ghoul house. "Hey guys, whats up" yelled, Pete. Pete's Girlfriend runs up to him really fast and kisses him on the lips. "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" said, Alex feeling disgusted. "You'll kiss your share of girls when you get older" said, Pete giving his brother a "yea, right" look -_-. "Well, anyways, what are you guys doing here?" said Pete. "Nothing much, just talking" said, Roger. Roger is the tallest kid in our school at a towering 6'5 and hes also the bully but hes cool. Pete all of a sudden hears a low voice "pleeeeeaase, heeeelp meee." Pete gets a chill. "Something wrong baby?" says, Jen. "No I'm fi...". Then Pete looks at the tower window of Ghoul House and sees a little girl look like shes getting pulled away from the window.

Part II

"The Dare"

"Whoa, did you guys see that?" said, Pete in a panic. "See what?" Everyone asks. "That girl." "we saw no girl are you sure your ok?" "I've Seen a girl there too" says, Roger. Roger explains the story of the legend. Her name is Isabelle she was 20 years old and the first owner of this house in the 1700s. One night when she was about to go to bed someone broke into her house. The person was chasing her all around the house and they say she locked herself in the tower and stuck her head out the window calling for help. The Person busted down the door and strangled her on the floor. She may have died there but they say her spirit never left. Legend has it that shes waiting for someone to save her from the person who broke in all those years ago. "Hey Pete, she called to you i say you go in there and help her" said, Roger with a snicker. "No way man." "Ok then, I dare you to go in and save her." Now, the only thing is Pete knew if he turned down a dare from the bully of the high school that he would be called a coward so how could he say no "I'll do it, on one condition, you guys come with me." "NO WAY!" "Its Halloween its supposed to be scary" said Pete. Then everyone agreed and went into the house together. When they entered the house they noticed that it felt different from outside like another place other than earth. Then they saw chalk writing on the old wood floor saying "please, help me, I'm sorry but I'm keeping you here until you do." Jen Screamed and tried to leave but as soon as she stepped out the door she was in the spirit world. Then they just decided to help. "What is it you need help with?" "Please, get the key from the man before he get to the tower I will send you back in time so you have a chance to kill him before he kills me, but be warned, since you are in this time him he can hurt you as well.

"Please, Kill his spirit and release me from the tower." Then Pete and everyone heard a girl running screaming "HELP, HELP." Pete runs upstairs to find the tower pulling all the others with him. "COME ON GUYS HURRY!" yells, Pete. "HELP, HELP!" "HURRY PETE! YOU ONLY HAVE 30 SECONDS BEFORE HE KILLS ME!" Isabelle Yells in his mind. ..... 5....4....3....2...1... Right before Isabelle draws her last breath they grab the man turn him around and notice..."" Pete Stammers. Isabelle brings them back to the future in the tower room and she stands in front of Pete. "WHY DID YOU KILL ME DEMETRY?! WHY?!!!!" Who is Demetry Pete is thinking while he trembles in fear. Then Jen stands in front of Isabelle "This is not, Demetry, HIS NAME IS PETER!" Isabelle wasn't listening. "WHY DID YOU KILL ME DEMETRY, I WAS YOUR BELOVED, WHY ME!!!!!!!" "ROGER?" yelled Jen. " YEAH?" Roger yelled back. "IN THE LEGEND WAS THERE ANY WAY TO PUT ISABELLE'S SPIRIT TO REST" Jen yells as the spiritual winds fly past her face. "WELL, SHE HAS TO BE STRANGLED AGAIN BY THE SAME PERSON!" yells, Roger. "HOW? DEMETRY IS SURELY DEAD BY NOW" yells Jen. "WAIT I HAVE AN IDEA!" Yells Pete. Then he grabs hold of Isabelles neck. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Isabelle yells. Then Isabelle Calms down. Then Demetry takes over Pete's Body. "Isabelle?" Demetry says talking through Pete. "Demetry, my love?" Isabelle says faintly. Then Demetry disperces from Pete's body and holds Isabelle's hand. "why did you kill me demetry?" Isabelle asked. "I was young i was foolish we had a baby i had no idea how to take care of i was stressed to the point that i couldn't take it anymore, so i strangled you and no matter how hard i apologize i can't get rid of that guilt, and also after i strangled you I hung myself." "i didn't know you were so stressed out all you had to do was talk to me, why would you kill me over something as trivial as stress?" "I'll answer with a more Trivial answer, because I wanted us to be happy." "now let's go home Isabelle." *Isabelle and Demetry Disappear into thin air* Then Roger, Pete, and Jen, appear outside the house. "Whoa, what happened?" Pete wakes up out of something like it was a dream. "Dude you Past Out" "what?" "yeah you've been out for like 3 hours." "3 hours? OH SHIT! sorry guys i gotta get my brother home TALK TO YOU AT SCHOOL!" Pete Yells Running away. *2 roses entangled appear where Pete got up* Isabelle and Demetry: Thank you Pete.

The End


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