dear ms. strange love

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just the beginning.....

Submitted: April 23, 2016

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Submitted: April 23, 2016



Let me start from the beginning,
This story she holds the ending,
The day you crossed my sight,
there was no more pretending. 
To my friends i was venting,
all these guys are contesting,
her voice reinventing,
beautiful eyes complementing
It was a strange love, but
not the same love,
not this up and down roller coaster,
man thats that lame drug.
Thoughts from pencil to paper,
transforming water to vapor,
change the scenarios in ways
where id set myself up to date her.
I could write her a letter? how 
we'd be better together?
Except i didnt know her,
But yet i couldn't forget her. 
Friends saying "thats just creepy"
Heart saying dont deceive me,
Mind saying find the rhyme,
Anything to relieve me,
But how will she believe me,
when she cant even see me?
Like Aladdin and Jasmine,
but i lost sight of my genie.
Dear Ms. Strange love,
forget that framed love,
im not trying to change love,
Just want to know your name love.
So tell me who you are,
i'll let you know that you're a star,
Thats probabaly as far as i can go,
Actually, I've  already gone too far. 

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