Early Morning...(Story)

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Story Early Morning # Rajan Thapaliya

Submitted: October 15, 2012

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Submitted: October 15, 2012




StoryEarly Morning # Rajan Thapaliya


I was checking Facebook. Suddenly I got one message about happy mother’s day by an unknown friend. I replied thank you and you too. I remembered my Mother's and realized, her warm love and her great memories. My eyes filled with tears. I couldn’t say anything more. Do you know how I felt?

Mary Williams was a great American writer. She was a New York Times best seller Author. Her Book One Day, Open Note and Memory of evil are very popular Books in New York City. She used to work as an Administrative Manager at Elmhurst Hospital, Queens NY. She was round, pretty, and fragrant with shining brown hair and warm dark eyes.

I lost my Dad in 9/11 (world trade center terrorist attack 2001) He used to hate me all the time but we were father and son in relation. He hit me, but I didn’t say anything. He was completely disappointed with me. I never hate anyone or anything. I have never had a good relationship with him. I don’t necessarily hate him, but I hate what he does.

My Dad had died leaving me, my mom and my older sister Jenifer. Few years later my older sister Jenifer married with a wealthy Business man. She also became a successful businesswomen. I was alone but she didn’t care about me.

One day my mother came into the living room and sat down at the sofa. My mom Mary and grandmother Gloria, talked, although I have no memory of what was said, I saw nightmares pain in their faces. I was shocked. I asked her, Hey Mom what’s going on? She smiled looking at me and she replied nothing Baby, go and finish your homework. Nobody ever loved me like she did. She was so good and so kind to me. Actually I was her adopted son.

I still remember her Quotes. “If you don't have any goals in your life, one day somebody will hire you, and then they will fulfill their goal.” That’s why; I had a dream from my childhood.

I learned many things with my mother. I wanted more and more, but she was very sick.

Few days later she went to Roosevelt Hospital. After Diagnosis, she returned home. Three days later, she got a letter from the Hospital. This letter was about her health report. When she opened it, She was shocked and I saw her tearful eyes. I realized there is something wrong, but she didn’t say anything. Grandmother told me she is suffering from Lung cancer. At age the of eleven, I had no idea about Lung cancer. When Grandmother said it is a deadly disease. From that point, black cloud covered my early childhood.

Nowadays, all the time I remembered her smiley face; she used to smile looking at me. Mother’s Day has been an empty day to me for many years. I was 18 when I lost my mother. She was only 46 years old. I really miss my mom. She wasn’t at my New York University Graduation Ceremony, nor did I get the chance to see the pride in her eyes. When I got a job with the same hospital as a Neurosurgeon; Where she had spent over 21 years until her disease made her impossible to work. This memory has somehow made me feel like she is with me. This mother’s day my heart is full.  

She left great memories and a footprint in my heart. I learned great humanity with her. I always remember and I will always have. God has you in Heaven, but

I have you in my heart. Do you know Mom? How much I am proud of myself to be your son. How much I miss you.

I still remember, every morning, I used to go morning walk with Mom and her friend Victoria in the morning. Nowadays too, I like to go morning walk. Always I feel My Mom is on the street. When I run, all the time I feel, She is also running with me and she is saying, ……. Common Baby ………….Common……………………


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