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“A memorable childhood Experience”

Submitted: October 04, 2012

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Submitted: October 04, 2012



We can have different memorable childhood experiences in our lives. Some can be pleasant and entertaining while others can be unpleasant and boring. My Childhood Memory, I remember it like yesterday. I spent most of my early childhood in Nepal. Those days, Nature was my playground and nature was my toy. I have many special childhood memories but some are very special to me. It happened to me when I was in the 7th grade. I used to write poems when I was 11 years old. My grandfather was a famous songwriter. I wrote many poems in my childhood. My grandfathers, always encouraged me to be a good poet. He used to say, “I like your poem. One day you will be great poet.” On Friday, May 7, 2003, the weather was really nice. The sun was shining brightly in the sky, but I was nervous because I was going to participate in a poem competition. We generally competed with our friends in a poem competition, debate, quiz contest, volleyball, football and other games. I was fond of taking part in the extra - curricular activities in school. We were informed to take part in a poem competition and recitation competition. I wrote a poem about “patriotism” to take part in it. There were about 90 participants. Perhaps, I was the smallest one because most of the competitors were from class 9 and 10. Finally, somebody called me on the stage. I went to the stage and started reciting my poem. When everyone’s turn was over, we were called to keep quite and our principal ( Head teacher) Dr.Roni, Appeared on the stage. According to the result. I got first position. That moment, I was entirely delighted with it. I was extremely happy. I have no any word to describe that moment. The eyes of my british teacher, Jems were really big, as if to show me; I don’t know why, he was totally disappointed with me. He slapped my arm rapidly, then he said” I know, Rajan, this is not your creation. You are very small, you can’t write poems about patriotism. You don’t have good knowledge about patriotism. “Don’t make me mad, Stupid. I’m going to cancel your poem. You know who am I .You know right.” He used to donate more money to this school. He was rich british guy. Then few minutes later, He opened oxford dictionary. Then he asked with me more than 30 meaning of the English words. I still remember one word, that time, he had asked me first word was “Abjure” then I said it means “to reject.’ He used to ask very fast, so I was very nervous. He made me nervous. Again he said, “you did not understand what I’m saying man ”? go home ! Unfortunately, some of the teachers expressed their dissatisfaction about result, especially about the first position. I felt very nervous, uneasy and disappointed. They strongly questioned the judges, how a class seven boy got first position. There were more competitors from higher classes. The judges, were afraid of the teacher. After a few minutes, they cancelled my poem. They claimed that such a difficult poem could not be composed by me. In fact, I had written by myself. Then I felt extremely unpleasant with them, and asked why my poem was cancelled, as I composed it on my own .But I could not get any answer at all. Nowadays, too I question myself about that unpleasant memorable childhood event. I have not got any reason. Since then, I have never taken part in poem competition. Because I was psychologically discouraged. I want to be good writer in my future. But I will never forget that memorable childhood experience in my life.

# Rajan Thapaliya

New York City USA


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