My time of dying...

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What happens when you die? Don't know? Neither did he knew, until, he DIED!
This is a short story about a person who tells his story about his time of dying.

Submitted: February 17, 2012

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Submitted: February 17, 2012





There are more than 7 billion people on this earth and every day over 153,000 people die. 1.2 million Die in a car crash and to take all of these souls back to their desired destination over billion grim reapers work day and night. Wondering why am I telling you all this? I am not a grim reaper of course, nor am I fighting for their rights. I am an arrogant, egoistic, rich “some” guy who happened to have a car crash. My life summed up and changed in three long, never ending days.


Day 1: The Day of the Crash


It was a beautiful morning, a perfect day for a crash! Well, it wasn’t planned of course but it just happened. I was driving down the highway in my Porsche when I was suddenly hit by a truck. I was rushed to the hospital. (Though, I remember nothing of it. I was only told.) I woke up on my bed, stretched myself and tried looking for my slippers. I was up, sitting on the bed, and a guy lying on the bed, from which I woke up, looking just like me, peacefully, with lot of wires, WAIT, It is me! What the hell is happening?! I started to scream, rather shout for help. I tried to get back in my body (everyone tries that once) but alas, I failed to get back in.


I got up from my bed and started going to doctors one by one, asking for help. I was not sure, were they ignoring me or was I invisible? But, when I tried to push them, I just went through them. And, I realized that I was dead! I was angry, I was sad; I was everything at that point of time. But, what can I do?  I just sat on the bench and started weeping. Then a guy came next to me, and sat beside me and said, “First day, huh?” I looked at him, full of questions; it was like I just found the secret of eternal power. He could see me! That means he can help me!


He told his name as Jack, he said he was just like me. We were in the state of nowhere, i.e. we are neither dead nor alive. He asked me how many days the doctors have given. After a lot of eves dropping I found out “three days”. He explained that each day counts for me. He explained the working of grim reapers, and how they handled every situation. He also showed me few reapers harvesting the souls. I was shocked and surprised both.  Shock of seeing the reapers by my own eyes, and surprised of how they managed their “business”. All of this explaining and tour of the living dead world brought the beautiful day to an end.  I found myself a sweet corner and went to sleep there.


Day 2: The Meeting of the Reaper


I woke up early today. The ruckus going around woke me up, and I saw Jack was gone. My only friend, in this phase, passed away. I paid my condolences to his body and started roaming around. Then I noticed I was being followed by a beautiful lady, I tried the same thing Jack did and asked, “First day, huh?”  She smiled and said, “No, It is my job.” I was shocked by her answer. I enquired who she was and return got an answer which surprised me. She was a reaper!


I never even imagined that reapers can be so beautiful, well with the cartoons and T.V serials, no one can. But, there she was, a hot chick standing in front of me. I asked her what does she wants and she replied she came to take me to heaven.


It was time for the 5 psychological phases to kick in, 1st, Denial. “Oh, no you are kidding. I can’t be dead, not yet. Jack said I was in the living dead phase. No you cannot take me! You have got no right! I have one more day to get back inside my body, the doctor said THREE DAYS!” Well, the 2nd Anger came with Denial, so we move on to the 3rd stage, i.e. bargaining. I never did bargaining in my life, but I had to do it this time. So the 3rd stage went like this, “Ok, let us make a deal, I can show you a good time around, introduce you to the city, show you a lot of homeless people you can take, I won’t tell, ever I promise!”She replied, “No!”  “I can give you money, lots of! You can buy yourself a car, a Porsche maybe a Ferrari no, no, A Lamborghini will suit you, I can clearly see, you are a girl with class.” And she replied, “No!” This went on for 3-4 hours, all of my offers rejected (of course). Now, was the time for the 4th Phase, depression! I started crying, “I have done nothing till now, and I got nothing.” This led to our final stage, Acceptance.  I said, “Alright I am ready to go with you, but please for the last time let me see my family. Just one day.” She agreed to this, deal and gave me time till tomorrow.


Day 3: World of Redemption


I never had a family as such, only my parents. Never loved any girl, always kept moving on and using them. Arrogant, and mad with money, here I was just wandering my last day. People say, just before you die, your whole life flashes in front of your eyes. I had the whole day for the flash back. And my day started with my mother.


I never really paid any attention to her, what she said, or did. I ignored her always, and today she is ignoring me. I can’t even touch her, for the last time. I remember how she scolded me when I first broke the mirror. I was 10, and I was enjoying her screaming, in the end I just touched her and she smiled and forgot the wrong I did. I wish I can touch her again, and make her feel alright. Make her happy again. Her love, I am going to miss.


Second was my father, he was never in the house. I never saw him around the house; many times I doubted that he was living three to four lives simultaneously. How naive I was then. I grew up with lots of toys and video games and every need being full filled, without even asking, and when he needed me, at his old age, I ignored him. It wasn’t the twist of fate; it was just me being greedy. And today I just want to spend few hours talking to him, about how I grew up, what my teachers said about me and everything. I am going to miss his care.


Third was Jane, the only girl I ever loved. She was beautiful, wonderful and a perfect girl for a bride. She was with me since childhood. But I ignored her, I chose money over her. I chose fun instead of her. Today she is living with her husband happily in her house, with a kid. He could have been mine, but I moved away from her. And when she needed me the most, I hid from her, I ran away from her, without even saying goodbye. I left her, all alone. And today, for once, I just want to say goodbye to her, for I have realized my mistake. I am going to miss her love.


And with these three people, my life flashed back. From cradle to my grave, every single moment, I was just an arrogant guy. Never saw all this; never saw all the people around. Lived a life of green, but ignored the other colours of life. I am not Scrooge, and this is not Christmas Carol. This is what happened, at my time of dying. She came and said, “It’s time”...

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