The Lullaby

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This story is about a guy named, Brandon. His life is haunted by his past crime. A crime so devious, which followed him, and took more than his life...

Submitted: February 15, 2012

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Submitted: February 15, 2012



“Daddy, where is mommy?” “Gone”, “When will she come back?” “I don’t know dear, now why don’t you go to sleep?” “Daddy, recite me a lullaby please…”, “Ok, my sweet Angel” “Dream a little dream, my angel”, “Daddy, why…” “Dream of the stars” “Dadd…” “Dream until you sleep, to the bright beautiful sleep” “Da...Mmm...” “Hush my angel, now you dream, hush my baby have sweet dreams…” Brandon closes the door with these words, “Sweet dreams, dear…sweet dreams….”

It’s been three years and few months since this incident took place. Mr Brandon Wilshire, married a girl named Emily Rose, and today their daughter is 1 year. “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs Wilshire, where is little Tina.” “Aww, look at her, isn’t she adorable?” All the guests at the party were coming and commenting one by one, Tina was like a star that day. She had been given all the luxuries a small child could get. Everyone thought that Brandon was the best father anyone can have but, little did they know, about who he was.

Brandon never was happier than today. He had a reason, his daughter was getting older. But, little did he know what was to come in the future. He was happy.

That day went longer than the couple expected. But, they both were smiling at the end of the day. Tired, but happy. They placed the baby in her cradle and both went back to their room. “Did you notice Miss Francis? She was looking good in her white dress.” “Yes, they all were looking charming.” smiled Brandon. “And Mr Harris…” This daily conversation continued for a while. “It’s late now, I think we should both go to sleep. Good night dear.” Emily agreed to this, and they both went to sound sleep.

“Waahhh…waahh…” Emily gets up and looks at the clock, “Its 1 AM” She shakes Brandon, “Today is your turn to go and see what happened.”  Half asleep he replies, “Ok, ok…” As he starts to get up the crying stops, he lies down again, and then again the baby starts to cry. This went on for two three times. Finally, Brandon wakes up and goes to the room where the baby is kept. What he saw shook him. Beside her daughters bed there was another small girl standing, a 5-6 year old girl. Rocking her cradle, and humming a familiar tune.

“Daddy!” She said. His heart beat rising, fear was taking over him. Scared! “Daddy, won’t you sing us a lullaby tonight?” Brandon falls down, and by hearing the loud noise Emily comes running. “What happened?” She asked. “Nothing, I…I…just…slip…slipped” replied Brandon. He checks the room thoroughly but couldn’t find anyone. He goes back to his bed, blaming his imagination and falls asleep.

Next morning, Emily had to go to office, so Brandon took a leave from his work. He kept on thinking what happened last night. He was scared, and confused both at the same time. He placed his chair beside the cradle, after finishing his daily chores. He picks up a book, and starts reading it. While reading, he falls asleep. “Sweet dreams…sweet dreams…” He hears faint voices, of a little girl. He opens his eyes, and what he saw, makes him fall from his chair. “Daddy…why are you sleeping? I haven’t slept yet. Sing me a lullaby…WHY WON’T YOU SING ME A LULLABY!! ” She starts screaming. Her face starts to change. Fear, engulfs him. Oblivion. He tries to run, but she follows him everywhere.  He loses all his sense. He picks up the kitchen knife and tries to hurt her again, “Why Daddy? Why did you kill me? Why Daddy? Daddy…” He runs again and falls.

Few hours later he regains his consciousness, unfortunately only consciousness. “Are you alright dear? The neighbours heard a large shrieking noise and the baby crying, I came home as quick as I could.” Emily asked him. Fear had engulfed him, he was shaking. He replied, “She is back, she is here. I killed. Her mother, she cheated….I killed her…she will kill us all…No, not you…you hide…take Tina with you…far away…we will run...Yes…no...She will kill us all…” “Dear, calm down. Please, you’re scaring me. Please” “Hahahahaha…” he starts laughing in fear. He pushes her and runs away. Sadly, he only regained his consciousness.

After two years.

 “How are you feeling today Mr. Wilshire?” asked the doctor. “Fine” Brandon replies. “I’m going to show you some pictures today, Mr. Wilshire; you have to tell me what you see.” “Ok” The doctor, picks up a card and shows him, “What do you see Mr. Wilshire?” “Flowers” “Good” He picks up another card, “What do you see now?” “Butterfly” “Very good, you’re doing great” He picks up another, “Now what?”  “It’s a girl…little girl…” Fear starts taking him again, “Girl, butterfly…butter…fly…girl…she…she is back…no…no…no…” He screams and falls down, curled up in fear, he feels a hand comforting him. He slowly opens his eyes to see who it was. “Daddy…”

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