The Murder at Baker Street

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A psychologist has been murder in Baker Street. Stabbed to death. Who killed him? Can Inspector Mike solve the case, and catch the culprit?

Submitted: February 19, 2012

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Submitted: February 19, 2012



“Doctor I need to confess…” “Hmm…go ahead my son, what is your problem?” “I see that dream, every day.” “Hmm…tell me about this dream again.” “I see man, and I hate that man. And…and…” “Yes, go ahead.” “And I kill him…I keep on stabbing him, screaming, DIE DIE DIE…”

Few hours later…

The street was filled with cop sirens. Everyone was trying to peek in on what’s happening. A murder, at the old Baker Street, The victim was a doctor they say, a good man. Who would do such a horrible thing? He was stabbed to death. Brutal it was. The forensics and the police secured the whole area. Everyone wanted this murderer to be caught.

“Please, stand aside. Let me through.” A heavy voice commanded from behind. It was Inspector ‘Mike’, or better known as ‘Michelangelo’. They say there is no case he can’t solve. Some also said, he was the judgement of God. And for a crime so gruesome, he was the perfect officer.

“Who was the first person to arrive? Who was the victim and any clues?” Mike asked. “I was the first to arrive, sir. The victim was a doctor, a psychologist. And the murder weapon is here, the knife. We are sending it to forensics for finger prints. And this audio tape. It has a conversation between a doctor and his patient. We are guessing, the patient is the killer.” Officer George replied. “Play the tape I want to hear it.” Mike said. George played the tape:

…“Die…how long have you been seeing this dream Judy?” “It’s been a few months” “Can you describe the man who you kill?” “Yes sir. He is you!” “Alright, so why are you so angry at me?” “I’m not Doc. In fact, I like you very much.” *some disturbing noise in the background* “But doc, I can’t help it.” *some disturbances again* “No, No, What are you doing?! Please drop that knife. We can talk!” “Talk?! We have been talking for days now! I’m not alright, no I am not FINE!” *the tape ends*.

“See sir, I told you, the culprit is no one else except the Judy person. It’s clear from the recording.” George said. “Hmm…interesting George, your theory can be right! But, did you notice the faint background noises in the tape at the end?! I am guessing no. Anyway, let’s bring your suspect in.”

After few hours, at the station…

“So where is your suspect?” enquired Mike. “We couldn’t find him. His house was clean; he is nowhere to be found.” George replied. “Hmm…this is getting interesting. By the way, I was listening to the tapes again and again, and in the background, in the end just for a moment, it felt like someone else entered the room. We have to head back to the house, and re-question the maid. Meanwhile, you put up posters of this Judy guy.” “We have already done that, we are looking for him everywhere.”

Back at the house…

“So ma’am are you sure, no one else entered the room except that Judy?” “No sir, I am absolutely sure. Sire had strict orders of no one entering the room while he was with a patient.” Replied Jane, the maid. “Ma’am if that’s true. Then it leaves you as a suspect, as there was no one else in the house except you three.” “Surely sir, I won’t kill him. I liked working for my sir. He was a very kind fellow. How can you even say that?” “Alright ma’am, Calm down. Can you please describe again what happened?” “I have told this a hundred times. He was a slim young boy. He was one of the patients of the doctor. He came in today, and they were having their usual conversation. The boy left on his usual timings. He was very calm, and it looked like he was at peace. I went inside the room to give tea to sir but I found him dead, his window was open though. He never let his window open, but you know about these psychos. Who can understand them? Then I called the cops. ” Suddenly, Mike’s phone starts ringing. “Hello? Ok, keep him in custody; I will be there in a half an hour. Thank you ma’am for your co-operation, the suspect has been arrested; you will have to come down to the station to identify him. ”

At the station…

“So what’s your name?” “I’m Judy.” “I am talking about your full and real name!” “Judeth Dragovic” “Hmm…so Judy, why did you kill him?” “I did not kill him, man! I swear.” “Don’t lie to me! Everything points at you. Didn’t you have that dream of killing the doctor?” “Yes sir, but I did not kill him!” “Then why did you run, there is still time, confess!” “I was scared, that’s why! But, I didn’t kill him!” “Stop lying to me son, I have tackled punks like you many times! If you confess now, I will try and not to give you a death penalty.” “Sir, trust me, I didn’t kill him!” “No lawyer in this world can save you! The maid has also identified as you the last visitor. Even the knife has your finger prints.” “Yes, sir, the knife will have my finger prints. But, I didn’t kill him!” “I don’t understand you. Explain!” “Sir, after I told about my dream, the doctor asked me to bring the knife to him, and asked me to enact exactly what happens in my dream. I took the knife and started acting, according to him, acting should make me feel better, as I have difficulty in explaining myself.” “I don’t believe you, keep this bullshit for the court, you could have made something better! Guards, take him back to his cell!” “But sir, SIR…!”

“There was innocence in his face, he wasn’t lying.” Mike said to himself. “There is something more to this case, than a lunatic killing a good doctor. I must investigate further.”

He goes to the morgue to look at the body and its belongings.

“Doctor, who killed you? This case is getting interesting.” Mike said to himself after looking at the body and its belongings. “How could I have missed this clue?” He heads back to the house.

“Ma’am sorry to bother you again, can you please tell me at what time did Judy leave?” Mike asked. “I guess it was around 6:15 in the evening.” Jane replied. “Very well ma’am, and can you tell me at what time you saw the body and called the cops?” “I saw it around 6:30; it was around this time when he had his usual tea. And I phoned the police immediately, and the first officer came around, 6:45 P.m.” “Thank you ma’am, you have been a great help. Do you mind if I take a look at the room again? I hope you haven’t touched anything yet?” “Absolutely sir, go ahead and no I haven’t touched anything yet.” He heads inside the room and started searching each and every corner thoroughly. “Aah…this is interesting!”

Back at the station….

“Operator, Can you tell me the exact location of Officer George at 6:30 P.M.? This is inspector Mike, badge no. 3365.” “Just wait for a minute sir, we will be right back.” “Yes sir, sorry for the delay, Officer George, badge no. 3264, received a call at 6:35 of a murder. He was 10 blocks away from Baker Street. He was in his car.” “Thank you for your service operator.”

“10 Blocks that means it should have taken him at least 45 minutes to reach the destination. But according to Jane, he arrived at 6:45, i.e. exactly after 10 minutes.” Mike said to him.

“Officer George!” He shouted. “Can you please come in my room please?” Within few minutes, Officer George was there. “Please have a seat, and can you please close the door.” “Yes sir, thank you.” George replied.

“That was an easy case, wasn’t it?” “Yes sir, pretty darn easy.” He looks at his right arm. “So, how did that happen?” “What sir? Oh! This? I don’t know sir, must have happened by some nail at the office.” Mike looked at his expression, he was a bit nervous. “Yes, nails. They’re everywhere. But, can you still try and re-call when?” George was getting a bit more nervous. “No sir, I cannot remember.” “Alright fair enough” Mike said. “Let me refresh your memory, it happened when you were hiding inside the closet in the doctors’ house!” George was shocked, “I don’t…understand what you are saying.” “Now George, you’re getting nervous. Tell me why? Why did you do it? I know it was you, you can’t hide it anymore. So tell me!”

George starts crying, “He was my wife’s psychologist. They started seeing each other too much, outside. He was with her all the time! I just wanted to talk, but he wouldn’t listen. He was forcing me to leave her! He said he loved her. I couldn’t leave her, no she was my life. So I had to kill him. Then one day, I saw this guy Jude. I knew he was my perfect get away. I once heard their conversation. I knew about his dreams. I planned. I hid in the closet, I was planning on stabbing him with my knife, but it was a lucky day. The doctor asked him to enact his dream. The rest just followed. Just after he left, I came out of the closet and stabbed him. He died! Then I altered the tape and kept the knife in site and then went outside the window and three blocks away. But, how? How did you know?”

“You almost got away with this. But when I checked the corpse’s belongings I saw the watch. It was broken. It stopped at 6:20. Then I enquired when Judy left, the maid said at 6:15. Then it all started flowing like a river. Falling into piece, the timings gave you away…It was all about time. Officer, arrest him he has confessed his crime…”

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