Thriving on her fear

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
The content is a young girl experiencing something which is demonic. It thrives on her fear and she seeks, to find out what it is and why because it's more to do than just her fear

Submitted: December 03, 2011

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Submitted: December 03, 2011



Thriving on her fear.

‘’Emily’’, I could hear the voice it sounded hollow and creepy. I couldn’t seewhere I was it was pitch black, freezing and I didn’t know where I was, l felt distressed and panicky.

A few minutes later I heard a harsh devilish growling noise, my heart was racing and I was running and running blindingly. I felt as if I wasn’t moving, I probably wasn’t then burning chapped fingers grabbed my ankle I fell flat on my face on to the ground with shattered glass and blood everywhere.

Pain rushed through me, I screamed of pain and hopelessness, I was getting dragged and dragged across the floor I was crying with pain burning all over my body why was this happening to me I thought, I could smell burning fires and other mixtures of horrible smells eventually I could see again..Side tracked off my train of thought I had also realised I was in a place which nobody wanted to end up in, it wasn’t something u could walk out of, it was hell..

Ah!, 5:30 am I was relived to be awake from that awful dream it was so strange l laid awake in my bed, I was so uncomfortable my pillow was soaked through with sweat. I threw my pillows off on to the floor and rested back on my bed, it had to be my worst nightmare ever, I really couldn’t believe it. I just remembered I’d had this kind of dream before could this mean something?

It’s been seven days since that horrible dream, during those 7 days something terryfying happened. It was me and my best friend Jenna, school finished and we decided to take a short cut home. We never take short cuts on the way home from school but for some reason we did anyway. It was a normal day and as me and jenna entered the ally way the atmosphere turned ice cold. Our breathing turned heavy and slow Jenna quickly grabbed my hand. The voice I heard in my dreams I was actually hearing it. It growled it was manly, whatever it was it sounded very demonic. Everything suddenly went back to normal it had gone the tension, the evilness, that awful thing. Jenna and I ran as fast we could, as soon as the ally was out of site, we stopped to catch our breath.

'I can't believe what happened back there! what do you think it was Jen?' I said panicking

'You know what it was probably just a dog, yeah a dog' Jenna was very unconvincing

we walked back home in silence and since then we haven't spoken about the incident. But I wanted too though, how can something you dream about you see in real life. Now I had a strong feeling it's demonic so much powerful energy was around that day.

It took me a while to get to sleep that night, there was a lot that had to be answered and my mind was to active to go to sleep. I layed there in the dark, my eyes wide open. I was calm and then it was here again. My chest went tight, I couldn't breath I wanted to scream for help but, no voice appeared out of my mouth. I heard painful screaching across my floor boards. 'Oh my God!, why? Please stop!' I cried a loud finally getting the courage to talk accept I was pleading for this nasty demon to stop what it was doing; The atmosphere intensified with its energy around! There was a loud knock on my door. I stumbled out of my bed and opened the door tears streaming down my face. 'Mu..Mum! there's something in here!!'

' 'Shhh calm down, everything will be okay, as soon as your calm tell me what happened.''

I couldn't gather my thoughts together on how, to tell my mother on what happened in my bedroom. I had every ounce of hope she would believe me. I mean she has to believe me right?

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