Mango Seller

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Its about the art of selling Mango Fruit In India and the sheer nightmare when the price is bargained for.

Submitted: October 26, 2011

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Submitted: October 26, 2011



The Mango Seller


It was a warm summer day, being it a Sunday I was planning to have the entire day to myself. Somehow my wife thought it was an excellent day to have some Mangoes. The problem was that there were no Mangoes at home.

So, eventually her constant and persistent plethora of requests got me off the couch and I headed out to the Market.

The Sun was blessed with all its warmth making the small stroll feel like a Tour De France.

The Mango Seller was an uncanny guy chewing tobacco-trying to make a bargain I stepped up saying how much for these Mangoes?

"Sixty a kilo!!"I said "what?!"

This is sheer cheating....I said.

I called up my wife and said its sixty a Kilo.

She told me to say that “Tell him in Delhi its 45 a kilo-that will make him reduce the Price"

I hung the phone with new vigor and persuasion filled in me, I said" In Delhi it 45 a Kilo"


Why are you trying to cheat Me.?

The mango Seller gave a devilish smile and said "then go to Delhi to get your mangoes".


I felt the I was losing the battle; no way was I going to Delhi to get some Mangoes on a Sunday when the IPL starts in an hour’s time. Not mention the odd beer or two.


I again tried 45 he said 60.Finally he said Sahib-"You really don't care of paying 15 Rupees more.

Take the Mangoes at 60 tell you wife you got it 45. That way everybody is happy. I asked him, surprised “how do you know why wife was asking 45 for these Mangoes? Sahib he said I may be a mango Seller but I am also married.

My wife tell me to sell these mangoes which come from my In-Laws, at 70.I know nobody will buy them at 70 so I sell them at 60 and that way everybody is happy.


Now this was getting more and more intriguing, I said" well she must be checking when you are at home how much you sold. And the money and Mangoes will not Talley.


I know Sahib-you are right for that reason...I pour some extra money to make up the deficit from my own money. That keeps my wife happy after all if wife is happy life is Happy.


Sheer genius!!I thought logically it makes sense. I got the Mangoes at 60.Smiling and walking triumphantly came home kicked of my shoes and kept the Mangoes on the table.

My wife said" So you are back, how much did you get the Mangoes for"?


45 was my answer-she looked at me at disbelief "really!" I said Yes "really".


So the afternoon was a success only to last till the evening.

After a scrumptious Lunch- the Mangoes was the icing on the cake.


Later in the evening, my wife was on the phone with her Friend when the elusive Mango topic came up, her friend was in disbelief, that Mangoes were bought at 45.


My Wife said let go to the market together and buy some more Mangoes. Her Friend agreed.


Now I was a in a fix, to be caught so soon would really make the rest of Sunday go bad.

I said to my wife “Dear, why don't you go to the main market I heard the Mangoes are much better than these that i have bought!"


Better May be, cheaper no way! “Is it the same Mango seller who sits near the Eucalyptus Trees?"

Disdainfully-I said Yes!!!


So the Doom hour came when my secret of 45 a kilo would come crashing down.


I was praying that he would go away, but Alas he was there.


My wife walked up to the Mango Seller with her friend who joined her en-route.

Please give me 2 kilos of Mangoes.

The mango Seller packed the bag and my wife gave him a 100 rupee note-hoping to get 10 rupees back.

The Mango seller said "where is the rest of the money? “What rest of the money my wife”??

"Hello Madame!!It’s 120 rupees"60 a kilo!!!


"What 60 a kilo, but but…..

The Mango seller said "everybody buys it at 60 if you want it you will have to pay 120!!"

How can you increase the price in 4 hours?

What 4 hours?

It’s been 60 throughout the week.

But my husband bought it at 45 today.

At that moment...the Mango seller got the entire picture. He recollected that the tale of lie was short lived than anticipated. But if he had to save face he thought not to let anybody know his own personal 70 -60 scheme come in the way.

My wife had me on speed dial, soon the phone was ringing-she asked me -how did i manage to get them at 45.

He says he does not sell at 45 rather at 60.

I mustered all my primal intelligence and said-is that the Mango seller who lives in the  next alley? Who is wearing a yellow, she said yes.

Tell him that you know his wife and you will tell her that he sells his mangoes at 60 but he should be selling them at 70.


My wife in her all disbelief and surprise says "how do you know all this”? “Are you Sure"?

I said “just do not asking any questions if you want the Mangoes at 45 do it"!

She did, and was walking happy home with her friend with 4 kilos of Mangoes 2 each for 180 Rupees. Still Confused, but her bargain overcame her confusion and the Mango seller changed locations.



The End




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