Mangled Thoughts

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A very, actually, long poem.

It's in two parts. The second part is not intended to rhyme, it just does, for a while.

I hope you enjoy.

I think this is one of my better poems.

Submitted: January 03, 2010

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Submitted: January 03, 2010



Mangled Thoughts:

Part One:

I watch and wither
From blooming happiness
To stone-cold gloominess
Am I frozen in time?
Tainted with every moving second?
Even space is not safe for me.
The universe?
It is only a poisoned drink
And I drink it everyday.
I am banished from my own mind!
How fierce a battle would it be
To fight yourself
And give in?
Truth be told,
My world, my realistic world,
Is the same as my mental world,
But my mental world is not the same
As my own mind, my conscious world.
Much as it is true that,
In time,
I should be angry,
I can find no reason,
Not a sliver of a hint,
Of why I should be
Smothered in my over ruling madness.
Relinquished from my fears, yes!
Why can't I find a reason to hate?
I am tempted by many reasons.
Still, I don't attack.
What is it with my kindness?
My kindness, that sets me apart,
That makes me more different,
Then I want to be.

Part Two:

While I find no reason to hate
Do I still have a reason to love?
I have no reason to make haste.
Yet I watch love combine in a single dove.
I will hunt amongst the night,
Shadows protecting me in dim light.
A fierce gentleness that I know
Ever since the day I was abandoned.
Or, should I say more honestly,
Casted away by my sheltered house.
I remember it all:
Nights that I was afraid,
The smashes, the yells,
Shaking like a lost puppy in a raging thunderstorm.
I wrap coldness around me
To fall into a nightmare.
An evil angel with a dark light
Comes to me
Not in the least the worst to me.
Rooted to the spot,
I remain with darkness.
No fighting.
All silence.
Just what I want.

© Copyright 2019 Raki Akali . All rights reserved.

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