Luxman The Super Dog

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Hii ppl,
This is my first attempt at a short story,right now i am an engineering student but i want to leave engg and become a writer. So please people give a true and honest judgment whether i have the skills required for becoming a writer. Don't bother about being harsh or rude in your criticism. Consider me as your friend in need of a honest advice before making a decision which can change my life forever.


Submitted: August 11, 2012

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Submitted: August 11, 2012







It was yet another south Indian new years day eve in the month of March in 1996 but the family of Mr. Gopal Reddy, residing near basheerbagh square, Hyderabad was feeling a little more exuberant. Reason apart from the New Year celebrations was that of a new member joining the family.  It had dark eyes like black pearls, body soft like wool  and  long pink tongue.

It was a 1 month old puppy of Pomeranian breed. Remul (10) and chikki  (7) both brother sister were anxiously waiting for the bell to ring and their father gifting them as a present a new companion in their tryst with the life. Suddenly the bell rang and the excitement of kids touched new heights as they ran towards the door while in background their mother and grand mom were scolding them for making lot of noise.

Now was it,  the new member luxman has entered his new home. Chikki was first to take her new friend in her arms and jumped high with joy almost scaring luxman but later holding him tight making him feel secure and at home.

For almost a month luxman was the centre of attraction of all activities in the house. Kids felt so bored without luxman that once chikki took luxman to school hiding in her bag. Later Mr. Gopal has to make lot of efforts to calm down the annoyed principal of her school.




First trouble

Time was passing as quick as flow of river in luxman’s life. Till luxman was 8 it was all fine but it was after that the trouble began. The second generation father of luxman had few biological deformities due to improper breeding which brought negative behavior characteristics like lack of enthusiasm, timidity in character and even inability to find a mate. The same problems started showing in luxman too which worried the whole Reddy family. But in between all this it was luxman’s loyalty and love towards the family which was unchallenged. One thing which troubled Mr. Gopal most was luxman not finding a mate they tried a lot but luxman was rejected by all of the opposite sex. To the misery of poor luxman there came a beautiful young Pomeranian female Alice in neighboring house of luxman. And to every ones surprise the lady showed initial attraction towards luxman. But with bad luck as of luxman you can’t expect any good. In their neighbor hood also lived a ugly black robust Pomeranian dog Pasha known for its aggressiveness and notoriety. Whose eyes were already on the lady.  Luxman was already a victim of taunts from that ugly dog and his gang of rouges. One day the beauty was alone and seeing opportunity two german shepherds of other locality started misbehaving with her. Luxman was present there and came to the rescue of her love but the two dogs  easily overpowered and after lot of thrashing a teary eyed luxman ran for his life cursing himself for his inability to protect her. Then suddenly came the mean pasha and his gang of rouges. Seeing so many enemies the shepherd's escaped from the scene. They saved her and from that day Pasha was a hero and luxman a zero in the locality. Already depressed luxman went into a shell.

Final nail in the coffin

There are three words in which you can sum up everything about life: it goes on. Same was the case with luxman. Life was passing for luxman and with each passing day luxman’s behavior was causing more and more embarrassment for the Reddy family. Surbhi Reddy (chikki) was now studying engineering from Australian and she was planning to bring a new dog of Labrador breed in the family. And this thing luxman feared most as he knew with another dog coming in family no one will pay attention to luxman. Meanwhile with grewing age luxman eye sight was getting weaker.

One day around two o clock in the morning there was a little noise of goods falling, the noise woke up luxman, he saw someone going upstairs towards the bedroom where there was family locker also. Luxman was unable to see clearly and thought it to be Mr reddy who often used to come downstairs in night for watching TV. Next morning all hell broke loose in the family whom luxman assumed to be Mr reddy was actually a thief who stole from the house around 20000 Rupees in  cash and family jewellery worth a lakh. Now this was the limit for Mr Reddy and  his all anger came on luxman. Relatives raised questions about the worth of keeping a dog which is unable to protect his home from thieves. And in mood of moment Mr. Gopal took a stick in his hand and started beating luxman and threw him out of the house.




The enlightment

A helpless and homeless luxman stood infront of the gate of his home for so many years for few days . But Mr Gopal was reluctant to not to take back luxman in. Finally luxman left the place; luxman had now become a lonely wanderer searching here and there for something to feed. One day luxman in search of food came to the outskirts of the city. Then luxman noticed 6 foot tall fencing around him he recognized the place as the one where the kids and luxman once came accidently and were severely scolded by Mr Gopal. He told them there is danger to life at that place. Then came a wild thought in luxman’s mind to put an end to his pathetic life. He found a small hole in fencing through which he was able to sneak in the corridor. But to luxman surprise there was every thing normal there though there were no human beings there but there were few factories which seemed to be shut down since a long time. Seeing nothing dangerous or lethal in the compound luxman was dejected. He was feeling a little thirsty he saw a pool of water nearby he drank the water and fell asleep. In dream it was a total recall for luxman of his pathetic life. How he kept losing  everything in life and finally his home, suddenly luxman got up to find someone calling his name. He opened his eyes but couldn’t see anyone, then again came the noise and he saw someone calling his name from the pool.  The creature in the pool looked much like probably another dog of same breed, but one thing that was strange that never before in life luxman has seen dog with tail as straight as that one had.  Luxman asked who you are and what you are doing in the pool the dog replied i am god for your breed of dogs. Luxman asked what it means. God replied, for every living being there is a god whom he can look upon for help when in troubles. Human have many gods Allah, ram, Jesus who can take all troubles out of your life and fill it with happiness. In the same way there are different gods for all different breeds of dogs. I am the one for your breed. The next few hours were enlightening for luxman about all his past and how can he change his future and fortunes for ever. Then the god asked luxman to drink the water as much as he can and he will have the power and energy he never had before. But the powers will remain for a limited period of time and you have to come again here to drink this water to have those powers.


rise of a hero

After leaving that place luxman was having a strange feeling in his inner body and he was feeling in possession of some strange powers.  Luxman was roaming free and unknowingly entered a locality in which a bunch of dogs lived. Luxman was in someone else territory but he was not in the mood of running instead he remembered in his mind a strange tall person with  number 786 on his left hand doing a  similar act on TV by which everyone in Reddy family used to get amused( Indian actor Amitabh Bachan). They were around six street dogs all well built than luxman. People present around them sensed what was going to happen but they were very amused by the way with which luxman was challenging those dogs, everyone present there was expecting luxman to get a harsh beating. But what happened was exactly opposite and what the people saw was exceptional dare devilry they have never seen before in their whole lives. Luxman was defying all laws of nature and gravity in his exceptional acts. After this it was luxman everywhere. Luxman has suddenly turned into a super dog. He was feeling immense energy in him he could outrun birds, jump from several floors building, could overpower a dozen of dogs, and was turning into a desire for all female dogs of the locality.  He even helped police catch a few notorious thieves of the locality.  Suddenly luxman was a sensation everywhere TV, newspapers, internet. Everyone was interested in knowing who the owner of the super dog is. When further inquiries were done Mr. Gopal’s name came into light. Government was deciding to reward the owner of the dog. Luxman was back in the house again. Everyone in the family was wondering what has happened to him, Alice was feeling sad about not making luxman his mate. Luxman was now a star and was getting very much attention in the family. Meanwhile whenever luxman felt weak he went to that place and drank water from there. Luxman hid this secret from everyone.

secret behind the pool

As days were passing luxman was becoming more and more popular and also he started developing a strong urge for drinking the water of the pool as he felt very weak when he didn’t drank the water for long. His body was showing very strange biological changes which made luxman feel sometimes very uneasy. But the success on which he was riding made him kept going. But for every thing there is a limit. One day when luxman was at the pool to drink water suddenly he collapsed and became unconscious. When luxman didn’t returned to home for whole night and whole day a massive search was done after several hours of searching luxman was found near the pool. Everyone was surprised how luxman was able to enter a highly restricted area and why. When further search was done and medical tests done on luxman found large quantity of a drug  Asterix in his blood. The pharmaceutical company was doing a research on this drug so as to give it to military to elite army with supernormal strength. But the side effects were that this drug caused hallucinations, low BP and if overdosed even death. Luxman was ill because of the drug overdose and his condition now was very critical. As the secret behind the pool came out everyone was worried about luxman’ health. For media it was a hero losing his powers. But for Reddy family and especially Mr. Gopal it was an act of self realization that how they were the real culprits behind the present misery of luxman.


 The dawn

With each passing day luxman’s health deteriorated. After persuasion from media the research scientists of the pharmaceutical company tried to prepare a antidote for the drug but were unsuccessful. Chikki flew back from America, and whole family was near luxman except Mr. Gopal. He was seen nowhere. He was sitting aloof seeing his family photo album and how luxman has silently been part of all happiness and sorrowness of the family. How he brought a unifying factor in family. There was also a sense of regret in Mr. Gopal that his throwing luxman out of the house was one of the reasons behind luxman’s demise. As Mr gopal was sobbing in a corner there broke the news of luxman’s departure. Mr gopal broke down after hearing the news. After a few hours family built the courage to take luxman for cremation. But later they decided to bury him instead. So the same was done. Sun was setting. As there are three things in which whole life can be summed of; it goes on. Life may go on for the Reddy family but what are left behind are memories and a void which can never be filled. It was dawn for our super dog Luxman.  






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